Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Timing is everything

                                                 Timing is everything

A patient came into the office very distraught many years ago. Emotions were visibly set on her face. At first she refused to state the issue since she was in for diet advice only. She eventually opened up noting the intense argument that recently occurred with her mother. The patient was in her mid-twenties and taking light anti-anxiety medications prescribed by her Internist. Though she refused to discuss the contents of the argument I gave her one small piece of advice. No matter what the argument is go to your mother and say I am sorry. You never will know what lies in the future for both of you. Several months later she returned to my former office and stated: “How did you know.” I said “ how did I know what.” “My mother would die unexpectedly.” Obviously I did not know her mother would die. The conversation went on for several minutes. The point is the future is owned by no one. Therefore take the high road by relieving the tensions you may have with a loved one. The coming Holidays are the best times to say I am sorry and move on. This short story is not unique yet it taught this author a great lesson in humility over the years. Mark Davis MD manager of  

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sexual McCarthyism versus Sexual Harassment

Sexual McCarthyism versus Sexual Harassment

From a legal perspective the sexual purge now under way in America will feed many hungry lawyers. Claims by women of sexual harassment, rape and sexual intimidation should always be taken seriously unless they fit a format which puts their credibility into doubt. Accusations that are decades old which appear to be rehearsed must be questioned. Sadly the truth falls on both sides of the fence. Before we run someone out of town or take their work from them perhaps the alternate side should be heard too. Rushing to judgment never works and never will. Mark Davis MD
manager of

Monday, November 20, 2017

Trump should have known better

President Trump should have known better

Three UCLA basketball players purportedly shoplifted while in China. Trump jumped the gun not allowing the legal process to playout. Trump shorted circuited China's judicial system and influenced the President of China to let these thugs come back to the states. One of the thugs' fathers appeared to be ungrateful Trump intervened. Our great President should have allowed the legal process to play itself out. China had every right to detain them. Blatant disrespect for the President, in certain communities, is a reminder how far this country has fallen

Friday, November 10, 2017

Judge Roy Moore Faces Leftwing Vile

The case of Judge Roy Moore and the sexually explicit representations made in the Washington Post are highly suspicious, both for the timing of their release and content. In Alabama, where these so-called sexual events occurred, a boy or girl can marry with parental consent at 16 years of age. The circumstances of the sexual innuendos aimed at Moore with these teenagers decades ago are extremely superficial and circumstantial at best. With that stated I agree with Moore that the Democrat machine dug to the deepest part of the proverbial barrel to find this crap. IMHO Moore should fight back. You know the rest.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Democracy in a Can

Democracy in a Can

Democracy faded in America when political ideologues put party before country. Enervated by egregious forces which sought to displace American Idealism with corrupt policies the nation moved into an abyss that stifled free enterprise and will. Under “their” plan only a few would profit over the many who are subjugated by impenetrable legislative disasters. Presently taxes and health care initiatives oppress a population with a burden which gridlocks our wallets and our personal safety. In order to see the light once more cultivation of a mindset is needed to unify and not divide a nation which had eight prior years of catastrophic reign. Those who lost their way in the 2016 election are touring with a nonsensical rationale that something bad happened on that day. From this perch an intervention took place, whether divine or terrestrial, which moved us out of our stagnated environment. The swamp is being drained but the shadows of prior alligators are ever so present. There are two ends to the tunnel. Let us hope the nation moves to the end that invigorates and enlightens our future.

Mark Davis MD,

Monday, November 06, 2017

Richard Branson's Political Acumen Questioned

Richard Branson has been all over the media recently. The admirable billionaire, ever present on LinkedIn, recently has been spewing out epithets about life, wealth and culture. His distaste for Trump is well-known. Branson's ability to pick and or create winning companies has made him very wealthy. Yet he chose Hillary over the current occupant in the White House. Apparently his political intuition does not match his business savvy. Point being too many follow this icon who supported a person that sold out America. Should we continue to lavish praise on such a person?

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Rush Limbaugh Out of Touch with Reality

to ELRushbo
Mark Davis MD
RE: Tax, blue states and your being out of touch with reality

Dear Mr. Limbaugh:
     I heard your diatribe on the potential tax plan today (11/2/2017). With respects you are living in another reality. The middle class will be hard hit by the mortgage deduction abatement no matter where they live. Blue states, reds states or green states it doesn't matter. As conservative, living in Maryland, most of us are middle class. A minimum of 40% vote for Republicans here. The governor is a Republican. To sit in your studio and pontificate that people in high taxed states should move is an absurdity wrapped in stupidity. You will benefit greatly from this tax plan, most of us will not. After listening to you today I am extremely disappointed in your presentation. We are the same age. You went into the media accumulating a great fortune. I was in the Public Health Service and other practices serving mostly the poor. You are too detached from reality to continue this discussion. With great disappointment Mark Davis MD