Saturday, September 06, 2008

Obama’s Marxist Boot Camps

Why are the Obamas against Heterosexualism? Say what? Did I write that correctly?

Yes and ya just can’t make this stuff up folks!

When you think of Obama’s presidency, God forbid, you must think re-education and redistribution!

Here's how it goes in that Boot Camp:

Remember that homosexuality is normal. Any thought that heterosexuality is normal is just plain elitist and must be eradicated along with White privilege, and a capitalistic economy.

According to an article in Investor’s Business Daily, “Obama plans to use the nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, "Universal Voluntary Public Service."

The nonprofit group that Obama helped found in 1992 is called Public Allies., but more on that later. Stick with me it only gets worse.

The Wurx of Daily Kos claims that the GOP will swiftboat Obama by attacking Obama’s community organizing. “Soon to come from the GOP - why Saul Alinsky is evil.”

Well, we don’t want to disappoint the Marxist scum at Daily Kos.

What we’ve learned so far has provided a much better understanding of Obama’s “community organizing” Marxist style.

As reported by Catholics Against Obama For President

The following radio transcript is from today's Glenn Beck radio program. He shares information published in Investor's Business Weekly about Barack Obama's ties to a group called Public Allies, in which he and wife Michelle were a founding member and executive director, respectively. The article cites language from a training session in which "members" are taught that heterosexism is a negative byproduct of "capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and male dominated privilege." Interesting...

Here’s an excerpt from the Glenn Beck article:

Obama said, quote: We have got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the military. Public Allies, Chicago chapter. Founding, founding member, Barack Obama. Executive director, Michelle Obama. Listen to the words in their speeches. It is all code language. It is all the language of the 1960s radicals. They have their they have their tentacles into an organization that does good things but also teaches that heterosexism is a byproduct of capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and male dominated privilege. Heterosexism!

I Took The Red Pill wrote:

I’m particularly interested in Obama’s period of community activism in Chicago in the 1980s. His employer was the Gamaliel Foundation. Gamaliel, an activist organization strangely merging the teachings of Marxist strategist Saul Alinsky with those of the Apostle Paul, operates with that same sense of religious destiny that we’ve noticed in both Barack and Michelle Obama’s speeches. Alinsky counseled tapping anger as a motivator for radical change . . .

Read about Hillary’s college thesis on Saul Alinsky herein Who was Saul Alinsky?

Here’s an Excerpt from Hannity interview with Jerome Corsi This is a rush transcript from "Hannity & Colmes," July 31, 2008.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: HANNITY: A new book due out tomorrow makes shocking allegations about Senator Obama's background, and it may have made his campaign a bit nervous. From Barack and Michelle's 20-year-long relationship with Trinity Church to Obama's family connections to Kenya to his dealings with, well, Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist, the author aims to expose what he says is the real Obama.

Joining us now, in an exclusive interview, is the author of "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and The Cult of Personality," Dr. Jerome Corsi is with us.

HANNITY: And then -- then you move into his current positions and where he stands. And it is a picture that you're painting of a radical leftist socialist, a guy that believes in redistribution, that has basically -- these views have been shaped and formed from his youth.

CORSI: That's right, including being a Saul Alinsky organizer, and Saul Alinsky was a radical leftist organizer who said that his goal was redistribution of wealth from the haves to the have-nots.

HANNITY: Walk us through those three phases, from his family to his radical associations, to his views today. . .

Here are a few excerpts from Michelle's Boot Camps For Radicals

Published 9/4/2008 in INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY

Election '08: Democrats' reintroduction of militant Michelle Obama in Denver was supposed to show her softer side. But it only highlighted a radical part of her resume: Public Allies.

Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993. Obama plans to use the nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, "Universal Voluntary Public Service." . . .

The pitch Public Allies makes on its Web site doesn't seem all that radical. It promises to place young adults (18-30) in paid one-year "community leadership" positions with nonprofit or government agencies. They'll also be required to attend weekly training workshops and three retreats. . .

