Sunday, February 17, 2008

Conservative Weekend Reading

Here are the stories that caught my eyes this weekend:

Rosemary’s Thoughts Why enforcing immigration laws are necessary
“There are many reasons for this, and I am not going to argue them in this post. I will, however, share with you a video about some news you may never hear otherwise. Please watch this, it is about 6 minutes long. Thank you. . .”

ThirdWorld Country Real Estate Bust? *yawn*
“But there’s a side to the housing market/mortgage crisis/real estate bust that is getting little play in the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind (and what play it does get is buried on inside pages or whatnot): “Some Cities Are Spared the Slide in Housing”–and this in the Neoo York Slimes, no less! Who’d-a thunk it? . . .”

123 Beta Open Trackback Weekend

The World According to Carl Ray Nagin Proves He’s An Idiot Again
“A photo in some Metro sections Wednesday showed a laughing Mayor Ray Nagin pointing an M-4 rifle at Police Superintendent Warren Riley at a news conference to announce new crimefighting equipment purchased by the New Orleans Police Department . . ."

BlueStar Chronicles Blogging McCain
. . . a little round-up of what people are saying about our man, John McCain . . .”

Big Dog’s Weblog Between Barack and a Hard Place
“Hillary Clinton finds herself in deeper trouble as two more primaries loom on the horizon prior to her firewall states of Texas and Ohio. The latest polls from Texas show that Obama has now taken a lead there and only trails Hillary by 2% among Hispanic voters. . .”

Dumb Ox Daily News Coulter with Beck on Obama, Hoping for Clinton ...
“ . . . Ann Coulter pulling for Hillary to get the nod... between Obama and McCain there isn't enough difference to bother voting for either! . . .”

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