Friday, February 15, 2008

Republicans for Obama??? Sure . . .

Update 2/29/08
Read Republicans for Obama Phony as Suspected

Original article follows here:

Well you’ve got to hand it to Barack Hussein Obama’s folks. Now there’s a so-called Republicans for Obama web site that claims at least 400+ members. It was probably created by lefty trolls masquerading as Republicans and they are beginning to gather a few mindless dupes who don’t have a clue as to what “conservative” actually means.

Here’s some typical R.F.O. Forum banter:

“Obama is a leap of faith. But what politician isn't? When I think of my children and the sort of world I want them to inherit, I am willing to set aside economic self-interest and some differences of opinion in the service of unity and the hope Obama represents. I suspect there a good many people out there who feel the same way.”

Here’s one response (it’s the only response so far):

“I will agree, Obama is a leap of faith. And as you put, any time you put your future into someone's hands, whether politician, employer, husband or wife, it's a leap of faith. Otherwise, you can stand there with your feet firmly planted on the ground, in the same old same old. "

Ok we’ve got it. These nit wits are willing to take a “Leap of faith” and are willing “to set aside economic self-interest” for the sake of “unity” and “hope”. Do you really buy that???

Translation: “We are liberal university students and our well-healed parents foot all of our bills. We’ve never held jobs because most jobs are beneath us and there are plenty of undocumented workers to fill those needs. After we graduate we’ll continue to agitate until most of your wealth is redistributed to us so that we can take our cut as we redistribute it to those victims who are less intelligent and less fortunate than us! All we have to do is hope that Obama will convince you to feel guilty enough to hold our hands as we unite to sing “Cum-ba-ya.”

Yesterday’s Republicans for Obama press release:

R.F.O. has been asked to appear on the Fox News Channel Program, "Your World with Neil Cavuto." The time of the interview is schedule for 4:05 p.m. EST this afternoon. More details should be relayed within the next few minutes but I wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible. This may be our first opportunity to reach a national TV audience with our message of unity of purpose for Senator Obama's candidacy. Wish me luck, say a few prayers, watch the show and if you have a VCR, please tape it.

R.F.O. Forum also has a posting encouraging members to join the Obamacans group. “Raise awareness to other Facebook users! This is a great way to show your support in a Social Networking environment. Many young voters have profiles on Facebook, come join and relay the messages on this site to the Obamacans group.”

Just for the heck of it, why not subscribe to your R.F.O. state chapter and take your patriotic place as a conservative troll???

For those who are interested here’s a link to Obama’s Blueprint for Change

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  1. Time to run some names through opensecrets and newsmeat!

    Hmm... seems to have mostly handles instead of names. Gee, I wonder why...?

  2. Republicans For Obama = Idiots R Us.


  3. Yes we have seen this before. I remember the MSM had some life long Republicans that were voting for Obama or any of the Defeatorats over the Republicans, but when you looked at their history, they gave most of their money to Defeatocrats before Bush.

  4. It’s quite a shell game they’ve got going. Some of them will admit to being socially liberal too.

  5. Hillary Clinton is not doing so well, to put that mildly...She was in Texas yesterday tryingto retool her campaign in the midst of a real bad-ass losing streak. And on top of that, her deputy campaign manager resigned, the second high-level departure in two days. Are the chiclens leaving the nest?
    If Hillary does not win Texas, then I think we can say, "It's all over but the crying."
    Yes I really feel that Hillary is finished, now I'd like to see O'Bambi finished, so that I caould break open that bottle of wine I've been saving.

    I know very well that It ain't over till the fat lady sings, but we can certainly hope . I'm sure that the Clinton Machine still has a few dirty tricks in its bag. Does she have any rabbits to pull out of the hat? They just don't fall down and die that easlily. So don't rejoice yet, my friends HerThighness is about to pull out the real dirty stuff.
    But we can say that "She is in trouble"
    But can we count her out? Can you ever count out a back-stabbing, phony, lying, she devil? Don’t count on it.

  6. You've nailed it. Even just the way it is phrased sounds like it was penned by a leftist. No conservative I know writes like that. You have to hand it to them, they're sneaky. But what else is new?

  7. "Ok we’ve got it. These nit wits are willing to take a “Leap of faith” and are willing “to set aside economic self-interest” for the sake of “unity” and “hope”. Do you really buy that???"

    I take it no self-respecting "conservative" would ever consider “set[ting] aside economic self-interest” for the sake of anything? How telling. I remember when even Republicans stood behind JFK's admonition to "Ask not what you country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country". Obviously the Nixon years, Reagan years, the GHWB years, the GWB years, together with Rush, O'Reilly, Hannitty, et al., have convinced you all that nothing is more important than the almighty dollar in your own pockets and everyone else in the world be damned. It is no wonder that people from the Republican side of the aisle are giving consideration to voting for the other party these days.

