Friday, March 23, 2007

North American Union Here Now: Part 3

This is the last article in a series of three articles that tie together amnesty for illegal immigration, NAFTA, the Trans Texas Corridor, and the NAU.

Aggressive attempts to merge the nations of the United States, Canada, and Mexico are currently underway. This can be done via “deep integration” without any action by congress!

“ . . . if you believe the United States is the most unique nation on Earth with a government designed to protect your natural liberties, an economic system unlike any other -designed to create economic independence, and a judicial system unknown to any other nation, then a North American Union is a threat to all you hold dear.”

Mexican economist and researcher Miguel Pickard wrote in an article, published by foreign press, detailing the "deep integration" planned for North America. He said there will be no single treaty and nothing will be submitted to legislatures of the three countries. Instead, he says, the plan for a "merged future" will be implemented through "the signing of regulations not subject to citizen review." He went on to report of several secret meetings held in all three nations, after which representatives signed "close to 300 regulations" installing a "Unified American Border Action Plan. . ."

For background on the NAU see:
North American Union Here Now: Part 1
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The following is republished with permission from a Lake Bridgeport Sandflat News article dated September 30, 2006.

"Students train in 'model parliament' for new North American Union!

N. American students trained for 'merger' 10 universities participate in 'model Parliament' in Mexico to simulate 'integration' of 3 nations

WASHINGTON – In another example of the way the three nations of North America are being drawn into a federation, or "merger," students from 10 universities in the U.S., Mexico and Canada are participating annually in a simulated "model Parliament." Under the sponsorship of the Canadian based North American Forum on Integration, students met in the Mexican Senate for five days in May in an event dubbed "Triumvirate," with organizers declaring "A North American Parliament is born. . ."

"The creation of a North American parliament, such as the one being simulated by these young people, should be considered," explained Raymond Chretien, the president of the Triumvirate and the former Canadian ambassador to both Mexico and the U.S. . .

Perhaps the most blistering criticism came earlier this summer from Lou Dobbs of CNN – a frequent critic of President Bush's immigration policies.

"A regional prosperity and security program?" he asked rhetorically in a recent cablecast. "This is absolute ignorance. And the fact that we are – we reported this, we should point out, when it was signed. But, as we watch this thing progress, these working groups are continuing. They're intensifying. What in the world are these people thinking about? You know, I was asked the other day about whether or not I really thought the American people had the stomach to stand up and stop this nonsense, this direction from a group of elites, an absolute contravention of our law, of our Constitution, every national value. And I hope, I pray that I'm right when I said yes. But this is – I mean, this is beyond belief." . . .

The concerns about the direction such powerful men could lead Americans without their knowledge is only heightened when interlocking networks are discovered. For instance, one of the components envisioned for this future "North American Union" is a superhighway running from Mexico, through the U.S. and into Canada. It is being promoted by the North American SuperCorridor Coalition, or NASCO, a non-profit group "dedicated to developing the world’s first international, integrated and secure, multi-modal transportation system along the International Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor to improve both the trade competitiveness and quality of life in North America. . ."

Now Available: The Final Report 2006 (including the final resolutions) The Triumvirate in La Reforma :"The Only North American Model Parliament” (47 page pdf file)

Model Parliament Organizers make clear their intent:

The creation of a North American parliament, such as the one being simulated by these young people, should be considered,” explained Raymond Chretien, the president of the Triumvirate and the former Canadian ambassador to both Mexico and the U.S. . .

Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. and the chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus as well as author of the new book, “In Mortal Danger,” may be the only elected official to challenge openly the plans for the new superstate.

Responding to a WND report, Tancredo is demanding the Bush administration fully disclose the activities of the government office implementing the trilateral agreement that has no authorization from Congress. . .”

North American Union Would Trump U.S. Supreme Court
by Jerome R. Corsi Posted Jun 19, 2006

The Bush Administration is pushing to create a North American Union out of the work on-going in the Department of Commerce under the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America in the NAFTA office headed by Geri Word. A key part of the plan is to expand the NAFTA tribunals into a North American Union court system that would have supremacy over all U.S. law, even over the U.S. Supreme Court, in any matter related to the trilateral political and economic integration of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Right now, Chapter 11 of the NAFTA agreement allows a private NAFTA foreign investor to sue the U.S. government if the investor believes a state or federal law damages the investor’s NAFTA business. . .

Like it or not, NAFTA Chapter 11 tribunals already empower foreign NAFTA investors and corporations to challenge the sovereignty of U.S. law in the United States. . .

Under the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) plan expressed in May 2005 for building NAFTA into a North American Union, the stakes are about to get even higher. . .

The CFR plan clearly calls for the establishment of a “permanent tribunal for North American dispute resolution” as part of the new regional North American Union (NAU) governmental structure that is proposed to go into place in 2010. As the CFR report details on page 22: . . .

The executive branch under the Bush Administration is quietly putting in place a behind-the-scenes trilateral regulatory scheme, . . .