But its real mission is to radicalize American youth and use them to bring about "social change" through threats, pressure, tension and confrontation — the tactics used by the father of community organizing, Saul "The Red" Alinsky. . .

Public Allies promotes "diversity and inclusion," a program paper says. More than 70% of its recruits are "people of color." . . .

The Obamas discourage work in the private sector. "Don't go into corporate America," Michelle has exhorted youth. "Work for the community. Be social workers." Shun the "money culture," Barack added. "Individual salvation depends on collective salvation." . . .

It's a lot of talk about race, a lot of talk about sexism, a lot of talk about homophobia, talk about -isms and phobias."

One of those -isms is "heterosexism," which a Public Allies training seminar in Chicago describes as a negative byproduct of "capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and male-dominated privilege."

The government now funds about half of Public Allies' expenses through Clinton's AmeriCorps. Obama wants to fully fund it and expand it into a national program that some see costing $500 billion.

Here’s a link to Public Allies. Please note that P.A. has a public face as clean as a whistle and as American as apple pie.


  1. This quote: "We have got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the military."

    Obama said exactly that on one of his campaign stops. It was stunning then, and now we know that MO was involved in this.

    Gamaliel is also worth tracking. Their name also came up in UIC papers just released on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

    Excellent post. We must be ever vigilant and not forget these pieces of the puzzle as we work to elect McCain-Palin.

  2. Thanks Maggie for your excellent comments. The UIC papers must be widely shared!

  3. Good Lord, Please help us. Great post as I was not aware of Gamaliel.

    There platform is quite alarming.

    1. Health Care a God Given Right
    We face a national crisis, in which more than 46 million people in this country have no health insurance, many millions more are inadequately insured, soaring costs threaten personal, corporate, and social economies, and uneven access to quality health care creates yet another harsh dividing line in our society.

    Ive debunked these stats as I sure you have also here.

    2. Opportunity Housing?
    We believe that every family deserves to live in an “opportunity community,” defined as a community that includes both good jobs and good schools.
    After Hurrican Katrina, these same church-goin' folk were complaining that Bush wasnt providing jobs to help recover. The truth was that there were Tens of thousands of jobs available, that were not worthy enough for them to partake. Burger King was paying managers in excess of $15 / hour!

    3.Comprehensive Immigration Reform
    Current immigration policies leave millions of workers in the shadows, vulnerable to abuse because they lack legal documentation, and unable to fully participate in a country they have helped to build.

    What great compassion they have. Try going to squat in another foreign country and see how hospitable they are to us Americans!

    Great post! I will definitely be frequenting your site for great information. Bravo

  4. Thanks so much for posting this! I have linked to it at my blog.

    Michele O's statement of "for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country" has gotten a lot of play on conservative radio shows - especially Sean Hannity's. But her second statement - that 'Barack will NEVER LET YOU GO BACK TO THE WAY YOU USED TO LIVE' has not gotten widespread play.

    After reading the "boot camp" article at Investor's Business Daily, her statement doesn't only just disturb me - IT CHILLS ME TO THE BONE!!

    "But its real mission is to radicalize American youth and use them to bring about "social change" through threats, pressure, tension and confrontation — the tactics used by the father of community organizing, Saul "The Red" Alinsky."

    Anyone who has been subjected to the wrath of the Obamabots online, can see how the radicalization and brainwashing has already begun!

  5. newzworth thanks for sharing summarizing the Gamliel platform. This needs to get out!

  6. christinewjc thanks for your comments and the link back to your blog. It is indeed chilling yet so few are writing about it.

  7. Remember Gamaliel in the Bible, from wikipedia: :

    Gamaliel the Elder (gəmā'lēəl), or Rabbi Gamaliel I, was a leading authority in the Sanhedrin in the mid first century and, in the Christian tradition, the teacher of Paul the Apostle. The name is the Greek form of the Hebrew name meaning "reward of God." It designates a Pharisee and celebrated doctor of the Law.[1] He was the grandson of the great Jewish teacher Hillel the Elder. He died twenty years before the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem. Luke describes Gamaliel with great respect in Acts 5:34.

