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Bill Clinton's Twist on Obama-Ayers: Hillary had the Ammo

Bill Ayers Chicago Magazine Photo

We all knew that Hillary had something on Barack Obama...something that would tilt the Presidential primaries to her side...something that would put her on the path to the Oval Office. It didn't happen...but why?

On the campaign trail, why would Hillary not use the terrorism-card against Obama's high-profile friendship with a man who spent some time on the FBI's 10 Ten Most Wanted List?

It must have occurred to Hillary that being friends with a man who was in on the bombing of the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and the U.S. State Department might escalate her opportunity to become the Democrat nominee for President.

But Hillary remained silent about the relationship between Weatherman terrorist, William Ayers and his equally terror-mongering wife, Bernadine Dorn.

Did America come to believe that this personal and political friendship was of no importance...that surely it was overstated...that it couldn't be proved?

Bill Clinton, Hillary's biggest obstacle to the White House, got in Hillary's way again, but it began many years ago. Hillary had the ammo but couldn't use it, according to Andrew McCarthy, contributing editor at National Review Online (NRO):

The embassy bombings were almost a distant memory. Not three months had passed since terrorists bombed the U.S.S. Cole, murdering 17 American sailors and nearly sinking a U.S. destroyer. No matter. Clinton’s last official acts in office included the pardons of Susan Rosenberg, a Weatherman terrorist serving a richly deserved 58-year sentence, and Linda Sue Evans, a Weatherman terrorist serving a richly deserved 40-year sentence.

Barack Obama has an inexplicable relationship with Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers — and Ayers’s wife, the equally disgusting Weatherman terrorist Bernadine Dohrn. It’s a disqualifying relationship. All that needed to happen was for Obama’s opponent to point it out.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t point it out.
Read the entire article at NRO.

Hillary didn't snitch on him, but we are learning the details of Obama-Ayers day-by-day, anyway, and this cozy relationship is not pretty.

The short story and then some related links:
William Ayers, the former Weatherman, became a professor at University of Illinois at Chicago. He founded the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) in conjunction with $50 million funder, the Annenberg Foundation. Barack Obama was brought in to be CAC's first Chairman of the Board.

Obama, along with ex-officio board member Bill Ayers, spent over $100 million dollars on failed programs to supposedly boost the learning skills in Chicago public schools.

Within the program, schools WERE NOT targeted to receive grants directly. Grant requests were given to "chosen" "external partners," to which schools needed to attach themselves. Bill Ayers' Small Schools" program qualified for money, and it is reported that Obama's former church, Trinity United Church of Christ, headed by Pastor Jeremiah Wright also received funds. The District 5 Math project was rejected, The Chicago Algebra Project was rejected. The South Shore African Village Collaborative was accepted.

Chicago public schools did not improve. The program was an utter failure.

Read more:
Obama-Ayers: Chicago Schools Failed Under Ethnic Identity Agenda.
Obama-Ayers Funnel Funds to Jeremiah Wright and The Arab American Network?

Watch for more. CAC records are under examination as I write.

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