Monday, July 09, 2007

Going Green Could Enslave Us ALL

What we don’t know about going Green could enslave us all!

But I’ll get to that in a couple of minutes. First let me give you my disclaimer. This article in no way negates the need for each of us to conserve resources and to do our part to enhance rather than harm the environment. I, for one, have allowed unruly nature to naturally sprawl around my home. Rather than scalp the forest around my house, I allow a nice natural place for all of nature’s critters to call home– including a variety of venomous snakes. Our natural plants and trees are drought resistant and don’t require watering. Our sidewalks were made by us from native stone from our very own land.

Like most conservatives, I have a strong respect for mother earth. On the other hand, I don’t have any respect for smarmy politicians or for hypocritical jet-setters who glom onto an issue because it’s trendy and personally enriching! Worse yet, are those political movements that hide their real agendas behind a noble cause and questionable science!

The Live Earth concerts are finally over (I did manage to tune in from time to time) and now I’m sending out an S.O.S!

Would someone point me to an analysis of the MEGA carbon footprint that this global event left???

In case you didn’t know, it’s very trendy to go Green. While watching Live Earth I did manage to learn quite a few tips on how to be Green.

I’ve learned that if I want to be green I need to stop flushing the toilet and find a bathing partner. I should also become a Vegan. I should use public transportation (which isn’t likely to exist when you live out in the wilderness) or ride a bike (which isn’t too easy on gravel roads). I suppose I should be driving an eco-friendly truck. Well, maybe I already am driving one and I didn’t even know it. As I said, everyone out to make a buck is glomming onto the Green eco-friendly trend. I just happened to visit Eco-Friendly Trucks and discovered that a half ton Chevy Silverado is also listed on their site. Oh well, just slap a Green sticker on anything and the mindless lefty minions will buy it!

So I’ve learned a lot. Most importantly, I learned that while everyone has a right to clean air and water, they also have a right to universal health care and the same standard of living!

I’ve also learned that Bamboo is the IN resource to replace furniture, flooring, fences, and our native grasses and trees, even bicycle rims, and cotton towels and sox. You probably figured that out if you watch the HG network.

Yes Bamboo is a grass and “Bamboo can store four times the carbon dioxide of a stand of trees of similar size and it releases 35 percent more oxygen” – unfortunately its now in short supply.

In the last few weeks I’ve been inundated by Green ads on TV for a variety of Bamboo products. Since the US doesn’t have a lot of Bamboo these days, it makes we wonder just what the Green trade agenda is. See, I don’t trust the Greens and I’ll tell you why.

For the frightening history of the Green Movement and a list of its Socialist/Marxist/Communist affiliations read The Green Menace. Here’s a short excerpt:
Back in the dark Cold War days of 1984 a seed was brought to American soil. Fallen from the vine of the Green Party in Germany, planted in the dark socialist earth of the American Left, and watered with rampant anti-Americanism, the Green Committees of Correspondence took root in 1990 and adopted their first national Platform. By 1996 the Green Party was formed and the twelve years of growth had created a succulent fruit for the far-left movement: the watermelon. Green on the outside and red on the inside, the watermelon became the perfect metaphor for the Green Party with its deeply Marxist philosophy hidden underneath a thin environmentalist façade. If only the Greens had a sense of humor they might actually adopt the melon as their official symbol. . .

The British Old Socialists Unity Blog has a good account of the crisis in the lefty California Green party and its kinship to the Democrats (all Green is left even when they won’t admit it).

NewsBusters has a story about noted celebs cozying up to Global Green USA, a group founded by the former Russian General Secretary, and noted Communist, Mikhail Gorbachev.

So going Green is going to cost us all in many ways! As a matter of fact, going Green is probably the last step on that slippery downward slope into total madness. See Acquired Green Delusional Syndrome

And to prove my point read how the Mad UK Greens think Windows Vista is eco-unfriendly at EnvironmentalLeader
The UK’s Green Party claims Microsoft’s latest operating system, Vista, could lead to a mass upgrade of PCs that will result in old machines being dumped in landfill sites, Silicon reports.


  1. Not to flog a dead cliche but I couldn't resist:

    Green is the new red!

  2. It's not a dead cliche. The young folks - dupes for the leftist cause - haven't heard it. Just call them Watermelon Heads.

  3. hiya Fault..dont you just love the ecoterrorists!..sheesh!

  4. I just voted at RCP. We just got home from Nashville.

    Listening to Rush on the radio in the car was a hoot. This thing was a flop for Gore. I do not understand intelligent people falling for this scam. Yes we need to be good stewards of God's blessings and natural resources. But God put them here FOR US TO USE. If the carbon credit crowd gets their way, we the common people will be living in the stone age, while they are still jet-setting around living on the extra taxes etc. we will be paying.

  5. Since Texas Fred chose not to let you know what the content of the post was that caused him to over-react into his little rant, I decided to share it with you. You be the judge:

  6. Curious George:

    I see that you are taking this battle to those who have left comments on Texas Fred's blog. Normally, I'd just ignore a comment unrelated to my post, but I just had to respond to your statement that symbols are expendable. I left the following comment on your blog after reading your post. The comment agrees with the poster named Jimmy:


    You are completely right. A lot of people really haven’t stopped to consider the great importance of symbols in our human lives. Every cultural transmission, every spoken word, every work of art, every dream, and every historical narrative, is primarily based on the symbolic. To say that symbols are expendable, is really beyond belief. Symbols gather new meanings and are sometimes apprehended by those who would invert them from their original meanings. Symbols, however, still retain all of those old meanings and are important to our understanding of who we are as a people - the good and the bad. No offense Curious George, but monkeys just don’t get it! J

  7. Just perfect. I'm glad you left a comment on my blog or I would not have read this.

  8. That is the true purpose - to enslave us. There are no higher motives here.