Monday, September 08, 2008

Breaking News: United Airlines Stocks drop from $12.00 to Zero in just eleven minutes

Breaking News:United Airlines Stocks drop from $12.00 to Zero in just eleven minutes amid rumors that the airline holding company was filing for bankruptcy, a rumor UAL said was completely untrue. The FTC has halted trading.

Market Watch just posted:
An old news item on United Airlines seeking bankruptcy inadvertently resurfaced on a Web site, triggering a sell-off that wiped out 99% of the company's share price,

Isn’t this internet terrorism?
Selected Comments:

Uhh, something isn't right here. 99% of the market value wiped out by a rumor? Is anyone at the SEC paying any attention?? These markets are rigged, big time.

What is wrong with this world? Who is spreading the rumors around? They are no better than the 911 terrists who tried to spread terror to the US public & tried to ruin the financial stability of the country. They should be severly punished for such act of terrists.


  1. Great find Debbie!

    I suspect this may be part of the "Global Jihad" but without definitive proof I'll have to speculate for now.

    Things like this are just sickening.

  2. In answer to your question, Who is spreading all these rumors? I can answer that simply with one name…George Soros. George Soros has attempted for the past 8 years to place his leftist candidates into the White House and has failed. He spent $25 million dollars that is traceable in his attempt to get Gore and Kerry elected. Soros was so angry and so disappointed that at one point after the election in 04 he stated that he was going to remove himself from politics but anyone who knows George Soros desire for control knows this is totally false. Soros has $7 billion to spend to get Obama elected and he has already funneled millions into Obama’s campaign through his connections, his various shadown organizations and 527’s.

    Soros Fund Management LLC, founded and controlled by George Soros, is a privately held corporation providing financial services and investment strategies for various funds including some controversial hedge funds such as the Quantum Funds Group. The company's investment strategies have been based on analysis of real or perceived macroeconomic trends in various countries. Soros' companies have been known to apply pressure on currencies to directly benefit their speculative strategies. Soros denies such by saying that his funds merely take advantage of known weaknesses in the international financial system.
    Soros has made no secret either of the fact that he sees the shortest way to effect political shake-ups, what he terms "regime changes," is through very difficult economic conditions. In 2003, Soros was predicting the downfall of the dollar. In a CNBC interview, amid a slump in the dollar's value against the Euro, Soros added fuel to that fire by stating that he was already selling dollars. His statement, in turn, caused a further decline in the international worth of the dollar.
    “When George Soros speaks, hedge fund managers and world financiers listen.”
    He said in a television interview recently that he was selling dollars in currency markets, briefly adding to the greenback's woes. His comments on CNBC, came as the dollar was plumbing four-year lows against Europe's common currency and amid widespread doubts about the U.S. commitment to its so-called strong dollar policy, pushed the euro briefly above $1.17.
    Further more Soros is the madman who is pushing the Tobin Tax, a global tax on currency transactions. This taxation would be forced on sovereign nations by an international body, coercing capitalist economies into sharing their wealth with poor nations for the eradication of poverty and the myriad problems associated with it. This tax is also supported by Obama and it comes as no surprise seeing his only major bill put forth in his 143 day career in the US Senate is the Global Poverty bill which is is a bill that would authorize an additional $845 billion from American tax payers to eradicate global poverty, and legislate a demand on future presidents to bring America in line with UN mandates on percentage of national GDP given to fight global poverty.

    Be prepared for this October or perhaps November surprise which will be further supported by David Geffern, a Hollyweird billionaire mogal and powerful ally of Obama along with the rest of the left coast Hollyweird types who will support the spin and efforts of Soros . Soros money along with Gefferns ability to put the spin on whatever Soros wants has to be shown for what it is and vote NOBAMA if we do not wish to be under the control of puppet Obama through Soros and his madman ideas for how the world should be.

  3. Wow this is terrible news.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  4. Ticker. Thanks so much for sharing what you know about Soros and the Tobin tax. We all need to be writing more about that! If you have an article about it, I'd like to cross-post it.

  5. The last full post on the subject was on a newpaper blog and danged if I can remember which one. I made mention of it in a blog post on my blog back in Feb. I have more information and I hope to have something up and running on it before too long. The leftwing bloggers are in attack mode and we need to answer. I don't mind even anwering in kind. I have been known to be rather cutting. I have the ability, have the experience and don't mind using those skills as necessary. Looks like it's time to drag out the fillet knives, not a hatchet. LOL