Friday, February 02, 2007

Backlash on Arkin and the Leftist Media Jackals

American Marxist “Journalists” are Killing Our Soldiers!

As almost everyone knows by now, yesterday William M. Arkin, of the Washington Post and NBC News Analyst, stepped into his own leftist excrement with his “The Troops Also Need to Support the American People”.

Rather than rehash Comrade Arkin’s troop bashing I urge you to visit Wake Up America and read yesterday’s column, “The Left Wants Our Soldiers to SHUT UP!!!!!!” which offers the best blogging overview of Arkin’s diaper-full-o-crap and many of the linked sentiments from our military bloggers on Mr. Arkin’s statements.

After Arkin got thoroughly throttled, he came back with “The Arrogant and Intolerant Speak Out.Now he calls those in uniform “arrogant and intolerant”!!!

Well, one thing's abundantly clear about who will actually defend our
rights to say what we believe: It isn't the hundreds who have written me saying
they are soldiers or veterans or war supporters or real Americans -- who also
advise me to move to another country, to get f@##d, or to die a painful, violent

Contrary to the typically inaccurate and overstated assertion in
dozens of blogs, hundreds of comments, and thousands of e-mails I've received,
I've never written that soldiers should "shut up," quit whining, be spit upon,
or that they have no right to an opinion.

I said I was bothered by the notion that "the troops" were somehow
becoming hallowed beings above society, that they had an attitude that only they
had the means - or the right - to judge the worthiness of the Iraq

I was dead wrong in using the word mercenary to describe the
American soldier today. . .
The notion then that we should defer to the
military to fight when and how and where they want is absurd. As the debate
about the Iraq war demonstrates, war-making is a shared endeavor and the arrogant and intolerant few who think they are above the
people seem to be those who are wearing the uniform.

Commrade Arkin, you are beneath contempt!
Today Arkin has written “A Note to My Readers on Supporting the Troops
I knew when I used the word "mercenary" in my Tuesday
that I was being highly inflammatory. . . .
He wanted inflammatory, well he’s got it. Hope he and the WaPo realize what they’ve unleashed!!!
Arkin has received more than 200 comments, so far. And the vast majority of comments aren’t coming from his fans!!! These comments are well worth reading and I only hope some of those who left comments bothered to send their comments to his bosses!

Note: We need to remind the “mainstream” media bosses that unless they seriously get some balance in their coverage of the war, they may soon be subject to the sweeping reforms Congress is considering to the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995. Although S.B. 1 passed without the “grassroots” provisions, congress is considering adding amendments. Additionally, H.R. 4682 (still under consideration) would subject groups and individuals (including the media) to disclosure and biased media SHOULD be considered “grassroots lobbying firms”!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others will attempt to push through these dangerous restrictions in the House. And if they do let their leftist media hacks pay!!!

For More Information go to American Center for Law and Justice
Today Wake Up America has “My Turn
which comments of Comrade Arkin’s back-handed apology.
This man has inspired the hatred not only of the American
military, but the American veterans and a great number of our civilian
population as well.
See also:
This guy is a real piece of work, but THEN Black Five's Uncle Jimbo goes on fox and rips into the little weasel, Arkin.
Here’s where to send your comments compliments of Wake up America:

To contact the editors of Wapo:
The Washington Post
1150 15 St. NW
Washington, DC 20071
and by e-mail
Willaim Arkins
Email them, let them know what you think of this piece of
crap......oh, and his article to.
All of this because the left cannot stand that NBC gave voice
through the MSM to our soldiers.
Mr. Arkin, my comment to you: May you rot in hell.


  1. Excellent post and thanks for the linkto his latest piece....going to read it now.

    Keep up the great writing!!!!

  2. It is totally disgusting when anyone media or not speaks of our troops in this manner. I am thoroughly disgusted and horrified!

    Great post and thanks for the heads up on this issue, which should be paramount among all Americans.

  3. This guy had no idea what he was getting into with that article, or his follow ups. But some people on the left actually like making us on the Right mad, all this publicity is probably making his head big. His bosses are probably patting him on the back. You know how it is.

    I think he has every right to say what he wants to. Everyone in America has the right to tell the world they are ignorant jackasses.

  4. Thanks Spree:
    And Thanks to you Spree for bringing this to my attention in the first place!

    Thanks lyla:
    I also believe that media bias, which is destroying our war effort, needs to be “paramount among all Americans.”

    Thanks Debbie:
    I think that this time the left bit off more than they can chew. Perhaps Arkin’s decision to be deliberately “inflammatory” was a cagy way to test the waters. Perhaps he’s wondering: “Just how many complacent, dimwitted right-wing Americans are really out there?” Well, that could backfire on Arkin and his “arrogant and intolerant” leftie media bosses big time.

  5. hi there FL..great great post...I hope he isnt enjoying the notoreity though! beneath contempt can someone be!