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Can you Trust Facebook with your Profile Information.

Why is Maryland One of the Most Corrupt States in America


                                  CRUCIFIXION OF BRETT KAVANAUGH

By Mark Davis, MD Journalist, Author, Media Advisor and Science Tutor

One more time in history a crucifixion of a righteous man is occurring for all the World to see. Brett Kavanaugh has been set upon by numerous demons, we call Democrats, to side tract his rightfully earned ascendency to the Supreme Court. In the final hours of the nominating process an incendiary bomb was thrown into the mix by the devil’s helpers themselves. Senator Diane Feinstein received notification from a person claiming to have been sexually abused by Judge Kavanaugh 36 years ago. Under psycho therapy Dr. Ford recalled painful moments of a sexual assault, during her high school years, who she believes was caused by Brett Kavanaugh. Though she claims others in the room that night visualized the assault all of her so-called witnesses either deny being in such a place or do not recall the event. Without corroborating evidence Dr. Ford contacted Senator Feinstein who sat on this information until the very last moment. Why? Because all other efforts to block Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination failed. Once Feinstein leaked Dr. Ford’s communication more concocted abuse stories emerged against Judge Kavanaugh. None of these revelations came with corroborating evidence.

Dr. Christine Ford’s well-rehearsed testimony before Congress failed the smell test. As further information leaked out a multitude of nontruths are being attributed to her. These include but are not limited to claustrophobia which keeps her from flying, not true. Her friends will not confirm her story, though she stated they would. When asked who is funding all aspects of her assault on Judge Kavanaugh she noticeably hesitated providing quasi answers to that question. We now know her lawyers and other political operatives are providing the funding. Worse she cannot remember exactly where the potential sexual attack took place nor the day, date, time, address and who brought her to the location in question. In plain speech the accuser can remember who attacked her in a vivid manner yet no other facts around it. Either Dr. Ford is a pawn in this inquisition of Judge Kavanaugh or a willing participant who has ulterior motives for coming up with her concocted story 36 years after the fact, if indeed the action so describe occurred.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is undergoing a present-day crucifixion, by some of the nastiest people in the Senate. None of these demons could hold up under the scrutiny given him. Our Great President nominated Judge Kavanaugh after he was reviewed and approved by numerous legal groups, who gave him sterling ratings. Sadly, the circus inflicted on Judge Kavanaugh is not over. A seventh FBI review is underway. Maryland authorities have indicated they would review all materials generated by the FBI and others if Dr. Ford swears out criminal warrant for actions her mind perceived happened. This could be the ace the Democrats are holding back for the last minute. No matter what the outcome a righteous man has been tarnished for eternity. May God condemn all those who brought this horrible action against Brett Kavanaugh and bless those who tried to soften its impact on him and his family.

Mark Davis, MD: Author, Media Advisor, Science Tutor and Journalist

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Maryland's Health Department Corrupt then and Now Article One Doctor Lois Leonard

Series: Corruption in The Maryland Board of Physicians

              and The Maryland Health Department

Maryland’s Health Department Corrupt then and now Article One Doctor Lois Leonard

By Mark Davis, MD Journalist, Author, Media Consultant

Decades may pass yet corrupt government entities linger. Unaccountable to no one their appointed soldiers march through time with the venomous bite of institutionalized authority destroying the very framework they are supposed to oversee. One such designee was Doctor Lois Leonard. Her horrific death from cancer in 1993 does not excuse her of actions in which she was involved several years earlier.

Doctor Leonard was empowered to cite nursing homes for inadequacies in nursing and physician care by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (now the Maryland Health Department). No medical or surgical case was too complex for Doctor Leonard to critique. Doctor Leonard’s questionable reviews came under scrutiny when she cited the Poplar Manor Nursing Home.

Mark Davis MD purchased the Poplar Manor Nursing Home with 12 investors, most of them Doctors, in August of 1989 after being the facility’s medical director for 8 years. Amongst the investors were two surgeons who provided the surgical care to the home’s residents. They were responsible for a range of treatments including decubitus care. Additionally, the facility enlisted the aid of a neurologist, an endocrinologist, offsite care with a cardiologist, two podiatrists visited regularly, a dermatologist and several other medical consultants. Dr. Leonard believed she was capable of critiquing this collective set of professionals. Antithetically she turned out to be a CHARLATAN, hired by the Maryland Health Department, which was more worried with its public image than the people they claimed to help. Carol Benner, Dr. Leonard’s immediate supervisor, bathed in the glow of the negative reports her Doctor and staff generated, by releasing these reports to the media before the nursing home in question received them, in this case Poplar Manor. Worse Benner’s office was aware Poplar Manor was on a track to lose its certification as a viable nursing facility, yet withheld this information from the prospective owners, though requested by their attorneys prior to sale.

