Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Point of no return: Iran gets the bomb

Point of no return: Iran gets the bomb


Speculate no more, Obama has given Iran the means to obtain a nuclear device in the near future. Our misguided president has not only made a bad deal for America, he has made a bad deal for the World. Obama’s Muslim before American mentality moves this nation closer to the brink of annihilation.  Couched in legal rhetoric, that compromises the safety of the United States, Iran has been given the green light to move ahead with its nuclear weapons program. John Kerry was our chief negotiator. This is the same John Kerry who was accused of writing his own recommendations for medals in Vietnam. This is also the same John Kerry who protested the Vietnam War as his comrades were dying in this third World cesspool. A man who has proven he cannot be trusted caved to the demands of the Iranian regime. Obama announced, with disingenuous tones, that Kerry’s finished product was the best alternative to keep Iran’s nuke program in its infancy. Those with sense and sensibility about them know the best alternative is a better agreement not one drawn up under artificial circumstances.


Most Americans are befuddled by the physics of nuclear weapons. Diving deep into the technology one can see Iran is very close to its goal of a fissionable nuclear device. With 19,000 known centrifuges to concentrate Uranium into its proper modality for a bomb the current treaty does little to hinder this process. Worse Iran is free to develop and or purchase launch vehicles which could hit our shores or close by Israel. Iran, claims to this day, it wants to wipe Israel off the map. Iranians continue to chant death to America. What did John Kerry and Barack Obama gain with a treaty/agreement that commits Americans to building civil defense shelters instead of bridges to peace, nothing. 


With this agreement/treaty in place tens of billions will flow into the coffers Iran. These are Iranian financial assets which were held in abeyance to bring Iran to the negotiating table. Once confronted by the United States negotiating team Iran overwhelmed their counterparts with a flood of demands which undercut the very reason all were at the table. Duplicate in nature and conspicuous in substance the document generated will never be implemented. Designed to fail Iran will achieve its goal of nukes within the time frame that Obama has left in office. When Obama returns to his Hawaiian roots and looks east at the California coastline he will know from where the fireball originated.


Mark Davis, M.D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

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