Thursday, October 23, 2008

“Racist” redefined equals “Anti-Socialist”

Is the term “Socialist” a secret racist code-word for “Black”? Or are closet Socialists coming out of the woodwork seeking to ignite racial and class warfare? It would appear that any inflammatory word can be Socialist code for “Black”.

When Lewis Diuguid, of the Kansas City Star wrote his editorial, “Shame on McCain and Palin for using an old code word for black,” he ignited a fire-storm. Diuguid made the usual Socialist attempt to ignite racial conflict.

Millions of Americans, who rightly believe that Socialism is a gateway to Communism, were shocked to learn that the word, “Socialist” might be linked to the Black race.

Apparently, to Diuguid’s way of twisted thinking, socialism is linked to several valiant Black freedom fighters, some of whom were openly Socialist or Communist. For many Americans, who were born before 1960, the “communism scare” had nothing to do with the Black race and had everything to do with the spread of the wicked economic system of Communism from Russia and from Red China. As far as I know there are not that many Blacks in Russia or China.

Here’s what Stop the ACLU had to say:

Since most Americans are aware that socialism is not only misguided but evil — a form of systemized theft that punishes work and initiative while rewarding sloth and dependency, reducing the productive to government slaves and everyone else to farm animals bred for their votes — the fact that Obama is a Socialist stands among the most compelling reasons to resist the left-wing media’s push to install him in power. So on behalf of that very media, Lewis Diuguid of the Kansas City Star has declared that drawing attention to Obama being a Socialist is racist:

The indiscriminate use of a pejorative term, such as “racist” to label anyone who chooses to vote against Obama serves to not only water down the term itself, but to turn the term into a bad joke! It does a disservice to the many freedom fighters, be they Socialist, Communist or Capitalist, who fought against racial discrimination, and who knew what real racism was all about.

For the elitist Obamaniacs, who fully understand the difference between Socialism and Capitalism, the code word “racist” is a call to arms. It is a call to those Socialist followers of Obama who fear that Obama’s veil has been lifted at a most inopportune time. It’s also a perfect code word because it still has the power to marshal the majority of young Obama followers who fear racism, but who have little understanding of the impact that socialism will have on the United States.

Even The Guardian, not known as a bastion of right-wing thought, had this to say:

Liberal journalists are combing the back roads of America looking for evidence of the resurgent racism being generated by the prospect of a black man becoming president. The striking thing is how little they've turned up in a country of 300m people with plenty of racial conflict in its history. . .
Compared to the level of open anti-Catholic bias against John Kennedy in 1960, racism in the 2008 campaign is a dog that didn't bark.

For those who have failed to learn the lessons of history, it is important to note that “class struggle” is what socialism and communism is all about! Socialism cannot take hold in this country or any other country without continuous class or racial strife. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles, the fathers of Communism, wrote that the history of all society is the history of class struggle.

Let’s open our eyes to the vile Diuguids of this world, who would foment racial and class warfare just to get one man elected!

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  1. The Guardian quote is spot-on. The racism accusations surely DO NOT bark. The Guardian's dog certainly DOES hunt.

    Excellent commentary, FaultlineUSA, on the almost hopless situation Whites are facing here in America.

    Much of the Black population and almost all of the MSM will hype racism until there are no more Whites.

  2. I thought socialism was typically European, and that the worst of socialism existed in 1930's Europe.

    Is that pesky history book lying again?

  3. kmorrison - apparently so. Try to find a better history book!

  4. I'm not voting for Obama because of his color. He's too red.

  5. "Much of the Black population and almost all of the MSM will hype racism until there are no more Whites."

    Priceless. A post-modern masterpiece - please, share more of your thoughts on race with us! What can we do to stop them? How can we halt the tide of racial hype that will inevitably lead to the extinction of white people?

  6. Anonymous

    I'm glad you liked the article but the simple fact is that we cannot stop them. The best thing we can do is to expose them and to make fun of their feeble attempts to malign us.

  7. This man is obviously an idiot, in the Obama camp. Socialism has nothing to do with race.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth