Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Hegelian Dialectic and the Pathway to a One World Government

Ah yes, the Hegelian Dialectic.  I have always had a difficult time understanding what the heck Georg Hegel was talking about, but in a word it is "compromise."

(There is a series called "Deception" by the Fuel Project out of Scotland that helps to simplify his concept: link to Part 49 The Hegelian Principle here.)

In the Hegelian Dialectic, you have two generally irreconcilable ideas, a "thesis" and an "antithesis."  When these two ideas are brought into conflict with each other, the expected result is "synthesis" where "compromise" is achieved (this is not necessarily through peaceful means) and the two ideas are no longer in conflict, because they really no longer exist in their original forms, instead existing as one.

Satan's desire is to turn humans away from the Word of God (Truth), and the Hegelian Dialectic is one technique to do this.  Within the Hegelian Dialectic, there is no Truth, unless one believes the synthesis of the two different ideas becomes temporary "truth" once synthesis (compromise) has been reached.  Therefore Satan wishes to assault God's Truth with lies, hoping that humans will compromise between the two.  The result will be a rejection of certain aspects, or even all, of God's Truth.  The result is not Truth, but Lies.

This is the general form of attack on our Constitution, where the socialists have been steadily assaulting it with their poisoned ideas, counting on Congress to compromise, marching our nation slowly over time toward socialism.  In essence, we are compromising away the truths upon which our nation was founded.

Similarly, those who seek a One World Government will use the Hegelian Dialectic to create conflict between differing ideologies to create a synthesis, or compromise, so as to achieve a homogenization of humanity over time.  This homogenization must be done to create such a government backed by a singular theology (which will be Satanic).

My question is this: is a clash between the West and Islam the next attempt at reaching a synthesis between the two irreconcilable ideologies?  Is the antithesis of Islam being used to destroy the thesis of Christianity? By its very nature, Islam is anti-Christ, for it does not believe that Jesus was the Son of God and the Quran commands its followers to slay the unbelievers (Christians being a part of that group).  This, therefore, makes Islam a very convenient anti-thesis to Christianity, by which to arrive at synthesis once the two are brought into conflict.

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