Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Brite-Jeremiah Wright Debate Continues

This is the fourth post in a continuing series concerning the fateful decision of Brite Divinity School to honor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on May 29th. For background read (1) Brite Divinity School to Honor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, (2) Brite Divinity School Jeremiah Wright Update, and (3) Brite, Jeremiah Wright, and the Out of Context Card

Here’s a round-up of the news tonight: No new stories in the papers in the last few hours.

Roger Gardner of Radar Site has done a masterful job of compiling many reader comments (both pro and con) from the Fort Worth Star Telegram concerning the words of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the decision of Brite Divinity School to stand firm in honoring Wright on March 29th.

I’d love to steal the last line from his excellent summary but that wouldn’t be fair. Just go visit Radar Site and leave a comment.

SocraticGadfly has posted an interesting prediction

“ . . .As I blogged earlier, nonetheless, expect local winger Mark Davis, national winger Rush Limbaugh, or other wingers to organize protests at TCU, to call on Obama to denounce TCU, etc.

Or, as more about Rev. Wright’s AIDS comments come out, if he has any other gay comments that are less than ideal, we could see gay protestors there, too.

Unless Brite has a very private site, and announces it at the last minutes, or decides not to do so at all, the fireworks could ramp up.”

Passionate Prose Letters to the Editor muses . . .

“ . . .A spiritual mentor and pastor to a presidential candidate espouses hatred and distrust of America from the pulpit, over and over again; yet The Brite Divinity School of TCU plans to honor this preacher with a Black Leadership Award on March 29. Are you going to continue to sit back and watch or will you say, "I am proud to be an American and I'm not going to take this any more?"

On the National scene Fox’s Greta Van Susteren interviewed Andrew Chavez, editor of Texas Christian University’s THE DAILY SKIFF on March 18th and again tonight. Chavez believes that there will be a lot of people interested in attending the Wright event. But Brite hasn’t yet announced where it will be held. The Black Church Awards Banquet is a $125.00 a plate affair. (Let me avoid the urge to comment here.) Chavez confirmed tonight that there are not a lot of students on campus who are in favor of the Wright event. Ya think???

Latest Brite Update Friday, March 21: Brite Divinity School Accused of Violating Its Own Covenant


  1. Keep the pressure on barb. It just gets hotter and hotter. lol

  2. Keep stoking the coals; keep stoking the coals. You are doing a good job - and are the "wind beneath my wings."

    We cannot let the pressure up on this one...

  3. Thanks Roger for continuing to post links to this ongoing story. And thank you Beach Girl for such a kind statement! We’ve got to keep the pressure on Brite until they come to their senses and see what this is doing to America, not to mention to TCU or to Brite’s legacy! Today I will be posting excerpts from three explosive news articles. Stay tuned!

  4. Added: March 20, 2008
    Already 72,000 people have watched this video

    Watch Rev. Jeremiah Wright's 9-11 sermon in context

    Added: March 20, 2008
    Already 22,000 people have watched this video
    Rev. Jeremiah Wright's God Damn America in context

  5. Acropolis Review, Charles Murray and Drew Westen summarize some of the important points:

  6. wow and the media labels this rev as racist...these acts are very reflective of acts this country have been doing to the black race since the struggle they have been through for the rights that the white race take for granted...
    You must realize that you will get what you give. You or maybe ur family...

  7. "You must realize that you will get what you give. You or maybe ur family..."
    Barb -- This sounds to me like a threat against you or "ur" family. I would seriously consider reporting this ISP to the FBI. They have just committed a crime.

  8. Thank you Roger for the alert. Folks who post anonymously fail to realize that their ISP address is not anonymous to law enforcement – especially to the FBI. Perhaps anonymous would like to drop by again and explain exactly what I have given, so I can know what I should get? Unfortunately, these are the kind of folks who say they strongly support Obama while they champion Obama’s worst nightmare, Jeremiah Wright. They support neither. They are just angry malcontents bent on destruction.