Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Did Obama Really Leave His Church?

Alternate title: Obama Kinda-Sorta Resigned From Trinity United Church But Maybe Not.

Trinity United Christian Church is a resentful, fear-mongering, bigoted, race-baiting, anti-White establishment, anti-Semitic, anti-American, highly politicized, Marxist, Afro-centric, Black Liberation Theology Church with strong ties to the Nation of Islam.

To toss a quote back to Obama. . .“ . . .that’s just not how people should have to operate in their church.”

Well, Obama finally left his church, but then again, maybe not. Not really.

How could Obama leave his highly influential friends and not pay a huge political price?

What is patently clear is that he really did not leave his church for any other reason than political expediency. The fact is that his resignation was done to save the church from further pain caused by his candidacy and to save his own candidacy!!! Or more likely, visa versa.

His leaving had nothing at all to do with why Americans have been in an uproar for months over his church.

Wouldn’t you just love to scream back at BO “It’s the hate-filled theology, stupid!”

Did Obama reject any of the philosophy of this resentful, fear-mongering, bigoted, race-baiting, anti-White establishment, anti-Semitic, anti-American, highly politicized, Marxist, Afro-centric, Black Liberation Theology Church with strong ties to the Nation of Islam.? Not!

Did Obama reject specifically the frequent anti-White Establishment remarks made by his “great young pastor,” Rev. Moss, or the anti-Hillary and anti-White remarks made by his good friend, Rev. Pfleger? No!

Did Obama reject any of the tenants of Black Liberation Theology? Absolutely Not!

Did Obama chide the church for anything? NO

What did Obama do? He praised the church and their leaders – his longtime friends.

So Obama would have us believe that he really left the church so that all further questions concerning his character can be silenced. That’s not going to happen!

We must keep up the pressure until Obama can truly reflect on his faith and finally come to an understanding of why this issue is so important to all Americans.

Here’s the answer as to why Obama couldn’t really leave his church.

Why Obama Can Never Leave His Church

Watch the video Obama Resigns From Trinity United Church

Here’s the transcription of the above YouTube video of BO’s announcement:

[Please read carefully the transcribed announcement that was carried widely on the national news this weekend. Note how many words are devoted to why he is leaving and how many words praise the church he is leaving.]

In a letter I sent to Trinity uh United uh Church of Christ, uh my home church, uh for some time now uh was apparently released to CNN and so uh I think it’s important that everybody gets to ask me some questions about this.

Uh Michelle and I told Rev. Otis Moss uh that we were uh withdrawing as members of Trinity. Uh It was a decision that Uh Michelle and I had discussed for quite some time after the National Press Club episode. Uh I had discussed it with Rev. Moss, uh we had prayed on it, uh we had uh consulted with a number of friends and family members who are also connected with the church uh and so this is not a decision I come to lightly and frankly it’s one I make with some sadness.

You know, Trinity was where I found Jesus Christ, where we were married, where we were, where our children were baptized, uh we have many friends among the 8,000 congregants who attend there. We are proud of the extraordinary works that the church continues to perform throughout the community. to help the hungry, and uh the homeless, and people who are in need of medical care.

I have tremendous regard for the great young pastor who has taken over uh, Rev. Moss, and continue to admire uh the work that Rev. Wright did in building up the church, but now it’s clear that now that I’m a candidate for president, every time that something is said in the church by anyone, associated with Trinity including the pastors, the remarks will be imputed to me even if they totally conflict with my long-held views, statements, and principles. We obviously saw an example of that, uh in the recent statements by Father Pflager Uh, who is somebody who I’ve known, who I consider a friend, who has done tremendous work in Chicago, but made offensive statements that have no place in our politics and uh in the pulpit, uh, that unfairly mocked and characterized Sen. Clinton in ways that I think are unacceptable.

