Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Maryland's code: the truth does not matter

Maryland’s code: the truth does not matter


Ethics, morality and truth have little meaning in a state that has codified deceit as a means to an end. Civil dysfunction rules both Maryland State Government and the judicial arm that anoints its misdirected decisions. Yearly Annapolis releases hundreds of laws, regulations and edicts designed to confiscate money, immobilize businesses or inflict pain on its residents. Dismemberment of social systems is a Maryland State Legislature specialty. Placing the needs of our friends from foreign lands ahead of those who foot the bills should not shock anyone whose mind crosses in the middle of the road. Schools districts are notoriously overcrowded which are excused from improving to make way for more uninvited guests. Welfare programs deliver truckloads of money to the undeserving who crave more each year. This addiction to state sponsored handouts was encouraged by our former Democrat Governor and is continued by the ancients in the state legislature. Cronyism’s tentacles continue to enable the elite to maintain their edge at the expense of more deserving individuals whose only crime is they live within this State’s borders. The greatest challenge is to avoid criminal land mines established to capture the state’s subordinated population.


Trenchant incivility will be focused on anyone who is marked by lawyers in the Maryland state system who desire to move up the food chain. Given too much authority to prosecute with too few protections for the prosecuted the legal system in Maryland has been in need of a tune up for over thirty years. Decades ago I bumped into a political wall with the purchase of a health facility. A neophyte to the legal system and an ignorantly trusting individual that I am those who held the reins of power then trampled all over me and my family. One learns very quickly that Maryland Law is unidirectional allowing little due process when an agenda needs to be enforced. As an observer to the system of jurisprudence in Maryland, over the last twenty years, I have seen many people ripped apart for the most trivial occurrences. Needless to state the ethics of Maryland’s courts and its rented public lawyers need close inspection. Government in Maryland is no longer for the people who charge its batteries. Instead current elected officials work in a self-perpetuating mode which stands outside the desires of the electorate. Next article will discuss the mechanisms allowed by Maryland Law to decimate the lives of those who empower the system.


Mark Davis, M. D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services, Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

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