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North American Union Here Now: Part 2

The "plan to create" a North American Union in 2010 as a regional government—comprising a collective government for the United States, Canada, and Mexico . . . It Isn’t Just Fringe Fanatics Who Are Worrying Now.
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This is the second in a series of three articles. See North American Union Here Now: Part 1.
The following is republished with permission from a Lake Bridgeport Sandflat News article dated September 30, 2006. It is loaded with vital information that ties the NAFTA highway system into the SPP.
The Trans Texas Corridor: Tollway to One World Government: It Isn’t Just Fringe Fanatics Who Are Worrying Now
Here’s what the Council on Foreign Relations wants to dictate to us . . . We are being told that we must consolidate the economic communities of Mexico, the US, and Canada. We are being told that National Sovereignty is an “outdated concept.” We are being told that in order to protect the American public from terrorists we must create a new community - the North American Union!!! All these things are coming together to build this “new relationship”: the North American Security Cooperative Act, the passage of NAFTA, CAFTA, the forthcoming FTAA (Free Trade Areas of the Americas), and the route to get us there is the Bush/Perry Trans Texas Corridor!!! . . .
To read the chilling excerpts from Dr. Robert A. Pastor's testimony go to The Council on Foreign Relations .
Our " Favorite Store " Is Ready for the TTC...
The " world's largest retailer" Wal Mart Corporation, evidently has some insight on all of this. Check out the link below and see what's been happening in Mexico and Central America.
North American Union
The "plan to create" a North American Union in 2010 as a regional government—comprising a collective government for the United States, Canada, and Mexico—is "directly stated only" in the May 2005 task force report Building a North American Community. This plan was published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). See what Jerome Corsi wrote about the plan on June 26, 2006.
A North American Union is being created "through a process of governmental regulations" and without ever "having to bring the issue before the American people for a clear referendum or vote," Corsi wrote on May 24, 2006.
See also Source Watch
NAFTA Super-Highways
What is objectionable is the plan to form a European Union-style North American Super-Highway system whose primary goal is to establish trilateral links for the open passage of freight transportation and the virtually unrestrained 'migration' of people among the three countries. Building NAFTA Super-Highways that effectively erase the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada is a concern, especially if the NAFTA Super-Highways contribute to accomplishing in a de facto manner the integration of the United States into a North American Union, thereby threatening the currently established sovereignty of the United States," Corsi wrote June 30, 2006. . .
Lamb wrote. "NASCO claims that 'There are no plans to build a new NAFTA Superhighway - it exists today as I-35.' This, however, is at odds with reality,"
Lamb wrote. "The goal is to build and operate a privately funded toll-corridor that includes up to 10 lanes of car and truck traffic, rail lines, pipelines and utilities, including communications systems. The current agreement is limited to Texas, but fits nicely into the master plan being advanced by NASCO.
It also fits nicely into the vision of the Council on Foreign Relations' [May 2005] report: Building a North American Community , which advocates 'unlimited access to each other's territory' (page 47), including allowing Mexican or Canadian companies to freely enter the U.S. to compete with U.S. trucking companies, hauling freight between U.S. cities. . .
by Joseph Farah, Sat Sep 02, 2006

Between the Lines Another key congressman - Rep. Roy Blunt, majority whip in the House of Representatives - is telling his constituents the federal government has nothing to do with the idea of building the "NAFTA superhighway." This is at least the third Republican member of Congress either playing dumb or deliberately deceiving American taxpayers by claiming no federal dollars have flowed into the project. . .
NAFTA highway or new silk road?
By William Hawkins, The Washington Post, September 24, 2006

On Sept. 7, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), a government office established in March to increase cooperation between the United States, Canada and Mexico, released a progress report. Among its achievements was creation of an American Competitiveness Council to enhance North America's posture in the struggle for hotly contested global markets.

Unfortunately, major events are already unfolding that will undermine this belated attempt to respond to ambitious rivals who have been piling up ever-higher trade surpluses at the expense of American-based enterprises.

A flurry of articles over the summer painted the SPP as a step toward a North American Union that would submerge national sovereignty and open the U.S. to mass migration and political corruption. Human Events launched the story from the right, but it spread across the spectrum to the Daily Kos on the left. . .
One focus of the articles was a planned corridor of highways and railroads from Mexico into the American Midwest dubbed the "NAFTA Highway." Some of the stories sought to revisit the debate over the North American Free Trade Agreement, but what is really behind this transportation network heralds the collapse of NAFTA and its dream of a stronger continental economy.
NAFTA was supposed to combine cheap Mexican labor with U.S. capital and technology to improve competition with Asian rivals . . .
The Chinese firm Hutchison Whampoa has partnered with Wal-Mart in a $300 million expansion of Lazaro Cardenas to handle perhaps 2 million containers annually by the end of the decade. The American Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong, China, has held seminars promoting this Mexican port. . .
While American-based manufacturers will continue to suffer under the barrage of Chinese goods, Mexican industry will be smashed flat by what should be called a new Silk Road rather than a NAFTA highway. The economic development goals of NAFTA are being abandoned. More than 600 of the maquiladoras assembly plants along the U.S.-Mexican border have relocated to China, leaving their Mexican workers behind. There is little chance for Mexican wages to rise if at $1.50 an hour they can be undercut by Chinese labor at 50 cents an hour. . .
But now it's mid March 2007. See Others currently writing about NAFTA, the TTC, and the NAU:

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  1. a North American Union that would submerge national sovereignty and open the U.S. to mass migration and political corruption....what great research FL!..thank u for keeping us so informed.

  2. The said thing is that this is a two front war. As a conservative, this infuriates me.

    On the left, of course, they hate America anyway, and merging America into a the greater socialism of Canada and Mexico would be a great thing to them.

    On the right, unfortunately, we have business leaders who apparently will sell out their nation for cheaper labor, while their salaries increase exponentially.

  3. Judicial Watch on Mar. 15th said the SPP "working group" (have to wonder just who these individuals are) has reached a "conceptual agreement for a 'One Card' to facilitate cross-border movement between Mexico, the US and Canada" and ended the article with this: "The 'One Card'' concept is a new wrinkle which cries out for further investigation."

    The fact that so few are talking about this is telling.

    Maggie's Notebook