Uhm , it’s also clear that Rev. Moss and the church had been suffering from all the tension my campaign has visited on them. Uh, we’ve had news organizations harassing members at their homes and their workplaces, we’ve had reporters grabbing church bulletins and calling up the sick and the shut-in uh, in an attempt to get news about the church, uh we’ve had news organizations scrutinizing Rev. Moss’s sermons, uh and attempting to try to make political hay uh out of even the most innocent remarks by him, uh that’s just not how people should have to operate in their church. Uh, it’s not fair to the other members of the church who seek to worsip [that’s what it sounds like] in peace. So our faith remains strong and uh I expect that we will find another church home for our family. Uh obviously Michelle and I uh know that faith and prayer aren’t exercises discharged on Sunday so uh we understand that our faith is something we apply each and every day, and it’s a bulwark for us in our daily lives, uh and so, uh, we wish only the best for our friends, uh, and the wonderful people at Trinity. Uh they’ll be in our thoughts and they’ll be in our prayers and hopefully uh with this decision they will be in a position to get back to doing what they do, which is worshipping God. Uh and hopefully, uh when, uh we join our next church we will be in a position to do what we would like to do at church, which is to worship and fellowship and reflect on our faith. So that’s on the Trinity issue.

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  1. If you really believe Obama "resigned" from his "church", I have some oceanfront property in Cochise County, Arizona I'll be glad to sell you. Funny, I was watching a news clip late last night, had the same though - that man no more left his church than ....

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. I'm sure there are quite a few on the left that will bid on that ocean front property!

  3. I don't care if Obama stabs his church of 20 years in the back out of political convenience. What concerns me is that he might stab America in the back out of political convenience too someday. Its a well established behaviour pattern for this character.

  4. It's all for show, and not many people are buying it. He tried to sound high and mighty, above it all, like it was crap that didn't really touch him, but... for the sake of the innocent people at the church, the innocent people who speak from the pulpit, and the nasty media who attack them .... Then he is leaving his church.


  5. p.s. that last comment was me, Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  6. Yes I don't think many will buy into his "high and mighty" act!

  7. I wonder if he isn't a Plant for the Islamist Terrorists.

    Overthrow the USA from within.
    bin Laden's views and his are very similar.

    Good post, Keep up the good work!

  8. He's a politician, so of course he "said" he left his church - but the man is knee deep in Black Liberation Theology, and influences from the Muslim World. His allegiance is suspect.

  9. Excellent analysis. I often wonder if Zerobama is a muslim plant, as another commenter posits, and would abandon the U.S. when world-politically prudent for him.

  10. Obama had much deeper connections to the good Father than he admitted after the fiasco the Father created. Here's just a bit of that deep connection.

    “Everybody knows the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his bigoted anti-American rants. We’ll soon get to know the Rev. Michael Pfleger. With Barack Obama, you’re not only waiting for the other shoe to drop. You’re following a centipede. In April 2004, Sen. Obama told a reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times that he had three spiritual mentors or counselors: Jeremiah Wright, James Meeks and Father Michael Pfleger. On Sunday, May 25, Pfleger showed up at Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ doing his best Rev. Wright imitation. A radical priest at Chicago’s St. Sabina Catholic Church, Pfleger told the congregation, ‘We must be honest enough to expose white entitlement and supremacy wherever it raises its head.’... Pfleger has had a working relationship with Obama since the late 1980s... Between 1995 and 2001, Pfleger contributed a total of $1,500 to Obama’s various political campaigns. This includes a $200 donation in April 2001, three months after Obama, still an Illinois state senator, helped obtain $225,000 in grants for St. Sabina programs. In 2000, Obama secured a $100,000 earmark for the ARK Community Center, attached to St. Sabina. Render unto Caesar... Does Obama have any spiritual mentors who don’t hate America and think all its people are racists? We don’t believe in guilt by association, but these are the only associations he seems to have... Both his judgment and his honesty, even his true beliefs, are in question.” —Investor’s Business Daily

    HAT TIP - Patriot PostUSA

  11. BHO has gotten an easy ride from the media. They are afraid to ask the hard question to him. Afraid if they do, they will be called racists.

    The American people see through BHO. They aren't buying his rhetoric any more. So he had to get rid of his church. Too bad he didn't do it 20 years ago. A week ago isn't good.