Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hillary or Harvey

A debate I heard recently was: Who is more despicable Hillary or Harvey? Facts as I know them presently Hillary by a factor of 3. I find it very suspicious women are claiming rape against Harvey decades after the so-called act. Perhaps we have this wrong. Maybe just maybe some of these women found out if you are "friendly" with Harvey he will put in a movie and or on a path to success. Look who is coming forwarded and in what time frame they are speaking. This does not negate or excuse Harvey's actions. Yet it ameliorates the accusations thrown his way. Your thoughts please.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Mandalay Bay in the Aftermath of Horror

Mandalay Bay in the Aftermath of Horror

      Horror came to a peaceful gathering of approximately 22,000 individuals as the sky rained down bullets on them from the 32nd floor of a very well-known casino in Las Vegas. Mandalay Bay played host to a country music festival on October 1st 2017. With a great lineup and tranquil weather patrons never would have thought the sounds music would be eclipsed by sounds of automatic gun fire. Stephen Paddock gained instant worldwide fame as he carried out his own personal holocaust. This day would be indelibly written on the psyches of millions.

     Unknown to those on Spirit flight 695 approaching McCarran Airport carnage was occurring less than a mile down the road. My fellow passengers and I received our first inkling of the events unfolding that evening when our cell phones finally caught signals on the ground. Thankfully Spirit and their great staff kept us on the tarmac for 90 minutes as the first responders finalized it was safe to disembark the plane. No one at the time knew how many shooters were participating in the slaughter. Courage and bravery abounded everywhere sometimes from the most unlikely sources.

     Once the extent of the evil was known a tide of emotion overwhelmed the faces of those you passed on the streets and vestibules in hotels. An astounding quiet pervaded the areas immediately around the death scene overshadowing the immense building in the background. First responders may have saved thousands. Left to his own devices Stephen Paddock would have continued his reign of terror to an nth point only God could conceive. Fortunately those who moved on this beast did it quickly and effectively.

     The death toll stands a 59 at this writing with more than 500 injured. Makeshift memorials have been established throughout the city. One of note, not far the death scene, displays a series of white crosses inscribed with the names of each victim and statements of regret. As we walked through this area a palpable sorrow and a state of mournfulness was ever present amongst the observers paying their respects. Sadly the media finds the killer more important than the victims.

      Extensive investigations are now underway to uncover the basis for this horror. Stephen Paddock was a misanthrope, no doubt. Yet his extreme actions take a leap no rational mind could envision. When the history of this event is finally penned let us pray no one tries to outdo this maniac. May God rest the souls of these individuals and settle the minds of those left behind.

Mark Davis MD

Monday, September 25, 2017

Maryland's Medical Marijuana Laws a Mine Field for Physicians

             Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Laws a Mine Field for Physicians

One question physicians should ask themselves is: What civil and criminal penalties may I incur in the event I prescribe Marijuana? Neither Maryland’s inept and corrupt Medical Board nor its self-serving Medical Society have issued any statements concerning potential penalties. House Bill 881 signed by Governor Martin O’Malley in April of 2014 required the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and its Marijuana Commission to derive regulations governing the dispensing of medical Marijuana. Recently directives have been released concerning physician involvement in procuring Marijuana for potential patients. Physician liability was not addressed by these rules or prior statue. Worse, Marijuana is listed as a Schedule 1 substance along with Heroin, LSD and other potential abusive drugs. Under federal rules prescribing Marijuana is a felony unless given prior dispensation by authorities. In recent times federal prosecutors have turned away from charging physicians with Marijuana law incursions if their respective states legalized it. This could change at a moment’s notice. Maryland physicians who become involved in accommodating patients seeking “medical Marijuana” run many risks for few rewards.

Physicians will have to move through multi levels of paperwork to be allowed the privilege to certify individuals to obtain “medical Marijuana.” An unrestricted active medical license and a spotless record of compliance with state regulatory structure is a must. Being politically well connected, similar to those chosen to be dispensers of this drug, would not hurt either. Physicians contemplating being listed for medical Marijuana certification should review all available literature issued by state authorities with particular emphasis on any statements by the Attorney General’s Office and the Medical Board.

Maryland Board of Physicians has a habit of inventing rules and standards care after the fact. Never proactive this Board cherry picks which sections of its legal Title it will follow depending upon who is before it. With a lawyer as the Executive head of this administrative entity expectations were the Board would have created guidelines for implementing House Bill 881, since it had 3 years. Without protections from civil and criminal penalties lawyers will have a literal field day prosecuting cases. Worse incorrectly certifying a patient or a patient who crashes a vehicle, with this Schedule One drug in his or her system, the physician’s liability may be substantial. Point is prescribing Marijuana could be entrapment for physicians.

Lastly does malpractice insurance cover prescribing of Schedule One drugs and the resulting detriment this drug could cause to a patient? Approximately 23 states have legalized Marijuana in some form or manner. Each state manages the legalities and judicial responses to this psycho active drug differently. Maryland’s Board of Physicians is not managed as it should. Control has been given over to lawyers with minimal input from physicians. The unpredictability of this Board’s actions, lacking specific written guidelines and standards for physician involvement with this highly potent drug, may not be worth the risk for health care providers.

