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Republicans for Obama Phony as Suspected

Last week I pointed out that there is a Republicans for Obama web site in an article called Republicans for Obama??? Sure . . . I signed up for their e-mail alerts and have been reading the vapid feedback. Fortunately, there is at least one true conservative who is questioning these folks on that site. They are claiming that they are all “sweetness and light” and Oh so supportive of one another. But when this conservative began to ask questions . . . Well you be the judge.

"Sandi, I am glad to hear you changed parties. You should not have been a Republican for so many years if you didn't believe in conservative principles. That is the problem I see with so many on this website, they say they are Republicans, but they do not believe in conservative principles; or, they are conservatives, but do not realize how liberal Obama is. Most people on this site don't know what Obama stands for or who he really is. Not ONE person I have seen (including Tony who was just on the Laura Ingraham show representing Republicans for Obama) has been able to state in their own words (or even Obama's words for that matter) what Obama stands for, other than "hope" and "change." They just point people to Obama's website. Sometims I wonder if they themselves have ever really analyzed what's on his website. It's ridiculous to be supporting someone when you don't really know what they stand for. I hope you know. I hope you do your due diligence and check it out rather than just catch the emotional wave that Obama has stirred up.

I am sorry about your situation with your son. This type of thing is simply a result of the liberalization of our society (happening since the 50's/60's), and of course, to the degree the school system is responsible for anything, the very liberal teachers union and lobby is also responsible for this type of problem. For decades now the TEA has been basically in control of the education system in this country. (And by the way, the Bush "No Child Left Behind" which is so controversial, was written by Ted Kennedy.) Of course you realize that with Obama in office, the most liberal Senator ever, there will be more of the same. Hope you're for that, because that's what you'll get with Obama.

I wish all Republicans for Obama would admit openly that they are not really Republicans, they are RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and that they join the Democrat (Progressive Socialist) party where they belong. These people have been gradually liberalized by society over the years and no longer even know what they believe or what conservative principles the Republican Party stands for or why. You cannot be a REAL Republican and then support the most leftist, liberal person in the Senate -- not if you know what he stands for. It's absurd. If you want less in-fighting within any political party, you need to examine what you believe, and align yourself with the proper party. Anything else just causes division in a party and you people are so upset about that. Debate to liberals is "negative" and "contentious" and "argumentative", even "hateful", and they can't handle it. So it's best to just surround yourselves with those who believe just as you do. It would make you happier and you would feel more like Sandi here, bubbling over after finding this group.

Please, do yourselves a favor and join the party you REALLY should belong to, and quit calling yourselves Republicans when you really aren't. Otherwise, examine Obama with your brain instead of your emotions and SNAP OUT OF IT!
I forgot to mention that I was very disappointed in hearing Tony on the Laura Ingraham show because I was hoping to really get some good content from him as to why he supported Obama. But even he, representing this organization, couldn't state one thing Obama has done to deserve a conservative's support.
Thank you, Emily at"

Here’s the thoughtful response she got from the so-called Republican for Obama . . .
"I felt the same way, but Laura Ingraham is so RUDE- she wasn't about to let anyone on her show who could effectively communicate why they support anything other than what she calls "conservative" principles. WHATEVER THE hell that means! She talks over people, interrupts, etc. like all those other talk show hosts, left and right. Just another ego-driven, out of touch shock-jock. It's what I'm so sick of. And it's partly why I support Obama. I am a republican, and couldn't change parties, cause i just don't care that much about politial parties and don't like a lot of the things partisan democrats stand for either, I care more about the person running for office and how they present their case to me. That may make me wishy-washy or a "moderate" but so be it if that's what I am! I cerainly don't want to go back to the days of Billary! I'd also like to know how these so-called conservatives really think they can continue to stay afloat when the demographics of this country is changing so rapidly. The white male will be the minority soon and they'd better figure out ways to appeal to folks other than those angry white males if they plan to stay alive. Constantly sounding bigoted against Hispanics certainly won't do it. They may not think they're racist, but if they think they don't SOUND racist than they are even stupider than i thought, and sadly i think that's what's happening, when they go on and on about anti-immigration and closing the borders. I get so sick and tired of it. That's just one example of why i am disillusioned by the so-called conservatives. They've "hijacked" the republican party now and they're doomed for failure. There are so many things Barack Obama states that I agree with that i can't help but support him and i can't wait to vote for him on March 4th, 2008 in Ohio."

Here’s the reply from the real conservative:

"BINGO! Your first 2 sentences demonstrate why a Republican (but not a REAL Republican) could support Obama -- you do not have a CLUE what conservative principles are! (you say "whatever the hell that means"). That is what I have been trying to point out, many Republicans these days DO NOT KNOW what the Republican party even stands for, but they're members! Personally, I don't join groups or clubs when I don't have a clue what they stand for. It's ridiculous! Be an Independent if you don't know for sure what you stand for, then you can flip-flop all over the place and everyone will expect it from you. (By the way, I don't have any problem with Independents). What I do have a problem with is people who pretend to be something they are not, or claim to be something they're not, and then those who don't have a clue what they are because they haven't used their working brains yet to figure it out.