  8. Ah yes. Here we go again. Didn't Rush state last election cycle that if we all stayed home because of the disgust we had because of the rupukians that we would end up with palosy? (looks like some kind of disease to me. lol) The answer to that question is yes. October 2005. (Or 06.) Great post, Faultline. ;)

  9. These people are the poster children for the "I Have No Clue" crowd. Dean posted an Obama piece (and definitely not like these folks) at my place, Do The Right Thing.

    Great expose faultline!

  10. Dear Mark,

    That's a good question. Let us ponder it for a moment, eh? How many people do you believe that are in the military will vote for the democrat and how many for the repukians? (I am disgusted with my party, but I will vote for them because I am disregarding my disgust with their past behaviour in the name of national defense, judges (which serve much longer than do these pipsqueaks), lower taxation for everyone including you, less regulations so you can open up a store if you like or some other business risk you may choose to take, etc.

    Yes, we do care. We just don't always do what 'feels good' right out of the box. We examine it to see what the consequences and the good would be if our policy were to be implemented. Do you understand better, now, the difference between the two parties? Have a nice weekend.

  11. We just don't always do what 'feels good' right out of the box. We examine it to see what the consequences and the good would be if our policy were to be implemented.

    Despite what un-thinking so-called "conservatives" would have us believe, Dems are a lot like this too: the two sides disagree about how to get "there", but advocate for what (I believe) they sincerely think will be best for our country.

  12. Well Mark it’s not that conservatives won’t “set aside economic self-interest” when it’s their own individual idea and for people/causes they have fully vetted. Most conservatives understand that if you aren’t very interested in protecting your own economic well-being it’s either because you are already on the doll or you are a socialist wanna be. In either case, it comes down to an Obama social policy of wealth distribution and you can bet you bottom dollar that Obama isn’t setting aside his political ambitions or economic self-interest!

  13. Obama would require a leap of faith that would challenge Evel Kneivel.

  14. Sorry it took me so long to get over here to comment. Hubby and I took a little time for ourselves yesterday.

    It's hard to believe that Republicans could vote for Obama. But if these are protest votes in Texas, against Hillary, I can understand how they feel.

    The problem is, Hillary is bad but we know what she stands for, we know what she will do, and we can prepare to head her off if she gets elected.

    Only God himself knows what Obama will do, he's head and shoulders above Hillary on the SCARE meter.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  15. McCain don't want to face Obama, and if Obama wins the delegate count and hill wins the super del's, it will be like running into a brick wall for the Dems

  16. Debbie I have to agree with you. Obama is way above Hillary on the SCARE meter. Conservatives in Texas should vote for Hillary in the upcoming primary. Early voting starts this Tuesday.

  17. You're all right about one thing, RFO doesn't sound like any group of conservatives I've ever seen. Most conservatives sound like selfish assholes who only care about themselves. And reading through these blog comments has proven it for me. But still, I'd like to believe RFO are real Republicans who've had enough of their dumbass party screwing up our country. I think it'll be funny when Obama wins by a landslide in November, and Republicans like you realize that half your party has seen the light, and you're still sitting in the dark.

  18. A lot of hate/fear mongers have already made their closed minds up already. All they can do now is blog/flame to boards with ignorant rants that go beyond silly sarcasm. Our country is in the trenches and the moron over there wants to link Obama/Biden with Bin laden or call Romney
    a Mormon polygamist or define what they consider conservative. The lunatic fringe is just that,
    closeted fear mongers who spew lies with their vile irrational banter.

    As a conservative, I think McCain has a place in Washington, he has done much as an Independent, I didn't mind him turning Republican, I'd hope he would represent what he used to stand for, but it was a disappointment to see that wasn't so. I cannot even recognize the republican party of today, because it has been taken over by right wing religious extremists, fearful klansfolk and their elk. John McCain feels he has to connect to these people and cater to the loyal Bushies who have surrounded his camp. No, he is not the one to lead this nation out of yolk of the declining middle-class. China and Germany are leading the way in goods and productivity. India is answering our tech lines. Start up companies CEO's can't get health insurance for themselves much less their workers. Home owners and working couples need full health/dental benefits so they don't get swamped in medical bills, I could go on but will refrain.

    Obama & Biden is the right choice at the right time.

    Intelligent responses welcomed.

  19. Republicans definitely outweigh the Democrats by a very large margin. So, sadly, as a Democrat, I am sure that John McCain and Sarah the LIAR will definitely win the election. I mean, we suffered 8 years of Bush running our country into the ground, I am fully prepared for 8 more!

    My only hope is that our economy improves. Democrat doesn't mean Idiot, not @ all. I am 27, I have a Master's in Business and I'm an Executive with a very large corporation, and I am BLACK! Yes, BLACK people can be successful, too. Its a shame that in 2008, RACISM still exist. Wow.. Idk what 2 say. Looks like we will never have CHANGE! :(