Thursday, March 08, 2007

Featured Contributor’s Blog: Maggie’s Notebook

One of the joys of having regular contributors is the fresh ideas and new perspectives they to your blog. Additionally, you develop a close working relationship with your contributors who are always there to offer help, give encouragement, or to just fill in when you need to take a break. I am indebted to Debbie of Right Truth and Spree of Wake up America for all the help they’ve given and contributions they’ve shared.

Last week I planned on writing an entry to introduce you to our newest contributor, Maggie of Maggie’s Notebook. I had to delay this entry when Maggie’s computer took a fatal nose-dive and crashed big time. Maggie is back on line now and she’s ready to burn up the internet again with her clear, concise, and insightful conservative political blog.

Here are some of Maggie’s posts that she had cross-posted to Faultline USA.
Troops ‘Dissent’ and ‘Protest’ to Congress

Thomas Sowell on Public Golf and Poverty
Life on our Southern Borders
Tuesday’s Freedom & Victory Bloglist

I asked Maggie to tell our readers a little about herself:

I am female, married and I live in a very red, heartland state. I believe that nothing matters without the freedom to live freely.

I have owned both retail and wholesale businesses. I have traveled to many wonderful places, both for business and pleasure.

I wrote for regional press for many years, on the stock market, Christianity, health, crime and life style pleasantries such as wine, food and travel.

I’m interested in all conservative issues – eyeing each with a sharp slant toward hard fought for, often died for, American freedoms. Every issue, whether conservative or liberal, is about living freely, or not.

I believe in strengthening families, imprisoning all pedophiles on the first conviction, for life. I believe that those who commit crimes against humanity, should not an opportunity to do so again. I believe paying for prisons is a good and noble use of tax money. I believe in funding well-run prisons. When appropriate, I’m for the death penalty.

I support The War on Terror. I am attempting to speak-out against radical Islam, as are many bloggers. I want to abolish the United Nations, but believe that will not happen, so I’m for reform. I am appalled at our “allies,” France, Germany and Russia, and the Oil for Food debacle. I am also appalled at the ACLU. How does an organization with the word “American” in its name, incite against the War on Terror with the Abu Ghraib incident, while defending the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)?

My husband and I are like-minded, especially when it comes to politics. If I am lacking focus on an issue, he offers a clear view through his “eyes.” I go back to the keyboard with new enthusiasm and a fresh attitude toward my subject. I am interested in many things. I am a news junkie, an avid reader, I play bridge, I was addicted to Sudoku until I began blogging. Blogging is the cure.

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  1. When I signed-up at Blogspot I had no idea how a blog worked. I knew that I could write what I wanted and post it. That's all I knew. I hadn't heard the word "blogroll," "blogburst," or even considered that I could be a part of a community.

    I'm about 6 weeks out from my first blog and still finding my way as to subject matter - meaning, the things that I feel most passionately about.

    Because of Faultline USA, I have learned so much, so quickly. Faultline answered a comment from me, and before I realized it, I had a mentor.

    I am awed at the wealth of incredible information coming from this site, as well as from other other conservative bloggers. It makes every day exciting for me.

  2. You women are all awesome!...every one of ya!..your friend, Angel

    p.s. Faultline..sometimes haloscan wont pick up trackback links unless sent by haloscan..but u can check on my site..I have linked many posts to ya!

  3. Every time a conservative blogger writes a post, an angel gets its wings. You go girls.

  4. It's nice to learn some personal information about fellow bloggers. Helps to understand where the writing is coming from. Maggie does a great job.

  5. I wondered where you had disappeared to...I knew you had to be writing.

    I'm glad to have found you!