We will develop a trilateral Regulatory Cooperative Framework by 2007 to support and enhance existing, as well as encourage new cooperation among regulators, including at the outset of the regulatory process. We wonder if the Bush Administration intends to present the Trilateral Regulatory Cooperative Framework now being constructed by to Congress for review in 2007, or will the administration simply continue along the path of knitting together the new NAU regional governmental structure behind closed doors by executive fiat?

"Trans Texas Corridor Master Plan Released

Drivers willing to pay to leave Interstate 35 in the dust could have an alternative as early as the summer of 2013. . . .Because passenger vehicles pay 15.2 cents per mile and truck drivers pay 58.5 cents per mile, the whole plan relies on travelers and freight companies being willing to pay the toll, said Dillard, the Texas Department of Transportation spokesman. . .

The company then will have the rights to the tolls for 50 years, and by then, the road could be generating billions of dollars each year . . .

“Texans didn’t get a chance to vote on this, it’s just getting rammed down our throats,” said Rick Wegwerth, leader of the Waco anti-corridor group, DERAIL. . .

Note: According to a January 25, 2005 article by Gordon Dickson, a staff writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram, since Cintra began controlling tolls in Canada, “Tolls have gone up 200 percent!”

Other’s writing about the NAU this week in March 2007:

Idaho Becomes First State to Pass Anti-NAU/SPP Resolution!

The North American Union is Really a Debate Over Political Ideology

North American Union Traitors Include Chertoff, Rice, Bush
(See the Lou Dobbs You Tube video here!)

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  1. The North American Union as its referred to will not happen, at least not for some time. This was aa subject of a CFR report over two years ago. It was a bad idea then, and its a bad idea now.

    Much ado about nothing, IMO.

  2. Stromwarning:

    I believe you are the same person who commented earlier that the TTC would never be built either. Wrong! Let us hope you are correct about the NAU, but not be foolish enough to keep our heads in the sand. As you can see, (if you read the articles cited) billions of dollars and many, many high-powered organizations and companies are behind this "deep integration" plan for the NAU.

  3. Actually, I read the links of your post (most of them are links to other blogs, yes?).

    As a Texan (are you a Texan?) living near I35, I maintain that the Trans-Texas Corridor (certainly in its current proposed form) will not happen. As for your "WRONG!" I believe that if nothing else, it is premature. I also don't expect that toll roads will be affirmatively voted. Also, having driven along I35 just yesterday (and Wednesday), I wonder where, even with eminent domain, land for a 12 lane highway, parallel to I35, exists.

    As for the North American Union, I wrote about it back two years ago when I read the original CFR papers and reports, and continue to believe that it is a bad idea for many reasons, security primary among them. First of all, the report and its recommendations were (and are) non-binding. Second, one of the keys to the establishment of the Union (as described by CFR) was/is the enforcement of pre-existing borders prior to any move toward erasing the borders. Third, the provision of establishing a common ID credential and enabling is an unlikely scenario. The Mexican's can't control their own population, the US population is fearful of a National ID, and Canada (and our border with it) is a security problem waiting to happen. Fourth, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) is not an agreement. No matter how conspiratorial anyone wishes to be, such a merger of the US, Canada and Mexico could not happen without agreement from Congress. In fact, "The SPP respects and leaves the unique cultural and legal framework of each of the three countries intact. Nothing in the SPP undermines the U.S. Constitution. In no way does the SPP infringe upon the sovereignty of the United States." Additionally, I refer you to

    SPP will not obliterate our borders or compromise our sovereignty. I'm not sure that anything I've written is convincing enough (actually, I'm sure that it isn't).

  4. Stormwarning:

    Obviously you’ve been reading a great deal, doing your homework, and should be pretty well informed. I assume you’ve also attended some of the TTC hearings, as I have. You’ve read the local papers and so you know that construction has already started on part of the TTC. I would also assume that you viewed all of the maps and renderings so you know exactly how and where it will be built.

    To refute what we lowly “bloggers” have written you send me a link to the SPP site so that the SPP can debunk so-called “myths” about what may or may not happen regarding the NAU? Now, PLEASE, isn’t that like the fox guarding the hen house??? I’m only left to draw one conclusion. You must have something at stake in this. Are you part of a pro-SPP pac? Are you on the board of one of the numerous corporations that’s behind the SPP?

  5. No I am not. I oppose most, if not all of what Gov. Perry stands for. But I also have "issues" with what I consider "conspiracy theories." Sorry.

  6. BTW, I never said anything about "lowly bloggers." Its all a question of sources.

  7. Stormwarning:

    You wrote “Actually, I read the links of your post (most of them are links to other blogs, yes?).” You implication was that blogs are not good sources. Actually, the three articles had links to a variety (if you followed them) of original sources. How about the Council on Foreign relations link, for starters?

    But then to prove your superior knowledge and objectiveness you offered a link to the SPP site. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house! Please, our readers are not as thick as you are transparent!

  8. "...our readers are not as thick as you are transparent..."

    Of course not. I apologize for intruding.