Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Case for Intelligent Design

"All sciences begin with speculation; only Darwinism routinely ends with it."                         --Michael J. Behe
Against All Enemies recommends you read "Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution" by Michael J. Behe.  In this book, Behe discusses how advances in science over the last few decades have shed light on the inner workings of the cell, or what he refers to "Darwin's Black Box." Behe calls it a "black box" because when Darwin devised his theory of evolution, the cell could not be understood by the science of the time and had to be treated as a "black box."  Now that we can understand the processes and structures within a cell, the author believes that what we have discovered points directly to intelligent design.

Here is the author's summary of the argument for intelligent design:
"Here, then, is the argument for design in a nutshell: (1) We infer design whenever parts appear arranged to accomplish a function.  (2) The strength of the inference is quantitative and depends on the evidence; the more parts, and the more intricate and sophisticated the function, the stronger is our conclusion of design.  With enough evidence, our confidence in design can approach certitude.  If while crossing a heath we stumble across a one would doubt...that the watch was designed; we would be as certain about that as about anything in nature.  (3) Aspects of life overpower us with the appearance of design.  (4) Since we have no other convincing explanation for that strong appearance of design, Darwinian pretensions notwithstanding, then we are rationally justified in concluding that parts of life were indeed purposely designed by an intelligent agent."  ("Darwin's Black Box," page 265)
Behe uses the examples of the cilium, how blood coagulates, and the synthesis of AMP to support his argument.

Read the book and judge for yourself.

--Against All Enemies

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