Saturday, November 30, 2013

VOTE WITH YOUR FEET Support "Free market" Vacation and Travel Destinations.

My U-Haul rate comparisons continue to indicate a migration away from liberal bastions of SF and NYC and Chicago to the Red States such as Idaho, Utah and Texas.  Go to youtube.compubworkstv for latest results

HERE IS AN IDEA---  Freedom loving peoples should be selective where they chose to vacation. For instance, don't support the peoples republic of California with your vacation dollars, support free enterprise destinations over repressive communities.

In fact, make a big deal of it, let the liberal centers know that you won't be visiting them any longer.

Short Trailer (Concept)

California is full of places to avoid. Here is an example, I love mountains and mountain life, I bought a place in South Lake Tahoe 22 years ago. Vacationed there mainly, then moved there in 2007 when I left Morgan Stanley (on my 50th birthday, read between those lines).

From my personal experience and observations with the community of South Lake Tahoe I've come to see it as the poster child for all that is wrong with America. An oppressive government that has devastated the small business community and racked up massive debts from failed government controlled development projects.

It is not surprising after all the "Jewel of the Sierras" has long been a battleground between liberal extremists and conservatives. The Sierra lake community has been hijacked by the leftwing extremists and turned South Lake Tahoe into the decimated community it is.   (Details on the Trailer above)

If you support freedom than you should avoid South Lake Tahoe and communities like it, and let them know why. You can reach the people directly in communities like South Lake Tahoe through their online media. Make a comment in their "locals" newspaper. Let the liberals know that you would not do business with them because you love freedom and they repress it. Perhaps the conservatives among them will then be able to rise to the cause. There are not many conservatives left in the area but there are some, they have been bullied into submission but may rise with encouragement.

Just a few comments in the locals press would cause a tizzy.

Doing something, does something.  Let the community know that their acceptance of government oppression has cost them your business. 

That will get noticed.  People will scream and rant.


One of the culprits in the centralization of control and subsequent decline in many destination communities is the success of the Transient occupancy Tax (TOT) a.k.a.  Hotel Room Tax.  This system can lead to a destructive Crony community such as what happened in South Lake Tahoe.  Government insiders working with select outside developers and "Consultants" corrupt the separation between public and private sectors and degradate  the community. Insiders "controlling" the tax flow from TOT and using it to control the community through marketing and promotions that favor the crony goals. The potential impacts are multiple, dramatic and long lasting.

If you want more info, would like to share a experience, suggest a destination, or get info on communities in the Pacific Northwest sign up for my  Travel Blogs by emailing me at

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