Sunday, June 21, 2009

Neda: The Voice of the Iranian People


By now the videos of Neda’s death have spread far and wide across the world making her the symbol of the voice of the Iranian People.

Today is Father’s Day. No father should have to live to witness the death of a beloved child.

While glued to Twitter early yesterday afternoon I made the mistake of clicking on the link to the close-up, gruesome, and very graphic YouTube video of Neda’s death. The image of her beautiful eyes in the last moment of her life seared itself into my soul. I could not shake her dying image from my mind and just prayed all day for her family.

By nighttime the new Twitter hashtag: #Neda was burning up the internet with Tweets and RT’s.

RT Woman killed in front of her father "ندا (#Neda) which means voice or call in Farsi. She's the voice of the people a call to freedom"

4 Neda, girl murdered in Iran on film: Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord & let perpetual light shine uponher. #neda

Read the moving account from the doctor who tried to save her from BreakForNews with graphic still shots taken from the video.

See this Faultline USA post on This original post was also picked up via my cross-posts on Radarsite and Maggie's Notebook in the Chicago Sun-Times and The Post Chronicle.


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  2. I am still crying over Neda. She was only 16 and so full of life.

  3. Yes she haunts me. Her dying face haunts the world - a symbol of Radical Islam's contempt for their own people!

  4. If the world EVER doubted the brutal regime that has been Iran for many years, Neda proves the truth.

    I have added a link to your post here, on the bottom of my own post.

    Thank you.