Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Why I Love CNN

Here are just a few examples of why I love the Communist News Network, or perhaps it now needs to be called the Carnal News Network:

(1) Kathy Griffin wishing Anderson Cooper a Happy New Year by kissing his crotch on live television.

(2) CNN reports how "gay" penguins in the Toronto Zoo had to be separated to mate with female penguins.

(3) During their recount of the "top stories" of 2012, they continued to perpetuate the lie that the attack in Benghazi which killed our ambassador was the result of a video and not a deliberate terrorist attack.

(4) They report on the cuisine in Cairo, Egypt, despite the fact that there is a revolution going on, an enemy of the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood, has risen to power there, and the persecution of Coptic Christians is increasing.

(5) During a morning broadcast, with children watching, Anderson Cooper talks about the "sexts" and naked pictures he has been receiving from Kathy Griffin.

(6) Finally, for continuing to employ Piers Morgan, a liar and agenda-pusher from the United Kingdom.

Perhaps I, in fact, do not love CNN, because every time I watch it I want to vomit.

It's been a good run, CNN...almost 33 years now.  But it's time to shut your doors and shutter the windows.  Your content is no longer relevant to the people of the United States, and is frankly quite vulgar at times.  What can you expect when you are founded by a man with a world view like Ted Turner?

--Against All Enemies

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