    On another page:

    Gamaliel, also spelled Gamliel and Gamiliel, is the Greek form of the Hebrew name meaning "God is my reward/recompense" indicating the loss of one or more earlier children in the family. A number of influential individuals have had the name.

    The interesting generic definition:

    Gamaliel as an angel:

    In Kabbalah and Gnostic writings Gamaliel is the name of a great aeon or luminary, a beneficent spirit associated with Gabriel, Abraxas, Mikhar, and Samlo. In the Revelation of Adam to his son Seth (a Coptic apocalyptic manuscript) Gamaliel is one of the high, holy, celestial powers whose mission is "to draw the elect up to heaven". Eliphas Levi in his Philosophie Occulte rates Gamaliel as evil, an adversary of the cherubim, serving under Lilith.

    I have trouble understanding the definitions and previous persons with this name and the group connected to Obama.

    Also, since the Left is so anti-military, I have a hard time with this group Obama wants to form.

    I see nothing good coming from this effort.

    Also, community ogranizer is simply an umbrella title for anything you want to do.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  8. Thank you Debbie for providing the many Biblical meanings for the word "Gamaliel".

  9. As a past Ally, and the only on in this conversation that can actually speak from experience, I have to say Public Allies is NOT a biased "radical" liberal group. In fact through support from the Bush administration it has almost tripled in size during the last 8 years and Fast Company Magazine recently awarded PA with "Social Capitalist Award."

    During my time as an Ally I was partnered with the American Red Cross. My fellow Allies, co-workers and supervisors were some of the best folks I have ever had the privilege of working with.At the ARC I trained for and taught First Aid and CPR, HIV/AIDS awareness classes. I also helped build a Youth Leadership training program that enabled teens to teach ARC classes in their communities.

    As an Public Ally I was also part of community outreach team with several members of my class of Allies. Our service project that year involved create a Community Resource guide for a low income community in the SW side of Chicago, enabling community resident to more easily find access to service, like low cost medical assistance and day care groups. But more then that we also partnered with several community groups to make sure the guide was updates by and for community residents. Teach a man to fish principle.

    This was my experience as an Ally. Rarely in all my adult life, have I ever felt as connect with so many communities, as I felt during my time as an Ally. I felt and still feel that I truly made a difference in the world during my tenure as an Ally. In fact I continue to work in the non-profit arena, not because I reject the for-profit field but because I love being involved with the welfare of my community, my city and ultimately my county.

    If helping my fellow man to do her/his best and to enable one to help her/his community thrive is viewed as a waste of taxpayer dollars, than brothers and sisters we truly have not learned a thing from the most basic of Christian teachings.

  10. Thanks, Monica.

    I'm also an alumni of the Public Allies program. It is amazing that people will take a distorted smear job and distort it further without any critical thinking or objective research.

    Public Allies is not a radical organization. In fact, the Bush administration tripled its funding, named them a model of faith-based and community initiatives, and hired them to help other nonprofits improve their services (they teach people how to fish rather than give them fish). Also, John McCain has championed and called for more than tripling AmeriCorps programs like Public Allies if he is elected.

    The organization does not sponsor, endorse or participate in partisan or protest activities whatsoever and its service is conducted in partnership with groups like American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Clubs, faith-based organizations, and even charter and choice schools.

    The organization’s leadership curriculum is fairly similar to the types of leadership curricula that FORTUNE 500 companies use.

    It is a shame that people will make up “facts” and distort information to attack a good organization because the Obamas have supported it.

  11. After college I participated in the Public Allies program for one year. I was placed with a faith based, non-profit organization that helps homeless, single mothers become productive citizens who are able to support their families. It was a service to my country and fellow American citizens that I am very proud of - nothing at all like the 'radical boot camp' described here.