Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lieberman: Obama Use Executive Order to Address Gun Issue

"...if the President can do something now by executive order, God bless him."  --Joe Lieberman
Hey Joe--you as an elder statesman should understand that America is a Constitutional Republic and not a dictatorship.  We are not to be ruled by executive fiat.  If this is truly how you feel, then it is Congressional leadership such as yourself that has historically ceded too much power to the Executive Branch.

You have been in Congress how long and you think that the President should just issue an executive order when an issue executive order that may infringe on the liberties of the American citizen as prescribed by our Constitution?

Your first thought, to create a Congressional commission to see if something needs to be done, is a good one.  Go with that.  This national issue needs to be seriously debated by the representatives of the people, and not solved by a knee-jerk reaction from the executive branch.

--Against All Enemies

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