Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oprah’s Obama Launches White House Bid Today

Just in case you were under the misconception that Obama had already announced his White House intentions, Senator Barack Obama announces his bid for the White House today in Springfield, Illinois.

According to today’s it’s the social networking youth and the entertainment industry that gives Obama the strongest support.

Obama is widely popular on social networking web sites, such as
MySpace, where there is a coalition called "One Million Strong for Obama"
seeking to secure support for from a million youthful voters. . . .

Obama carries with him much support from the entertainment
industry. Calling him "my favorite senator," Oprah Winfrey has publicly pledged
her support. Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago also said he backs a run by
Obama. . .

Check out the new Obama 08’ site – very sophisticated.

By Joe Rospars - Feb 10th, 2007 at 2:18 am EST

About two hours after a midnight beta launch, the site is already
coming to life.
So far, so good. There's a team of nine of us, a few
content-types like me and some more geeky (in the good way) tech folks, sitting
on a conference call going through tiny tweaks and issues. Please let us know if
you run into any issues by
using the contact-us
and selecting the "reporting a technical problem" in from the

The site is already brimming with groups, blogs, fundraising pages,
and events. Getting started early are
Idahoans for
and South
Carolinians for Obama
, just to name a few of the many newly-created
. . .

Just for fun. Take the Daily Kos poll “Who Supports Barack Obama?”
Note: Hillary isn’t doing too well with the Daily Kos folks on this poll so far.

There’s a new forum, that hasn’t gotten much attention yet. Pretty Short on discussion.


  1. It's going to be interesting watching Obama and Hillary go at it. He's smooooooth, she's not. He's your and naive and she will cut your throat without a second thought. That's good politics, ha.

    Seriously it will be interesting to see how the left turns on Hillary. She didn't see this coming I bet.

  2. I wonder how long it will be before Obama and Hillary start bashing Edwards for his bloggers hate speech?

    The whole thing should be an amusing show.

  3. You know, the other day I asked the Democratic Party chair where I live what the chair thought about it. Here's what the chair said:

    "He (Edwards) knows the bloggers will turn on him if he lets them go. It is anything goes on the netroots!"

  4. I saw his announcement today, and it is a lot of 'feel good' stuff, but no meat. This kind of talk won't last through the elections. He needs to get specific on things. The odd thing is how so many are turning against Hillary right now and turning toward Obama. I don't think it will last.

    But wouldn't Hillary and Obama make a dream team for the Dems??? I hate to think about it.

    The Republicans don't have any super stars and we really need one.

  5. I've watched the announcement twice - the second time to "listen" to the roar of the crowd. It sounds odd - almost as though it is canned.

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