Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Gun Control and The Hypocrisy of Hollywood

A multitude of Hollywood actors who inhabit a world of fantasy and privilege, protected by their own security, have produced a video that demands gun control in the aftermath of Sandy Hook ("Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence").  The following video exposes their hypocrisy as these very same actors that call for an end to gun violence glorify guns, violence, and death in their "artistic" films.  AAE will normally not post something this vulgar, but it reflects Hollywood's culture.  Additionally, AAE finds the song lyrics used at the end of the video distasteful.

Warning: explicit language and graphic violence

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1 comment:

  1. Weekend (Gun Control) Movies

    See "Malice in GUNderland," a hillaryious barackbluster starring Dianne FeinSLIME, Janet NANNYPOLICEitano, Harry REEK, Joe BLIGHTden, Charles SCHEMER, and Michael BOOBberg.
    All theaters will expect to see a valid YID.

    (For a sneak preview of the next feature, Google "Control Hollywood, Not Guns.")

    [Foregoing discovered on the blazing web. Enjoy.]