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United Nations Entrenched Within Most Christian Denominations

The left has been successfully mining the gullibility of American Christians for years. To prove just how successful the left has been in the infiltration of America’s Christian churches, take this little test.

Would you knowingly join, attend, support, or allow your children to be indoctrinated in a Christian church that . . .

*Promotes the moral equivalency of all forms of global spirituality
*Focuses on the creation of an earthly Utopia as opposed to “outmoded” notions of the Kingdom of Heaven
*Stresses “consensus” Christianity over sound theological foundations and Biblical authority.
*Teaches that all war is contrary to God’s will
*Is critical of capitalism and democracy
*Fosters the notion that American patriotism and sovereignty is akin to racism
*Accuses the U.S. of being the source of international poverty and unjust warfare
*Promotes a revolutionary leftist/Marxist social agenda often referred to as Liberation Theology
*Promotes multilateralism through international institutions where the UN and the International Court would overrule the U.S. Constitution
*Is actively working towards the implementation of a Global church and Global government overseen by the UN

Of course you wouldn’t knowingly be part of such a church unless you are a card-carrying leftist.

I hate to break it to you, but if you are an active member of any Christian church in America, it’s a strong probability that this is exactly what you are unknowingly supporting!

There are over 100,000 local congregations and 45 million Christians supporting the above goals – and most of these Christians don’t even know what they are supporting or that much of their money is going to tax-exempt leftist foundations!!!

Few Americans have any idea of how deeply entrenched the United Nations is within many Christian denominations. Fewer Americans understand the connections between the World Council of Churches (WCC), the National Council of Churches (NCC), the United Nations, and the inner workings of their own cherished denominations.

If most American Christians actually realized what was happening right beneath their collective noses, we might witness the 2nd Protestant Reformation!!!

Leftist/socialist agendas such as the UN document, Millennium Development Goals, are currently being implemented in many Christian denominations and some evangelical churches across America.

How could any good Christian object to these lofty sounding goals?

1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2. Achieve universal primary education
3. Promote gender equality and empower women
4. Reduce child mortality
5. Improve maternal health
6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7. Ensure environmental sustainability
8. Develop a global partnership for development

But there are those few and far between dissenting voices that have are openly criticized these UN goals:

Read “Conforming Humanity to Socialist Solidarity” by Berit Kjos. Here's an excerpt:

This Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual leaders would supposedly thrust humanity toward a utopian oneness and peace on earth. But for those who doubt the noble rhetoric, this meeting of minds raised some sobering questions:
· What kind of unity did these religious leaders envision?
· What would the UN require of its spiritual leaders?
· What did they have in common?

Read what Concerned Women for America have to say about the NCC's (UN's) Millennium Project.

Last August, the country's largest public policy organization for women, Concerned Women for America, warned the National Council of Churches (NCC) not to become an advocate for the United Nations. The caution came after the NCC announced its plan to work with the U.N. in what Concerned Women for America calls "misguided attempts to eradicate global poverty," and "typical leftist agenda."

“The Concerned Women for America (CWA) criticism is in response to an NCC report entitled "Eradicating Global Poverty," released in February when the organization endorsed the eight U.N. Millennium Development goals. The study guide outlines ways in which NCC plans to work with the U.N. on its Millennium Project to reduce poverty. . .

CWA released a report critical of the NCC's program Tuesday. Crouse called the NCC's guide "a political document with a naïve view of the U.N. and a critical view of the United States. . .

Indeed, it is critical of capitalism and democracy. It is especially critical of the U.S. government as [an alleged] source of international poverty," Crouse continued. "The study guide is riddled with inaccuracies, overstatement and utopian rhetoric. . .”

Here's an excerpt from “The Emerging Global Church, ” a criticism of the UN and the Millenium goals.

Of course, there's more to this list than nice-sounding words. The motivational vision of a worldwide welfare system may have captured hearts around the world, but it actually serves the grandiose aims of socialist change agents who have little concern for human suffering. (Just look how government leaders are treating the victims of hurricane Katrina!) Yet, no other program has more effectively linked the evangelical church to the UN management system, which, from its birth, declared war on Biblical truth and values.[9] And no other program has more effectively drawn Christians into a process designed to manipulate the masses, undermine traditional values, silence resisters, synthesize beliefs, trade individual thinking for collective thinking, and train global citizens to serve the "greater whole."[10]

Evangelicals should read “Treason in the Church

"Various churches and denominations claim to be undergoing 'transformation.' This word no longer refers to the humble sanctification of the individual believer. Rather, it now refers to an orchestrated, systemic and revolutionary overhaul of the global church, including the 'transformation' of cities, societies, cultures, marketplaces, and more. . ."

