Saturday, December 15, 2007

Amnesty and Pardon for White People

You can print out a document in PDF format of a PROCLAMATION OF AMNESTY AND PARDON absolving all white people of any alleged injustices towards black people.

Go to the web site of WALTER E. WILLIAMS and click on the word, "GIFT", in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Here is the URL for that web site:

Note: Before you get in a huff check please out Dr. Walter Williams web site. This was done in fun by a person with a great sense of humor!!! Since he is an occasional substitute host for the "Rush Limbaugh" show, I wonder if he ever writes some of Rush’s humorous stuff? If not, he ought to.

Here’s Dr. William’s bio.

H/T to John Robert Mallernee

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  1. I'm sorry Faultline. I thought I already commented on this neat post , but I guess I didn't.
    What a wonderful read and how encouraging to come across such honesty and good humor.

    Now all we need is a few more proclamations like this from criminal Al Sharpton and Jesse Extortionist Jackson, and maybe a couple from Hamas and Hizbullah, and maybe this old world of ours might still stand a chance.

    I've probably said this a hundred times before, but almost all of the threats we face in this world today could be solved if everyone would just start getting honest about their own lives and quit playing the victim card.

    I sent Dr. Williams my personal thanks for his great article.

    Thanks for letting us enjoy it.


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