As for Laura Ingraham, she is a sweet person (perhaps you are confusing her with Ann Coulter). Laura gave Tony plenty of time to answer the questions, and he just couldn't find the beef! Shouldn't she call him on it? Or, for the sake of political correctness, maybe she should have just ignored it and not mentioned the fact that he hadn't given one good reason why he's supporting Obama, even though that is why he was on the program. Every talk show host interrupts to a degree, because if they don't, guests get sidetracked, go off subject, waste valuable airtime saying nothing. You clearly have not projected yourself into the role of a talk show host to see what you would do. But then maybe talk show hosts should just be lemmings and let the guesta walk all over them and control the whole program. You clearly don't listen to Laura Ingraham because: 1) you are not educated on the issues; and 2) if you listened you would know she is nothing even close to being a shock-jock. And speaking of out-of-touch, how many people do you have listening to YOUR political opinions or buying YOUR books? Somebody's listening to HER and buying HER books. Now who did you say was out-of-touch?

People are "moderate" because they do not know enough about the issues to make a real decision on what they support and believe. They are easily swayed from one side to the other each time they hear another argument because they have not thought that particular argument through yet and haven't come to a stand on it. People are moderates because they are uninformed on all the facts of the issues and generally don't care about many of them. As you say, you just don't care that much. And that, my dear, is the problem with where America is now. The majority of the population does not take the time necessary to inform and educate themselves on the issues of the day, and therefore can't take an intelligent, informed part in decision-making, causing the election of a bunch of idiot, power-hungry, $$ mongers, resulting in the problems we have today. Thats what we get when we don't care. And then to make up for it, we try to take the easy way out (rather than spending time getting involved in being educated on the issues) by jumping on the bandwagon of some charismatic, emotion-arousing leader who doesn't stand for anything good for them such as Castro and Hitler for instance (and here we go again with Obama). Yeah, because Obama gives us HOPE! (Castro did that too). Yes, Obama does give some HOPE, but HOPE ALONE never accomplished anything.

So you don't want to go back to the days of Billary. Well, you haven't seen anything yet until you get to the days of Obama. He will move us closer to communism than Bill and Hillary ever would have. And we thought they were bad! Obama is a socialist. And just watch the news for his CONNECTIONS and ASSOCIATIONS over the past decade, and then ask yourself if you really want a guy like that as a President? Change can be good, or change can be bad. Which direction do you want to go? Well, then you better make sure you know WHY and HOW change will take you to a better place.

At least you are honest about the fact that you are more concerned about "how they present their case to me." Well, Obama is a great presenter, but nothing behind it that you would really like if you really knew what it was. Just pay attention the next few months and you'll learn what's behind it. The stuff is starting to come out now, thankfully.

Conservatism has nothing to do with color of skin or nationality. You are really very confused. You are lumping everyone together in groups that are so convoluted I can't even discuss it with you. The only way we can have a discussion about that is if you educate yourself on CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES and don't confuse them with race, nationality, sex. BIGOTS are not the same thing as CONSERVATIVES, and if you think conservatives sound like bigots, get a grip on reality! The MEDIA wants you to think that so they present them that way. They twist and spin their words, use quotes out-of-context and make it look that way. If you had cared enough to pay attention to issues like this, I woudn't have to inform you of that. Sure, there are SOME conservatives who are bigots, but there are ALSO PLENTY OF LIBERALS who are bigots.

And your statement that "they may not think they're racist" is absolutely INSANE. How about me telling you that I know what you believe better than you do? LOL Yeah, that'll fly, won't it? There is nobody who knows better than a person himself whether he is a racist or not. Whether they will admit it to you is the issue, not whether they know it or not. Please, be less shallow in your conclusions, would you?

And speaking of racist -- are you aware of Obama's minister's racist positions he condones in his church that Obama and Michelle condone? (Or are you one of those fools who thinks black people can't be racist because they're not a majority? LOLOL)

As far as anti-immigration and closing the borders: conservatives are NOT AGAINST IMMIGRATION, and don't want borders completely closed. Conservatives want LEGAL IMMIGRATION. We have LAWS (get it?) that control how immigration operates, and those laws are set for a REASON. We want them ENFORCED. We want the borders ENFORCED, not CLOSED. (OMG, I'm sorry this is going on so long, but this post I am responding to is so idiotic that it is taking me ages to point out what is obvious to most thinking adults.) Your belief in this area is EXACTLY what the liberal media has been feeding you, but it is so untrue, it's ridiculous. This is what I am talking about when I say the "liberalization of our society." You are a victim of it and you don't have a clue that you are. You have soaked up their B.S. like a sponge, without using your consciousness and using your working brain to decide otherwise, for YOURSELF.

