Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Forward No More…..

By: J Robert Giles

“Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.”  - Mitt Romney


Isn’t it amazing how often the Obama Administration / Campaign tells us to ignore something as soon as the public starts to question their stance? Are you as sick of it as I am? Isn’t it mystifying how often Obama does something “heroic” in the hours prior to a potential ass-whooping?

This week, ahead of tonight’s debate, we’re being told that the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi is only an issue because Mitt Romney is making it one. Seriously, that’s the line being taken by the President of the United States. How many of you would have gotten away with such foolishness with your parents when you were kids? How many of you would have been permitted to stand there, look your father in the eye, and spew such nonsense?

Imagine if you and your friends had burned down a significant portion of the woods behind your family homes when you decided it would be a wise idea to light firecrackers in the hollowed trunk of a dead tree. (Again…..I’m sorry, Mom!) Imagine if you had come up with some story that blamed someone other than yourself and upon being caught in your lie, you claim that the fire is only an issue because the people you blamed are making it one. I believe my parents would have spent several nights crafting a sadistically creative and life-changing punishment for me!

That’s exactly what Barack Obama is doing right now. It’s been over a month since the attacks and just this week, in the days and hours preceding a debate in which a defeat would most likely leave him in need of a new home, Obama says he is “considering” sending in Special Forces to retaliate. Take a look at the facts for a few minutes. The timeline of events, as given under sworn Congressional testimony, simply doesn’t satisfy Obama’s claims.

In April of 2011, Christopher Stevens arrived in Benghazi. His mission was simple in its underlying theory but more difficult than anyone in the administration would admit in its implementation. Stevens was sent there to forge alliances with the rebel forces battling Ghadafi. Those forces won and as we all know, Ghadafi was removed from power after 40 years of rule. A “Commander” in Chief would have understood the dangers such an event would pose to a US Ambassador in the region. A “Commander” in Chief would have secured his assets against inevitable threats. Unfortunately, we have a “Campaigner” in Chief.

In March of 2012, Eric Nordstrom, the State Department Regional Security Officer sent a cable to his superiors in Washington. In this cable, Nordstrom requested additional diplomatic security forces in Benghazi. He received NO response. In July, he repeated his actions and received the same result. First, those who say “well, why didn’t he try another method of communication” have never worked within the strict yet necessary confines of an established chain of command. Why would Nordstrom lie? What would he have to gain by speaking out against his superiors? He’s risking his career by speaking out. What is Obama risking if Nordstrom’s version is the truth? He’s risking his Presidency. Now I ask you. Who has more motive to lie? Who has more history of creating scenarios which later turn out to be “seasonally adjusted?”

On April 6, 2012 two Libyan guards who had recently been fired threw an improvised explosive device (IED) over the fence of the consulate. That’s just six months prior to the attack on 9/11. Again, a bomb was thrown over the fence of the consulate and no additional security was provided. Two requests sent, that we know of, yet no additional security provided.

On May 22, 2012 a Facebook post by Islamic extremists in the region states “now we are preparing a message for the Americans.” The message is posted just hours after an attack on the Red Cross facility in Benghazi.

On June 6th, a hole is blown in the north gate of the embassy compound. The damage is ominously described by a witness as being “big enough for forty men to run through.” No arrests, no additional security. Later in the month, another Facebook post by increasingly bold Islamic extremists outlines the daily travel routine of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. He was being watched and the ones performing the surveillance were so emboldened that they posted their research online. Their “street cred” was propelled, our reputation was weakened, and no additional security was provided.

Now, all of this has happened and guess what happened in July…..the stupid video everyone on the left seems to believe was the root cause of all the “bumps in the road” was posted to YouTube. That’s right. A bomb thrown over the fence. An explosion rips a gaping ENTRY into the north wall of OUR embassy. Surveillance of OUR Ambassador is brazenly posted online and all of this occurred prior to the release of the apology generating film.

On August 14th, State Security Team led by Lieutenant Colonel Andy Wood is ordered out of Benghazi. According to sworn testimony, Ambassador Stevens begged Wood to stay. He was fearful. He felt as if he was living on “borrowed time.”Not only was no additional security provided; but the little bit that was already in place was reduced. Interestingly, Hazard Pay to those working in the region was increased. Why would they have increased hazard pay if there was no threat? Why would the State Department have acknowledged an increased level of hazard in paychecks but not in protection?

On September 8, 2012, the Libyan militia tasked with protecting the consulate warns that the security situation is “frightening.” Family members reportedly warned them of imminent attacks. No fewer than 48 hours notice given, yet nothing was done to secure the facility, the personnel, or the highly sensitive information and files kept inside the consulate. The warnings did not fit the narrative and were immediately dismissed. Any other description or account is simply false.

On September 10, 2012, al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri calls on Islamic Libyans to avenge the death of his Libyan Deputy, Abu Yahya al Libi who was killed in Pakistan in June by a US drone strike. The day before the anniversary of al Qaeda’s biggest victory over the United States a threat of this nature is made and yet we are told that there was “no actionable intelligence” to suggest that an attack was forthcoming.


On September 11th, after protesters in Cairo storm the embassy and replace the United States flag with the colors of al Qaeda, Mitt Romney released a response to the Obama Administration’s apology. In a quickly retracted statement, Clinton stated that the attack in Libya was the result of “inflammatory material posted on the internet.” Mitt Romney was right, folks. Now he’s being condemned for saying then what the administration is saying today.

He was right and it goes against the narrative we have all been spoon fed over the last four years. Obama has led us to believe that the spread of democracy in countries where dictators and extremist rule have been removed is spreading to adoring citizens who praise the efforts of His Barackness…..the great uniter. The fact is that Barack Obama did nothing more than set up a couple of campaign talking points in the middle east.

The United States is no stronger today than we were under Jimmy Carter. The comparisons are undeniable and the response of this administration is more political staging. They blame Romney for politicizing their mistakes as if Romney is not allowed to do so. Did they think he would just lie down and give them another four years?

Questions are going to have to be answered. For four years, Barack Hussein Obama has controlled the narrative. He has controlled the audiences to which he pitches his nonsense and he has controlled the questions that were asked of him. No more. That stops now because quite frankly, the teleprompter dependant buffoon owes it to the country he has failed to lead.

Obama’s entire Presidency has been centered on winning another one. His actions have all been aimed at future speeches in which he could take unearned credit for actions that either weren’t his idea or simply didn’t happen in the manner described. Labor numbers are consistently “erroneous.” (Last week, the day of the VP debate, labor dropped below 8% for the first time in Obama’s presidency. The next day, we learned they forgot to include unemployment numbers for CALIFORNIA!!! Does anyone believe that was a coincidence?)

No matter what is said in the debate tonight; no matter what the polls may say tomorrow…..Obama is simply not the leader this country needs. Forced control is not the same thing as leadership. Avoiding tough questions and criticism is not the same thing as strength. Popularity is not the same thing as success. Charm and celebrity friendships are not the same thing as “presidential.” A loyal media is not the same thing as freedom. 23 million people out of work is not the same thing as recovery. Weakened global reputation is not the same thing as progress.

The charm and promises fooled you in 2008. This time, there is a substantial record of failure to consider before casting your vote. There is a record of dishonesty that must be factored into voting decisions and that record falls entirely on the shoulders of the man with the little (D).

Don’t be controlled. There’s a reason it’s becoming popular to jump off the Obama ship. It’s sinking, folks! Obama, with a smug smile sprawled across his face, is literally praying that you are as dumb as he needs you to be. Resist. Educate. VOTE!!

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

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