Meanwhile numerous mainline Protestant denominations and some evangelical churches are actively implementing the NCC’s: For the Peace of the World: A Christian Curriculum on International Relations

The left wants controversy to occur . . .

Based on a curriculum created by the Presbyterian Church (USA), the National Council of Churches of Christ (MCC's national equivalent) has published a six-session study guide entitled For the Peace of the World that aims to answer some of the above questions.

“I’d like a million copies of this out in the hands of adult Sunday school classes and youth groups,” said NCC General Secretary Bob Edgar, a Methodist minister and former U.S. Congressman. “I’d like a controversy to occur … inside those churches about what our place is in the world. I’d like curiosity to begin to say, ‘What is the faith community’s worldview today?’”

Here’s a sample of this leftist agenda from the For the Peace of the World study guide:

The post 9/11 world has changed America's self-image and its image around the world, Kireopoulos writes.

This situation has caused Christian leaders ... to ask questions about where we are going as a nation," Kireopoulos says. "Have we allowed fear to manipulate us? What is the role of our country as a global citizen? What does our Christian faith teach us about individual and collective actions in the world?

The curriculum offers six study sessions on the following topics:
Is America Number One?
Fear, Security and Love
Is America God's Favorite Nation?
Poverty in a Rich World
Self-Interest and World Citizenship
Preventing War With Peace.

Here’s a review of this study guide by Krista Shaffer, a research associate with Hudson Institute's Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal.

For the Peace of the World: A Christian Curriculum on International Relations offers a similar idea that an America pumped up by the idea of having God’s favor causes conflict. The authors leave Christianity intact, but put forward multilateralism through international institutions as a way to rein America in – and as the only real Christian option . . .

While the Quakers, among many other mainline denominations, are promoting this study guide as appropriate for younger and older adults, what about it’s editor, Antonious Kirepoulous, NCC associate general secretary for International Affairs and Peace??? Do you think he just might have an agenda? Well, just take a look at what he promotes in the quote from him below.

“The United States government has offered a series of justifications for the war in Iraq, including the need to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction, the desirability of planting a new democracy in the Middle East, and the need to destroy a major base for terrorism, all of which have been proved false or ill considered as events unfolded.”

The NCC point of view of this war in Iraq is informed by our belief that all war, though sometime used to overcome a greater evil, is contrary to the will of God, and an affront to God’s creation. If scripture is our guide, then we are called to seek peace (Matthew 5:9) and to turn our swords into plowshares (Micah 4:3-4.) . . ."

Is there an Unholy trinity working behind the scenes within America’s Christian Churches?

The UN, working through the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, is no longer shy about implementing a leftist global political agenda:

According to the World Council of Churches (WCC) web site . . .

For over 50 years, the World Council of Churches (WCC), through the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (CCIA), has maintained a constant and active presence at the United Nations. “In the early years there were offices in New York (UN Headquarters), London, Geneva (UNHCR and ILO), Paris (UNESCO), and close liaison with Rome (FAO). Today only the Geneva and New York UN Headquarters Liaison Offices remain, though consultative relations have further been established with virtually the whole family of UN-related agencies (UNEP, UNDP, UNCTAD, WHO, etc.) . . .

Note: The headquarters of the WCC is: WCC/CCIA United Nations Headquarters Liaison Office, 777 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017

What impact does the WCC have on the National Council of Churches? Short answer:

“It would seem that the only difference between the American churches attending the WCC and the NCC itself is the letterhead. . .”

The National Council of Churches USA is composed of 35 Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, historic African American and peace communions representing 45 million Christians in 100,000 local congregations in the United States.

Read the following from BlogCritics:

Given, however, the fact that the US/American churches attending the WCC are virtually identical to the churches that are members of the NCC the position adopted by them this past week obviously reflects the position of member churches in the NCC although not serving as an official position of the latter. An example of this can be found here, where the President of the NCC has initiated a letter (now signed by over 13,000 people) in support of the UNs call for the US to close the prison facility at Guantanamo. It would seem that the only difference between the American churches attending the WCC and the NCC itself is the letterhead. . .