The author of this article cautions physicians to be wary of signing on to prescribing Marijuana until such time as the civil and criminal liabilities have been “totally clarified.” Maryland’s Board of Physicians and its attack dog the Attorney General’s Office will quickly blame doctors, not themselves, for prescribing mishaps related to Marijuana, even though they have promulgated no rules as of this writing. In the event you want to learn how corrupt your medical board is read a few of the articles at:

Mark Davis MD

Sunday, September 24, 2017



Kneeling before a football game is the antithesis to every element that makes America the great country it is. First in war first in peace and first to admit when it is wrong. Kneeling is affront to every military person past and present. Kneeling is an affront to everyone who protects this country daily. Kneeling is an affront to a nation that suffered greatly in many wars up until the last death recorded recently. And kneeling is an affront to the God who allows us to live and create on the land he owns and we lease. Wherever these miscreants are kneeling let them know how you feel. I tuned out today as the Ravens had their backsides kicked 44-7. God bless America

Mark Davis MD

Monday, September 18, 2017

Drugged Up Maryland

                                             Drugged Up Maryland

Drugs have found their way into every facet of Maryland life. Children are overdosed with amphetamines. While our aged population is controlled by third generation antidepressants. Those in between have alcohol, opioids, psychotropic drugs and now Marijuana. Controlling the masses has never been easier.

Marijuana industry is coming to the entitlement state. Initially 14 licensees have been chosen from a group of 140. Though the state’s Marijuana Commission notes the newly licensed were carefully picked evidence suggests many are politically well connected. Claiming “Medical Marijuana” will be of the purest variety by their choices the Commission needs to explain why not one pharmaceutical company was chosen. Yet someone from the casino industry was.

Decriminalization of Marijuana at the state level has been on the road to reality for years. In Maryland the drug epidemic, both legal and illegal, has gone beyond manageable levels. Adding Marijuana to the mix elevates the problem exponentially. As long as the drug is used in the privacy of one’s home who is to argue with its need and questionable medical necessity. Sense and sensibility dictates the latter will not be the norm. Instead people will mix Marijuana with the other drugs they utilize, including alcohol, resulting an increase in fatalities more expansive than currently is seen. Decriminalization absolutely, providing this drug through state approved outlets is extremely questionable and introduces a series of unknowns.

Physicians, who chose to prescribe Marijuana, must be on a state approved list. Once approved they must certify medical necessity to the patients seeking this drug. After approval the patient can take his or her Marijuana Identification card to a dispensary and receive a limited amount of this drug. Knowing most of the prescribed drug is not going to be used for its medically intended purpose who will be held responsible when irrationality of its use enters the picture? Will physicians be held responsible when a vehicular crash occurs by someone with excess drug in their systems (presently blood level excess has not been set)? If a physician approves too many requests will his or her license be impaired?  And the list of unknowns goes on.

Maryland Legislature pays lip service to those whose minds and bodies have been crushed by the never ending supply of drugs consumed by its residents. Marijuana should never have been criminalized. With that stated drug sales should not be supported by state mandate either. Enter a busy emergency and watch as the bodies of drug victims roll in. Marijuana may not be nearly as toxic as opioids. When combined with alcohol or other deadly substances bad results are inevitable. Does this reporter have the answers, no I don’t. Nevertheless neither does the Maryland hierarchy. I hope and pray that I am wrong. Yet experience outside Maryland should have taught those in power something. Apparently it hasn’t.

Mark Davis MD

Thursday, September 14, 2017

When ET did not Phone Home: A Speculative Assessment of UFOs and ETs

When ET did not Phone Home: A Speculative Assessment of UFOs and ETs

After viewing nearly 100 videos on YouTube professing Extraterrestrials exist perhaps this phenomena has legs. Assuming 90% are fraudulent that leaves 10% with a high level of credibility. These short films display the existence of structures on the Moon and Mars which cannot be explained away by the obsessive silence of NASA. Equally as fascinating are views of space craft that move and maneuver at speeds far beyond anything current Earth technology can produce. Perhaps ET has moved into our solar system.

Advanced sentient beings would have little need for direct contact with humanity, a lesser race to themselves. This may explain why encounters with them are extremely limited. Any race of beings with interstellar capabilities would have found answers to questions we have not thought up yet. Perhaps thousands if not millions of years ahead of us in technology and social dynamics they may view us as we view microbes. There is a belief that first contact has already occurred. In exchange for humans remaining off the moon our technological prowess appears to have been given a jump start. High tech phones, panel televisions, advanced medical devices and even the gift of longevity may have had their origins from off world sources. In recent times scientists have begun questioning the speed of light travel limit, a subject no one would have questioned a few decades ago. The basis for scientists’ inquisitive undertakings may be from observations of ETs’ ability to move through our solar system at unimaginable speeds.

Extra solar civilizations, who came age millennia ago, may have achieved exponentially more than any science fiction writer could ever imagine. Laws of physics and biology would have little meaning to such advanced beings. Disease, aging, death and other frailties of humanity may have been vanquished by them long before man crawled out of ancient cesspools. Beyond technology man’s inhumanity to man would most likely be foreign to these alien cultures. Perhaps their objective in coming to Earth and its nearby neighbors is to observe a low grade civilization attempting to overcome its own barbarity and savagery. In the event that World governments have knowledge of such beings they are duty bound to inform their populations with full disclosure. Social impact of this realization would work itself out as time moved into the future.  The only question left is: Will ET stick around after full disclosure or phone home for a lift.

Mark Davis MD

Science and Health Consultant, Mentor to Physicians,

Author, Journalist and Radio Commentator