Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brite, Jeremiah Wright, and the Out of Context Card

Thursday Brite Divinity School-Jeremiah Wright Love fest Update

Note: Please see original story posted yesterday, Brite Divinity School to Honor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and last night’s update Brite Divinity School Jeremiah Wright Update for more details.

Despite TCU’s attempts to distance itself from the Brite banquet honoring Jeremiah Wright, Brite appears to be holding fast to its commitment to honor Rev. Jeremiah Wright on March 29th.

However a firestorm is raging. Comments are flying on the online local press at the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Looks like the left-leaning ST editorial is getting more than they e bargained for as most of the comments are not favorable to their assessment of Wright!

Wright and wrong
Officials at Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University are not backing down from the decision by the Black Church Studies Program to honor the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. at its fourth State of the Black Church Summit on March 28-29.
Good for Brite.

When the school announced that Wright would be honored for his more than 30-year record of church growth and community service at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, not one word of complaint was publicly aired. The controversy has arisen only since TV news reports and Web sites have been playing and replaying out-of-context video clips of what Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's pastor said years ago . . .”

There they go again, playing the Out-of Context Card!!!

It’s very easy for anyone to leave a comment on this article. I just did.

There’s no earth shattering news since last evening. But here’s yet another article excerpt from the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Black church summit will not be at TCU
The event featuring Rev. Jeremiah Wright was moved for security reasons, officials say
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

FORT WORTH -- Black Church Summit sessions will not be held at Texas Christian University as scheduled because of security concerns triggered by a controversial award to be given to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, TCU said in a statement Wednesday.

The executive committee of TCU's board of trustees voted in favor of moving summit events, including the March 29 awards banquet, and host Brite Divinity School agreed to the move, the statement said.

Brite will announce the event's new location later, according to the statement. . . "

I left another comment there as well.

If you’d like to share your thoughts with the President of Brite Divinity School, D. Newell Williams, or with Texas Christian University Chancellor Boschini, here is their contact info.

President of Brite Divinity School, D. Newell Williams n.williams(at)
TCU Chancellor Boschini v.boschini(at)

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Latest Brite Update Friday, March 21:
Brite Divinity School Accused of Violating Its Own Covenant


  1. The statements by REV. (I use the term Rev. with sarcasm) Jeremiah Wright were not made years ago. They were made as recent as 2007, and were made regularly over the previous years. As yet I am still waiting to see one of his "love and peace" sermons that Barack Obama says exist. I've called for them to bring one forth, post it on YouTube, if they exist. I doubt there are any.

    Headed over to leave comments at the links you provide

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Excellent question Debbie! I'm putting together all of those questions for another post.

  3. Out of context? Democrats obviously live in a very rarified atmosphere.
    Rev Wright damned America and made racist comments about whites. Listen to any of his sermons.

    Obama showed poor judgment appointing this man as an advisor. He showed worst character lying about knowing what Wright stands for.

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  5. Dierdrie: I've already responded you your comment elsewhere on this blog, so you don't need to keep repeating it. This comment has been removed.

  6. Anyone who knows anything about TCU is not surprised by this. TCU is and always has been an extremely liberal institution. It is not (as its name would imply) a Christian university in any way, shape or form. Just the opposite! It is a school that promotes extremely liberal, left-wing values.

    Recall, this is the same university that in the spring of 2009 proudly announced the opening of a new dormitory for "gay, lesbian and trans-gender (yes, you heard that right) students," in their push to promote homosexuality. Its religion department and divinity school (called Brite), the same school that wanted to give Obama's racist, America-hating, black liberation theology pastor an award, is filled with far-left, liberal academics and theologians who teach that Jesus is not the Son of God, the Bible is not the Word of God, etc. etc. etc.

    Does this sound like a Christian university to you? I think not. Why should anyone be surprised at anything TCU does? This is who they are and what they are about.