Further Note: According to the WCC website there are 33 member churches from North America (including Canada). The NCC website shows 35 member churches, 21 of which are WCC members.

Here are just a few political issues the NCC (UN)supports:

The NCC and the UN’s “Interfaith ministry a model for diplomacy” is calling for restoring diplomatic relations between Iran and the U.S.

On April 16, 2007 the National Council of Churches Called for Gun Legislation

Here are some excerpts from articles concerning the NCC’s leftist origins and agenda:

". . .Like most of the religious Left, the National Council of Churches (NCC) never has much to say about religious freedom issues affecting Christians. But any implied criticism of Islam sends the NCC ladder team flying out the door in a frenzy!"

" . . .in 1968, alone, the National Council of Churches expended over $19 million on a worldwide network of

According to a FrontPage article, the NCC is supported by such well-known “Christian” activists as Michael Moore

Founded in 1950, the New York City-based NCC has, for more than half a century, remained faithful to the legacy of its forerunner, the Communist front-group known as the Federal Council of Churches. At one time an unabashed apostle of the Communist cause, the NCC has today recast itself as a leading representative of the so-called religious Left. Adhering to what it has described as “liberation theology”—that is, Marxist ideology disguised as Christianity—the NCC lays claim to a membership of 36 Protestant, Anglican and Orthodox Christian denominations, and some 50 million members in over 140,000 congregations. . .

. . .The NCC’s November 1 event in Miami did little to dispel these charges. Under the banner of “Let Justice Roll: Faith and Community Voices Against Poverty,” the pre-election gathering became a makeshift rally for the John Kerry campaign, with Democratic Senator Bob Graham serving as the Democratic candidate’s personal envoy. But it was the presence of another activist that revealed volumes about the NCC’s controversial position within the religious community, and indicated just how, as Robert Edgar puts it, the organization interprets God’s will. That activist? None other than Michael Moore. . .

NCC Watch has this to say about the NCC and the WCC:

The Marxist tendencies of the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches have never been a carefully guarded secret. Today, as it did in the past, the NCC has existed as a political, religious, philanthropic, or humanitarian organization that unfortunately has succumbed to the infiltration of the fringe left. Actually, it never really shifted to the left - it was designed in mind as a front group from the very beginning! What better way to bring revolution to the world than by using religion with it's message of equality and the meek inheriting the earth! . . .

In attempting to create a good summary of the new UN sponsored Christian indoctrination, I discovered that Crossroad had already summarized the crisis in the Christian church and how the crisis has been orchestrated by the U.N.

We hope to provide vital facts and Biblical encouragement that will help you prepare for a global society that shows little tolerance for the Christian world view. You will find resources that demonstrate and document --

The cultural shift from a Christian to a global paradigm.
The classroom shift from truth, fact and logic to myth, feeling, and imagination.
The growing acceptance of an earth-centered spirituality and code of ethics that rules out biblical truth.
How movies, television and schools promote this global spirituality.
Why the "group thinking" or "consensus process" taught in schools and workplaces around the world turn young and old against absolute truth.
Why many Christians are conforming to this consensus process.

Is your church under the Big Brother thumb of the UN as a member of the NCC? Find out here!

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  1. The National Council of Churches is a disgrace. The problem: the very idea of a national council. My husband and I attend a very large and very conservative Methodist church - one of the few around, I think. No matter what is preached from the pulpit, a portion of all monies goes to the Mother Church.

    The idea of the NCC calling for diplomatic relations with Iran is far from the scope of what any religious council should be involved in. We know there are some fightening patterns of this kind of involvement in other countries.

    Ronald Reagan said, when he first got into office, something about calling for all churches to step-up and take over ministering to the poor - the government needed to back off. I remember our pastor quoting this in the Sunday service.

    The report from Concerned Women for America is very revealing. Thanks for bring this to our attention. The UN has an agenda and Christianity is on it.

    Maggie's Notebook

  2. Maggie:

    Thank you for your excellent comments. For some odd reason blogger won't allow this passage to publish, which you might have noticed, was incomplete:

    . . .in 1968, alone, the National Council of Churches expended over $19 million on a worldwide network of Leftist projects. In that year, however, the N.C.C. collected $24,819,000 from gullible American Christians and tax-exempt Leftist foundations.


