Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A 4 year old dies; America's first death from the 'Mystery Disease' occurs in New Jersey; Locals couldn't care less.

A four year old preschooler died in New Jersey and no one seems to care much. Sure there was the basic "I feel so bad for the parents" type of response but not much depth. Shuffled off the digital page as fast as a day. IN the end the interest level and compassion was little more than drivel from the mass uninformed.

Ignorance is Bliss

New Jersey a center of American Decay
The masses ignored the issues and circumstances of his death. The "mystery Disease; The only "mystery" about this disease is why the main stream news  media and CDC keep calling it a mystery.

Since his death 3 more children have died and over a dozen are experiencing paralysis in the Denver area alone. The CDC and main stream media continue with the "Mystery Disease" talk. They lowered the coverage to - 'nothing new here, now move along, move along' and the New Jersey sheep do so in all their blissiness.


New Jersey and much of the poorly educated young culture today had devolved into the most uncaring society.  Yesterday's hippies, the generation that 'cared' has turned into the generation of  unaware and 'don't bother me about it'.

How a people can say that it is compassionate and caring when most of you can't even take the time to know what is going on... about anything.  A miserable generation of self absorbed destined to be a failure.  America as I see it needs a good dose of kick in the ass.

Champion the doers and the makers

Champion the doers, attack the plutocrats and the welfare ding bats. both ends need a haircut.   Start with kickin' some banker butt ... click for video and some Zeppelin too.

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