Poplar Manor was under siege by the Health Department’s division of Long-Term care from the day it transferred ownership. Documentary evidence has come into the possession of this journalist displaying clearly Poplar Manor was in the Health Department’s sights for closure. Perhaps the reason Ms. Benner’s office withheld this documentary evidence was the prior ownership included Phillip Greene, a former high ranking official in the Maryland Health Department. Once Mr. Greene received his money for the facility in August of 1989 Dr. Leonard and her team came in full force placing the facility on a 90 track to closure. We can only venture a guess how deep the relationship was between the government officials managing the nursing home review and Mr. Greene.

Maryland Department of Long-Term care refused, several times, to provide Dr. Leonard’s resume. In a case filed with the United States District Court of Maryland, Civil No. MJG-93-1242 Dr. Leonard provided an affidavit to the court. In that affidavit it was clear why her credentials were withheld. Dr. Leonard did not have the abilities or training to survey the physicians she was tasked with reviewing. She did not have the appropriate skills in Internal Medicine or Surgery even for the most basic review. In more restrain tones she was a shill for the Maryland Office of Long-Term care. On her written and or oral word nursing homes, such as Poplar Manor, were forced to close. In the event a physician filed a complaint regarding Dr. Leonard’s dubious reports, more shills would follow behind her, as was the case with Poplar Manor.

Obsessed with closing Poplar Manor Dr. Leonard fabricated several reports claiming the care in the facility was horrific. To justify her baseless reviews two more shills were brought in from University of Maryland to cover her tracks, Drs. Timothy Keay and George Taler. Neither physician had the intensity of training to perform in depth nursing home reviews. Their actions will be discussed in article 2 of this series along with material misrepresentations made by them.

Dr. Lois Leonard’s fraudulent reports display a person who was not qualified to place a band aid on a patient. Yet these reports gave the State of Maryland ammunition to close Poplar Manor Nursing Home after state operatives fleeced its bank accounts, forced the dismissal of nearly 200 employees, displaced 157 nursing home residents and crushed the careers of many including this author. Ironically after the state fed false news reports to the media, in an effort smear its ownership, there were no malpractice suits filed against the home, it’s staff of physicians or this author. The question which this author has the answer to is: Who in the State of Maryland Hierarchy was behind this concerted effort to destroy a viable nursing facility? Follow this series to receive the startling answer.

Mark Davis, MD

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Final Directives The Legal Ethical and Moral Road Journey to Death

                Final Directives: The Legal Ethical and Moral Journey to Death

Government has no heart or soul. Its sole purpose is conformity to legislative and judicial agendas. Step outside of these two realms then the consequences become toxic and untenable. Final Directives: The Legal Ethical and Moral Journey to Death, brings the reader into a domain displaying government’s intrusive hand when a person’s last days are upon him or her. Lacking clear medical directives, during the most sensitive time in one’s life, overzealous prosecutors and judges become the final arbiters whether you live or die. Through a multitude of medical cases this e-book exemplifies why people should detail whether they want to be kept alive by extraordinary means. One case in the book explains why a grieving family was forced by a state government to continue extraordinary therapies though the patient was declared brain dead. This case eventually was ruled upon in the Supreme Court, surprisingly against the family.

In another case a person approaching his hundredth year was kept alive after his brain death was confirmed. Sadly situations, such as the latter case, could have been averted. This e-book discusses the most current means available to make a person’s final wishes known. There are forms, protocols and formats accepted by each state, if utilized, that gives the patient the ultimate authority over his or her body. There are many excellent lawyers in each state who will help families with the legalities of end of life issues. Allow Final Directives: The Legal Ethical and Moral Journal to Death  to illuminate a subject too often discussed in the shadows of society. This interesting and excellent read is written by a physician, Mark Davis MD who has counseled hundreds of families facing the death of a love one. Learn how to avoid the emotionally wrenching situations written in this book. Thank you.

Doctor Mark Davis writes extensively on health care, science and politics.

To contact him:

Final Directives: The Legal Ethical and Moral Journey to Death is available on Amazon and through most other e-book distributors.

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Beaten in Court Maryland Board of Physicians Hides Their Loss from the Public

Beaten in Court Maryland Board of Physicians hides their loss from the Public

Absent from this once great newspaper, the Baltimore Sun, was the win by Doctor Mark Geier against the Maryland Board of Physicians (Board) in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County (case# 371761 civil division). In his Opinion Judge Ronald Rubin sliced and diced the Board of Physicians for breach of medical privacy, for providing an array of false testimony to the court, failing to preserve emails, providing false witness concerning these emails and utilizing the Board’s legal machinery to deprecate a physician in the public domain.

Judge Rubin stated in his opinion: “If their (referring to the Board) testimony were to be believed, which the court does not, it is the worst case of collective memory amnesia in the history of Maryland government and on par with the collective memory failure on display at the Watergate hearings.” Judge Rubin was not aware of the Board’s history of corruption through suppressing evidence, utilizing legal chicanery and cherry-picking regulations to remove unpopular physicians from practice.

Baltimore Sun archives contain a series of articles hostile to Doctor Mark Geier. Yet not one word of the Board’s defeat in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. Beyond the archives this intrepid reporter attempted to contact several editors at the Baltimore Sun for an explanation why Judge Rubin’s opinion was not published on or about December 2017. Silence was the only answer I received. Perhaps this selective reporting is business as usual between a State of Maryland administrative agency and a newspaper that should have folded long ago.

