Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Media Palin Assault Strategy Inadvertently Revealed

Before political correctness emerged as the dominant MSM ethic, it was called “Chinese Water Torture.” Water is slowly dripped onto a person's forehead until the person is driven insane, or in the case of McCain/Palin, until Palin is driven off the ticket.

Craig Gordon of Newsday let it slip:

The real danger for Palin would come if this revelation were the first of a steady drip of stories . . .

Here’s what Peter Wallsten of the LA Times wrote:

One Republican strategist with close ties to the campaign described the candidate's closest supporters as "keeping their fingers crossed" in hopes that additional information does not force McCain to revisit the decision. . .

The story about Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy is clearly too dangerous for the Obama folks (including the MSM media) to dwell upon in the long term. Expect media focus to intensify on Alaska’s state ethics investigation of Palin in the the so-called "Troopergate” or “ Wootengate” controversy involving the firing of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. Monegan claims that he was fired because he was reluctant to fire an Alaska state trooper, Mike Wooten, Palin's former brother-in-law, who has been involved in a bitter custody fight with her younger sister. Palin’s staff had contacted Walt Monegan about two dozen times about Wooten.

Here’s an excerpt of a piece of “News Analysis” by Peter Wallsten, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer:

. . .The youthful mother of five whose placement on the ticket was meant to reinforce traditional values has now revealed that her unmarried teenage daughter is pregnant -- a piece of information that the family and the campaign said they had hoped to keep private. . . .

The woman introduced to America as a reform-minded Washington outsider who opposed the infamous "bridge to nowhere" -- the symbol of McCain's hatred of wasteful spending -- originally supported its construction. The governor who in her introductory speech decried the practice of budgetary "earmarks" sought, as the state's chief executive and as mayor of Wasilla, hundreds of millions of dollars in such federal funding for local projects.

Moreover, Palin has now retained a lawyer to represent her in a controversy the McCain campaign said it had fully researched -- Palin's role in dismissing a state police official who had refused to fire a trooper who divorced Palin's sister.

On Monday, the McCain campaign dispatched lawyers to Alaska in a move described as an attempt to manage a growing crowd of journalists who have traveled there to inspect Palin's background. But the move raises the impression that the McCain campaign didn't know everything about his No. 2 and is now racing to learn what it can while trying to avoid tough questions about the Arizona senator's decision-making process. . . .

One Republican strategist with close ties to the campaign described the candidate's closest supporters as "keeping their fingers crossed" in hopes that additional information does not force McCain to revisit the decision. According to this Republican, who would discuss internal campaign strategizing only on condition of anonymity, the McCain team used little more than a Google Internet search as part of a rushed effort to review Palin's potential pitfalls. Just over a week ago, Palin was not on McCain's short list of potential running mates, the Republican said. . . .

Critics continue to question why McCain, after months of assailing Democratic nominee Barack Obama as lacking foreign policy experience, would tap a running mate who has been governor for less than two years and before that was mayor of Wasilla, population 7,000.

The campaign has little room for error. A new CBS News poll found that 66% of registered voters were undecided about Palin. . . .

Here’s an excerpt from Newsday by Craig Gordon:

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Sarah Palin was on a roll, fresh-faced and fiery, just the boost of energy John McCain's slow-but-steady campaign needed.
Now that's over.

So far anyway, it doesn't look as if news that Palin has a pregnant teenage daughter is enough to knock her off McCain's ticket. . . .

Many experts said Palin could weather the story about her daughter because most voters are willing to accept that it's a private, family matter. "She going to get three strikes, and this is one," said independent analyst Charles Cook.
The real danger for Palin would come if this revelation were the first of a steady drip of stories - and already, news came out yesterday of her husband's long-ago drunken-driving charge and the fact that she hired a lawyer to defend herself in an ethics probe in Alaska. . . .

It also dramatically raises the stakes for Palin's acceptance speech to the nation, originally scheduled for tomorrow night. No longer is that speech merely a high-energy, get-to-know-you address, like her appearance Friday as McCain's running mate. Now it becomes a closely watched moment where the country will try to take her measure - as a possible president, and perhaps, rightly or wrongly, as a mother. . . .

And just as the Palin pick all but dared Democrats to challenge her credentials as a two-year Alaska governor, some Republican strategists yesterday said Democrats will pay the price if their activist supporters point out that the "family values" party has a teen pregnancy in the family.
Obama saw the dangers of that yesterday, issuing a statement where he said Palin's daughter was off-limits in the campaign - and noted he was born to an 18-year-old mother, just a year older than Bristol Palin.

See Associated Press take on the McCain camp's detailed review of Palin

Here’s an excerpt:

. . . In the days since, Republicans and Democrats have privately questioned whether the Arizona senator chose the first-term governor without fully looking into her background. McCain's campaign has vehemently defended the review.

Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr., the lawyer who conducted the review, told The Associated Press in an interview Monday that Palin underwent a "full and complete" examination before McCain chose her. Asked whether everything that came up as a possible red flag during the review already has been made public, Culvahouse said: "I think so. Yeah, I think so. Correct."

Stoking the notion of a rushed examination, a timeline issued by the campaign indicated that McCain initially met Palin in February, then held one phone conversation with her last week before inviting her to Arizona, where he met with her a second time and offered her the job.

Raising additional questions was the campaign's disclosure Monday that Palin's unmarried 17-year-old daughter was pregnant, and reports that Palin's husband, Todd, had been arrested in 1986, when he was 22, for driving under the influence of alcohol.

McCain's campaign has dispatched a team of a dozen communications operatives and lawyers to Alaska.

