Monday, June 04, 2018



State Boards of Physicians are requiring more doctors to take the SPEX (Special Purpose Examination) than ever before. This exam is unfair to practicing physicians and has a failure rate requiring physicians to take the test two, three or more times. According to Federation of State Board literature, that concoct this exam, physicians reading general literature during the course of their practices should have no problem passing. The latter statement is far from the truth and misrepresents the true nature of this exam. SPEX covers more than 12 subjects and touches upon areas of subject matter that many physicians have not seen since their medical school days. Medical Boards generally do not provide guidance or information to help their physicians through this exhausting exam. For those of you who have been picked out of a literal hat to take this exam there is help.

Mark Davis MD is well versed in the contents of this exam. Dr. Davis has helped many in their studies towards a passing grade. Physicians who have come under his tutelage had previously utilized improper study material on the market that was either outdated and or completely outside the contents of the SPEX test. Dr. Davis will review the subject matter of this exam with the prospective test taker and discuss specific questions that have appeared on prior exams. Look for his book on Amazon why Tutors are all important to help pass the SPEX. To contact Dr. Mark Davis: 410-515-7858 or or through 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


         Harassed By The Maryland Board of Physicians Send Us Your Story

After revealing the outrageous conduct of the Maryland Board of Physicians against this author, Mark Davis MD, to numerous colleagues time has come to hear the stories of others who have been harassed by this corrupt Board. Medical licenses are now dangled in front those who do not kowtow to this morally unprincipled administrative entity whose members are political appointees and its director is a certifiable loon. Earning a medical degree and stressed through years of postgraduate training should be enough to allow licensure unless an extreme roadblock is discovered precluding such an event. This Board has taken steps to sidestep Comar regulations and Maryland law to go rogue against those it licenses. Fabrication of standards of care is an art form for this corrupt Board and its assigned lawyers from the Attorney General’s Office. Many aspects of this author’s story are posted on Have your story published on this national site so others can benefit from your experiences.  To contact Dr. Mark Davis use the email:  Thanks to all those who have already brought forward their personal stories.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018


Maryland prefers Foreign Physicians over their American Trained Counterparts 

Forty thousand strong Maryland’s physicians are under the purview of a corrupt medical board named the Maryland Board of Physicians. This corrupt Maryland state entity exuberantly embraces foreign physicians over those trained in American Medical Schools. Many American physicians who considered practicing medicine in Maryland have sought refuge in other state jurisdictions because of the harsh environment established by this very unprincipled Board. Both in licensing and sanctions most foreign physicians brought before this unscrupulous and dishonest Board of Physicians are either accepted quickly into flock or sanctioned in the most minimal way. Those who sit on this Board have been blinded by lawyers who work for this entity and or by lawyers from the Maryland Attorney General’s Office. Every time a physician is sanctioned to maximum, that is a medical license revocation, the Board administrators put another notch in their proverbial noose. The evidence is obvious if you review those sanctioned each year. American trained physicians’ cases are taken into court more frequently that their foreign counterparts. Why? Because this unsaintly entity bends the rules for foreign physicians and those of invigorated cultures.

Political correctness has been taken to the extreme. Recent contact I had with the Maryland legislature and other state administrative entities display very little oversight is given to this so called independent Board. The legislative committee I contacted and other Maryland state departments believe this Board is pure and should go untouched by them. Corruption has entered the fray in the Maryland Board of Physicians processes and procedures. Damage to physicians’ reputation, families and more are the outcome of false sanctions initiated again doctors. Many physicians have suffered by the hands of this corrupt and dishonest entity. Please review some of the articles on and read for yourself how one physician was mercilessly treated by Maryland’s Board of Physicians.

Mark Davis MD

Monday, May 07, 2018



American students are no longer at the top of their game when it comes to the sciences. Too many lag behind because emphasis on the sciences in the classroom has been demeaned for other subjects. In some educational jurisdictions science is given no emphasis. Colleges and Universities will report that in many cases their PHD programs in the sciences are filled with foreign students. Have you ever wondered why Google seeks people from outside the country to fill their vacant science positions? Americans simply are disinterested in pursuing science careers en masse giving way to our colleagues from abroad. With that stated in the event your child needs a help moving through the sciences in grades K-12 and or has precocious talents that need to be nurtured hire a general science tutor.

Dr. Mark Davis tutors a wide spectrum of subjects in the sciences and is here to provide individual and or small group science sessions to enable students to improve their grades and or awaken an interest in science within them.

Contact: for questions, scheduling or fees.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

General Science Tutor Available

General Science Tutor seeks students from Grades K-12 hide this posting

General Science tutor available to mentor students through astronomy, chemistry, human physiology, physics, biology and teach science study skills. Doctoral level tutor seeks students in grade levels K-12. All tutoring is performed in English and invites students from anywhere in the United States. Fee is $85 per person for each session, maximum of 3 people if you have a group. All tutoring is performed by phone, Skype or in person if you live in northern Maryland. To reach the tutor to set a schedule please contact him by email: or 410-515-7858

Thursday, May 03, 2018


                                 FIRE MUELLER AND ROSENSTEIN NOW

Chaos has come to the American Presidency. Donald Trump has allowed the current judicial circus to continue too long. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has stepped far beyond his mandate to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. Clearly a witch hunt too many people have suffered during  Mueller’s inquisition. Prosecutorial misconduct is rampant and no one is being held accountable.  Congressional committees are being stonewalled by Rod Rosenstein for information concerning this massive probe of the President. Rosenstein’s appointment of Mueller appears to be questionable. Worse, his reasons for doing so appear partisan in nature. One of the best Oval Office occupants in a generation President Trump must assert leadership to bring this inquisition to a conclusion immediately. Firing Mueller and Rosenstein is the proper action in light of their illicit activities. Warned not to fire Mueller both sides of the political isle should examine their motivations for cautioning Trump on a decision which is long overdue. In the event Congress attempts to impeach DT they should know tens of millions have his back. Time is now to fire Mueller and Rosenstein. Please comment if you agree or believe otherwise.

Mark Davis, MD  

Monday, April 30, 2018

Radio Guest Mark Davis MD Avaliable to Discuss Politics Healthcare and Science

Mark Davis MD


Radio Guest Mark Davis MD Available to Discuss Politics Healthcare and Science

Washington is in chaos. Forces in and outside the government are seeking to make Donald Trump a one term president. Business as usual has come to a complete halt as politicians fear the new player in town. Leadership has finally come to our Capital City and the political vermin are scrambling to get out of the way. Politics has taken a new twist where America finally focuses on its own needs instead of others.  The only collusion out there is in the deluded minds of an opposing party which continues to live in fugue state because they lost the

2016 election. Doctor Mark Davis brings his unique knowledge to bear on current issues whether politics, health care or science he always keeps the audience enthralled.

Author, journalist, physician and radio consultant Dr. Mark Davis MD has been on numerous radio programs discussing Politics and Science to Health care and Current Events. Dr. Davis’ writes for many media platforms to elucidate and extend on the most important issues of the day. His Books Demons of Democracy, Obamacare Dead on Arrival a Prescription for Disaster and many others describe how government has failed to provide cogent programs to help the very people they are required to serve. Dr. Davis is hated by lawyers yet loved by the public for exposing the indecencies in this professional group. He is available to be a guest on your program. Please contact Doctor Davis by email or phone.