Judge Rubin’s toxic decision against the Board is now on appeal in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. Fourteen members of the Board, the Board’s lead attorney and its chief investigator were ordered to pay a total of 2.5 million dollars to Dr. Geier and his family. The current court, where this appeal is to be heard, is well-known for falling on the sword for the Board of Physicians. Facts do not matter to the Appeals’ judges only political loyalties and agendas. This court is well known for legislating from the bench.

A majority of physicians in Maryland are not aware of the Board’s irreverent behavior, as noted by Judge Rubin. Baltimore Sun’s blackout of this case is both sad and expected for this left ring rag. Worse none of the major radio stations covered this trial or Judge Rubin’s final opinion. Therefore, it is a moral imperative to inform the public, especially the physician community, the Maryland Board of Physicians is tainted from the top down requiring inspection, realignment and reconstruction by those empowered to do so. More to come.

Mark Davis, MD

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Maryland Board of Physicians More Corrupt than Ever

                    Maryland Board of Physicians More Corrupt than Ever

Maryland Board of Physicians (Board) has chronically subverted State law, regulation and procedure to manipulate outcomes of the medical licensing process. Integrity, honesty and propriety have been forsaken to sanction as many physicians as possible. Under the canopy of Maryland State authority abusive practices have been utilized by the Board to deny physicians due process, cherry pick regulatory structure and undeservingly deny medical licensure. Medical Boards should never stand independently from those who empower them. Instead rigorous review is necessary, on a frequent basis, to keep them from abusing their authority. With great consternation I note there are no checks and balances by any Maryland State authorities compelling this Board to be honest and forthright in their decisions. In recent contacts with Maryland’s Health Secretary and the Maryland Health Department’s Inspector General this author was literally told to go to Hell when he brought certain inequities concerning the Board to their collective attention.  There is a positive note. One Maryland court has caught the Board in a vicious act towards a formerly licensed physician.

Doctor Mark Geier was stripped of his medical license for his unpopular views on autism and his nonconventional treatments for this disease. Dr. Geier’s perspective on autism did not follow the path of mainstream medicine. As the Maryland Board of Physicians moved through its various phases of removing Dr. Geier’s license they did something not unusual for this body, they openly deprecated him. Public humiliation of physicians who fall from grace is common for this corrupt body. Personal and derogatory information concerning Dr. Geier and his family were placed online for all to see on or about 2012. Dr. Geier and his family sued the Board for extraordinary breach of privacy, humiliating him and his family in the public domain and sundry other vengeful tactics the Board used to discredit him. In a case filed against the Board of Physicians and its various members, administrators, lawyer/lawyers and investigators by Dr. Geier the Board was unable to hide its corrupt practices in its own testimony before the court. Judge Ronald B. Rubin, of the Montgomery County Maryland Circuit Court, found in favor of Dr. Geier and his family in his opinion released on or about December 2017. Judge Rubin’s opinion is stunning in the sense that most Maryland judges would rather impale themselves rather than ruling against the Board of Physicians. Judge Rubin’s toxic opinion against the Board echoes the verbiage of many physicians who have been trashed by this administrative entity. His opinion, in part, is contained in the next paragraph.

Judge Ronald Rubin sided with the Geiers and awarded them 2.5 million dollars. He ordered 14 Board members, the Board’s lead attorney and the lead investigator to pay out of their own pockets sums ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 each, depending on their net worth. In his Order Judge Rubin noted there was a significant breach of medical privacy against the Geiers. He accused the Board and its staff of failing to preserve emails related to this case and noted those who testified for the Board pleaded ignorance when confronting the email issue. Quoting Judge Rubin: “If their testimony were to be believed, which the court does not, it would be the worst case of collective amnesia in the history of Maryland government and on par with the collective memory failure at the Watergate hearings.” Judge Rubin’s complete opinion will be published in a separate article. This toxic opinion against the Board of Physicians was kept from the eyes and ears to tens of thousands who have a stake in Board function and its apparent abuse of authority.

While researching this significant news piece I noted the Baltimore Sun archives did not have a reference to this legal case and its extraordinary opinion against the Board. Performing a search on the net produced an equally disappointing result. With that stated I sent emails to several Baltimore Sun editors questioning the lack of coverage on this important case. No one ever returned an answer. The Sun ran full coverage when Dr. Geier’s life was being pulled apart. Yet when a significant court action against the Maryland Board of Physicians brought by the Geier’s was won by the plaintiff, the silence by the Sun was deafening. Baltimore Sun is the lap dog for the State of Maryland and its agencies. Specifically, it has been covering up for the Board’s corruption and members of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office for decades. Perhaps time has come to challenge the integrity of a once credible news source.

Please review articles concerning the Maryland Board of Physicians and its outrageous behaviors on Significant news will be posted there and on many media sites in the near future, which at the minimum, will shake the foundations of this corrupt Maryland State administrative entity.

Mark Davis, MD