No, the folks like you who are not thinking and are only listening to the liberal media outlets are the ones who have, over time, hijacked the Republican Party, and caused division and disunity by bringing your crappy media-induced liberalness into the party and its decision-making process. And do you know, the fact that you are sick of it is exactly what the liberals wanted to happen? The plan was for decades to destroy the Republican party and you are playing right into their hands. You should have them pay you. Send them a bill for helping them accomplish their long-term goals.

That's why I say get rid of all the phoney Republicans who only think they are Republicans, and let us have our conservative party back. Quit trying to disrupt and destroy our organization. If you don't have conservative principles, there are plenty of places for you to go to join. And the best to you.

Now, can you tell me some POLICY issues that Obama and you have in common? So far, I haven't heard any from anyone. And then also include, HOW Obama is going to accomplish his visions. Include the COST, and how it will be paid for, because so far, all of Obama's programs are so expensive they will NEVER happen because we simply DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY FOR THEM. Period. I repeat -- THEY WILL NEVER MATERIALIZE BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE, REPEAT, WE DO NOT HAVE, THE MONEY FOR THEM. --- Yeah, I can say I'm gonna go buy a $10 million house, a Ferrari, and take a cruise around the world, and it's all because I have a right to it. Well, it AINT GONNA HAPPEN CUZ I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY. GET A REALITY CHECK!

Reading the fallacies in this post have confirmed once again to me that America is truly in trouble. America will pay dearly for the ignorance of it's people, as they will continue to elect rulers who are a reflection of the mass consciousness. And when the masses are ignorant, uninformed, led into falsehoods by media, the rest of us can't stop it. After a few years of conditions like the 1930's (bet you don't even know what happened in the 30's), fools will be more willing to listen to the wise.

All I can tell the rest of you is to PROTECT YOURSELVES. Do all the survival things necessary to keep your family and yourselves alive, safe, and healthy while the fools, morons and emmisaries of evil are running the country. We are headed for a very dark time. Then maybe, with God's help, we will make it to a point where people have learned through their pain, and we can build again UNIFIED with practicality and common sense."

Bless you Emily from Bouncing Reality Checks for your courage in attempting to get through to these folks. One thing you have surely done is to prove that Republicans for Obama is a sham org set up for the gullible!!!

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  1. It seems that the internet is being used largely for propaganda... if you look around, you will notice tons of Srebrenica genocide denial websites.

    So I am not surprised that political propagandists also use websites to portray themselves as Conservatives who vote for Democrats...

  2. WOW! Great job Faultline! Superb post. You just nailed them with your piercing logic. Good for you.

  3. that was a truly great post. and a truly great rant. yeah, sounds phony. some the things that "Republican" said were straight from the liberal playbook. especially the demographics comment. heh.

  4. Good work Faultline and excellent job exposing them.

  5. It just bothers me so much that race is such an issue in the current presidential race. Another writer over on Highbrid Nation wrote a piece about how very recently Repulicans have been surverying college students to see how far they could push the racial stereotype language before people would say its too much. How crazy is that?! It'd be nice if we could judge these canidates on thier teadership skills and nothing else. I know, thats not gonna happen.

  6. Obama's campaign is simply false.

    Seriously, why would anyone in their right mind actually want Obama to be Reagan-like?


  7. Great job. Can we call you Sherlock now?

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  8. It is very frightening how many people support St. Barack and have no clue what he really stands for. Today, his Pope, Nichelle, said that people should not be attracted to corporate jobs when they graduate college. It is time to call St. Barack and Pope Michelle what they are and what the Democrat party has become-Socialists! As far as the so-called Republicans, read the Tuesday Los Angeles Times. Not one Republican mentioned as a St. Barack supporter is remotely conservative. Can't believe this man is as close to possibly being elected president of the United States!

  9. "Moderates are people who can't make a decision to take a stand on one side or the other"

    Moderates are people who can see truth can exist on both sides or that there are *gasp* more than two sides to a given issue.

    Most people are moderates, by the way. They want security, but they want private freedoms. Abortion is tragic, but they would not call a teenage girl who gets one a murderer. Social welfare is messy, but we don't want our cities to look like Calcutta (with the poor, sick, and dying in the streets). We want to give justice to victims with means other than the murder or torture of the perpetrators. We want strong national defense, but not at the expense of domestic life. We believe public education, warts and all, has largely been a good thing for America. The IRS scares us, but so do the private banks.

    We moderates don't care much for parties or rhetoric. We talk about issues, not parties. We (70% of us) despise the current President for what he has and has not done, not for is party, skin color, or gender. We want balance and thoughtfulness. We want solutions, if imperfect. And we value your input.

    -Have a nice day.


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