Monday, December 09, 2013

Oregon's Governor Violates the Oregon Constitution. Should he be removed from office?

"On November 15, Oregon's Governor John Kitzhaber, through his Insurance Commissioner Laura Cali, announced that Oregon health insurance companies would be allowed to extend current policies through 2014,   In doing so, the Governor and Insurance Commissioner violated Oregon law and the Oregon Constitution.  Even if his intentions are good, as chief executive the Governor only has the authority to execute the laws passed by the Legislature, not to supersede them." This I received in a newsletter from the State Representative Dennis Richardson.  

The Governor has in effect assumed the power of decree, a power that is generally associated with Monarchs and Dictators.  This cannot be tolerated, John Kitzhaber and the insurance commissioner must be held to account, they should be removed from office through impeachment. To allow such precedence is a dangerous and illegal act, any politician that continues to support the governor is culpable should too be held to account at the election polls - we are a nation of laws and no one is exempt.  

The same applies to the President on this very same issue. We are a nation of laws. No one is above the law.  Looking back on American history many of our forefathers fought and sacrificed their lives to escape the tyranny of monarchs. 

Preambles link 

Our history is clearest when you understand the Preambles to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

There are no Mulligans in the State or the Federal Constitution.    

The fact that Obama Care (ACA) and the Oregon effort to implement it are miserable and embarrassing failures is irrelevant. Our elected officials at any and all levels must be expected to follow the law, period. 

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