Steve Schmidt, a senior adviser, said the campaign always planned to send a "jump team" to the eventual running mate's home state to work with the nominee's staff, help with information requests from local and national reporters, and answer questions about documents that were part of the review. . . .

The public search also unearthed details of the Legislature's investigation into the dismissal of Alaska's public safety commissioner, allegedly because he would not fire Palin's former brother-in-law as a state trooper.

Culvahouse said he asked follow-up questions, and "spent a lot of time with her lawyer" on the matter.

"We came out of it knowing all that we could know at the time," he said.

Throughout the process, the campaign said, Davis had multiple conversations with Palin.


  1. That's it?! A bunch of paid professionals, and that's all the "dirt" they can come up with on this woman?

    1) Her 17 year old daughter is pregnant, planning to marry the father and have the baby. (How is this relevant to Sarah's candidacy, please?)

    2) Her husband acted like an idiot once - when he was 22. (Who hasn't?!)

    3) Her abusive ex-brother-in-law was not allowed to use his ex-sister-in-law's political power to stay in office, nor was his boss. Sorry - I think most reasonable-thinking people are going to think Palin did the right thing on that one.

    And that's it?! That's all they can come up with?

    They got nothin'. And none of this is a surprise to the McCain campaign - it was all written about before she was chosen as Veep, so it's really not even news.

    I think the main stream media is underestimating just how sick the American public has become of their obvious agenda.

  2. You are absolutely correct Jenn. They've got nothing but will continue the drip, drip of manufactured lies as per Daily Kos. I think it will backfire on them!

  3. I can't help but think that somewhere along the line, the fact that Bristol is pregnant is somehow racist against Obama.

    You've been warned!

  4. Pardon my French, but sh*t happens! I did everything I could to teach my daughter, but what did she do? Tell me she preggers, at 16, on my 37th birthday. Rotten kid! :/ That baby is now 16, and I'll strangle her m'self if she comes up... never mind. :)

    I wonder how many of the folks who are tsking the Palin family have had pregnant teenage daughters? And I wonder how many of those self righteous SOBs made their kids murder their babies?

    Troopergate? Seems like a non issue to me!

  5. buffoon and kate - Love your comments.

  6. OK, Buffoon, I'll give it a stab:

    You see, Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. Now, as you are well aware, the rates of unwed, teenage pregnancy in the black community is much higher than in the white population (134 per 1,000 women aged 15-19 in the black community, as opposed to 48 per 1,000 for whites). Hispanic teenagers also get pregnant at a rate equivalent to blacks (131 per 1,000). Therefore, by putting Palin on the ticket while supposedly knowing full well that her daughter is pregnant, the McCain campaign has engaged in another act of shameless pandering, attempting to use Palin's daughter as a means of bolstering McCain's "street cred" with Hispanics and (some) blacks (note also his appearance with Yankee Daddy, a Puerto Rican recording artist.) At the same time, the McCain camp understands full well that teenage pregnancy is perceived very differently among suburban whites than it is among blacks and Hispanics. Therefore, by putting Palin on the ticket, he is appealing to suburban white women by allowing them to see a kindred spirit – a young mother of five, beset by troubles – while simultaneously reminding them that Barack Obama is black and has two young daughters, who are almost three times as likely to get pregnant as teenagers (read: while Obama is in office) than Palin's daughters. And since Palin's daughter is already pregnant, just think of what this country would do if the teenage daughter of a sitting president were to become pregnant! Therefore, McCain's decision to choose Palin, while knowing that Palin's daughter is pregnant, betrays the latent racism endemic to the McCain campaign and the Republican party.

    How's that?

  7. Never mind the pregnant teenager in the family, how many of you have the eldest sibling in your family born "prematurely" ?

  8. this is hypocrisy at its height--notice that thanks to the big hand the media is giving obama we are not here talking about the disordered stuff obama did at 17 18 19 20 --or the 1st live in he had--or why he has yet to explain the character who got him his letter of reference for harvard or the one who got him his mansion or the one that helped him start his political career or the one he freely chose to be his spiritual director--these people behave in ways that the vast majority of americans find totally unacceptable--people wouldn't put up with that behavior from co'workers or relatives or friends--yet with the help of the media they are about to elect a president that built his life around characters like that--we are not talking about obama's flawless record of never standing up to moveon.org or any democrats--or how his convention speech didn't add up--or how change for him means the same old same old including using kerry's acceptance speech--we can't even talk about how the majority of americans are in the center therefore it is impossible that obama would be able to represent them--we can't talk about it because the means of communications are manipulated by those who have no respect for democracy and who fail to appreciate what is great about america and the makes america america--if the facts got out then obama would be double digits points behind mccain instead of 8 points ahead--AND we do have to talk about a 17 year who has decided to be honest and responsible and let her baby live (imagine what her and her boyfriend must feel like right now)--1 17 year old who is an saint next to the people that are generating and benefiting from this hateful garbage

  9. I'll take Palin's past any day compared to Obama's and even Bidens.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  10. ah they think they found the weakness but the lefties love promiscuity dont they!

  11. Very good work.

    The Pink Flamingo

  12. I've linked to your post from Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Tom Brokaw and others twinge in which I have quotes such as

    "There is one important thing to point out. The media is not attacking Sarah Palin. The media has done investigative pieces, in their job, about the way Sarah Palin was chosen."

    ANd, "Tom Brokaw’s analysis is so incredibly one sided that it seems impossible that anybody would consider him to be a journalist with any kind of credibility. Brokaw obviously feels deeply emotionaly disturbed at the prospect that McCain may have possibly picked a good vice presidential running mate. If Tom Brokaw has any idea how to objectively analyze both sides of an issue, you definitely can’t tell in this interview."