Monday, May 18, 2015

Decriminalizing Criminality: progressives new approach to crime

Decriminalizing Criminality: progressives new approach to crime


Justice in Maryland is no longer based on facts, procedures or the rule of law. Instead this profoundly blue state has moved beyond the realm of civilized society. Mob rule has instilled itself both on the streets and in the government that empowers the criminal element. Recent riots in Maryland’s largest city, Baltimore, display a city at the mercy of nocuous politicians and an uncivil electorate that supports them. Border to border Baltimore is a city that bleeds daily. Listed as one of the most violent in the “World” little has been done to stem the blood flow from those who are being victimized. Contrary to rational mindset the police not the looters, arsonists, drug dealers and murderers have become the focus of the problems razing Baltimore. In the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death the city became a virtual war zone. Under the auspices of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake police were told to stand down allowing street violence to become unhinged. The few arrested were either released quickly or given lighter charges than their actions deserved. In essence criminality was debased leaving in its wake lawlessness condoned by City Hall.


Left wing pundits jumped at the chance to knock the police. Guilty was their verdict before the charges dried on paper concerning Freddie Gray’s death. President Obama gave another of his diversity lectures as Hillary Clinton claimed mass arrests should stop. Both were far afield of the problems which engineered the riots of those days. In their minds and others of the same ilk crime should be decriminalized. That is, actions of thugs and street vermin should be looked upon as exercises in redefined freedoms not criminal activity. With recent riots in other cities few were arrested and fewer appropriately charged. Progressives trumped law and order relinquishing the responsible from the guilt of their actions. Worse police were given a black eye by those who should be backing them most, government officials. Politicians in Maryland and elsewhere allowing mob rule have set a precedent. In the event the judicial system does not side with those on the streets looting, arson and other crimes should be expected. Why? Because those who want to move up the food chain granted them the right to riot uninhibited by the men and women in blue. Police should reconsider their positions in hotbeds of hate towards them such as Baltimore. Let the mob govern themselves. This is what they want and deserve.


Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

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