  3. The World Council of Churches has always been horrible. Back in the dark ages when I was in school, I had to do a research paper on them. They are humanistic, secular, with a goal that seemed to be 'clear away all lines between denominations'. You can't do that without compromising your beliefs and faith.

    I'm sure they are much worse today than they were back then.

    I'm Southern Baptist, and believing as we do, there is no way I can condone anything the WCC does. Of course they fit right in with the United Nations.

    What an excellent article, and very comprehensive. Thanks for putting it all together.

  4. RCP

    Why is it the UN is so representative of what is wrong out there?

    You have to watch yourself with whatever group you become involved in, which is ridiculous especially when it comes to church.

    It agreement with Debbie; "What an excellent article, and very comprehensive. Thanks for putting it all together."

  5. Liberal theology and liberal politics go hand-in-hand. The same folks who take a historical-critical approach to the Scriptures are the same ones who take a utilitarian approach to the Constitution. Still, there are many Bible-believing Christians in many liberal denominations. Some are in oases of conservatism within said denominations, others linger because of tradition, habit, fellowship, or worship. Given the insidious nature of the WCC churches, though, I implore all people of good conscience to seek out churches that are uncorrupted by its influence. (And its influence is insidious: I know a pastor who finally left the ELCA after he heard fellow pastors at a conference chuckling about how the preach the 'old theology' in the pulpit on Sunday to keep the money flowing, while teaching the 'new theology' to the youth and new members of the parish.!)

    Fortunately, it is fairly easy to remain within one's confession of faith and still leave WCC-dominated churches. If you are Calvinist, seek out a PCA or OPC church in your area. If you are Lutheran, go Missori Synod (or Wisconsin Synod). Those within Anglicanism can leave the ECUSA and find one of the many evangelical anglican parishes available today. Arminians will have to leave Methodism, but should be comfortable in either a baptist church with a traditional style of worship or an evangelical anglican church. Even within Orthodoxy, one can join the Antiochan Orthodox church, which is the fastest-growing Orthodox church in the country. Catholics need not worry about this one: Rome wisely never joined WCC to begin with!

    While it will be painful at first to leave your congregation, the sweet sound of Biblical preaching and the proper focus of worship of the forgivness of sins, life, and salvation in Christ Jesus will renew your spirit. In time, the Holy Spirit may even gather some of your old friends to join you. So leave the churches that are beholden to the princes and principalities of this world, and seek communion with those who put Christ and His Word above all.

  6. This is a very good post. Not enough is said about this method the Left uses to fund it's anti-American activities. You can add terrorism to the list of things the NCC, and by extension, most churchgoers, support: Palestinian terrorist front groups, the ANC communist guerillas in South Africa and others. The NCC has always been a communist front and feeds like a parasite off the body of the church. It was an NCC "nun", you should recall, who argued for the return of Elian Gonzales to Castro's Cuba, against his and his entire family's wishes.

    All churchgoers should ask their pastors what percentage of their tithe goes to the NCC and similar organizations and should cease giving any $$ until those organizations are firmly dropped. In fact a better way would be to vote with your feet and find another church. Most pastors know what they are doing here.

  7. Wow! The additional comments coming in here are great. This is why I love blogging.

    Maggie's Notebook

  8. Everyone has an angle to accomplish their mission. The days of noble methods for noble causes is dead. It is now the day of I'll get mine anyway I can.
    Yes, I cynical but a realist.

  9. Maggies horrific..I had no idea!

  10. What can I say? It's been a 2000 year struggle to maintain Christian independence and unity. 2000 years of tradition, some losses. Isn't our disunity a scandal and weakness? What about returning to the rock?


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  13. It appears there is another commercial spam comment on this thread (United Nations Entrenched...) from homeopathy, as a series of what are probably spam links. Feel free to not post this comment, as it's merely notification that you have an apparent spam comment.

  14. I believe in Christ and the Christian Bible and have been searching for a denomination that I could accept for most of my life. This being the case I have watched as the various denominations have changed from Godliness to worldliness over the past 50 years. The changes have been appalling.

    I am a political blogger and not a religious blogger so I have borrowed your post and taken a portion of it home to my readers and then highly recommended they visit your site and read the entire post.
    Thank you for bringing this information to us. Brenda Bowers (BB).
    Thank you