Saturday, February 23, 2013

West Point's "Green" Officer

Our military is rapidly losing its way.  Somehow it believes that celebrating sodomy in the ranks will be beneficial to good order and discipline and that war is an equal opportunity employer.  How is going against the Law of Nature as established by our Creator a good thing?

Now we have the introduction of "green" officers at the United States Military Academy with the addition of "Brigade Energy and Environmental" officers and non-commissioned officers to cadet staffs:
"Cadets on the Brigade Energy and Environmental staff will introduce a new insignia to the Corps when they don their cadet uniforms this week. These cadet energy and environmental officers and noncommissioned officers, or E2Os, are tasked with leading the charge on initiatives related to recycling, energy and water conservation at the academy. 
The insignia has the chevrons customary to cadet rank. The three rockers below are designed as waves to signify energy and water. It has been decades since the last insignia has been approved for a cadet staff position, and the process took nearly a year before the rank received approval from the Brigade Tactical Department and the Commandant of Cadets." (from West Point Facebook page)
Here is their shoulder sleeve insignia:

This has the potential to become the new political officer who seeks sustainable development, fights climate change, and introduces United Nations' Agenda 21 to our military formations.  Agenda 21 can be described as "a mechanism by which nations can 'legitimately' centralize control of all resources (including people) in their nations in the name of combatting 'man-made climate change'" (source) and is a direct threat to the American form of government and the liberties of its citizenry.  We do not need the military actively supporting or enforcing it.

Frankly, any sort of conservation effort needs to be restricted to an additional duty for an officer and not elevated to an official staff position.  Perhaps our units can now have the S-21 (or G-21) added to their staffs and call him or her the "Agenda 21 Officer."

With the introduction of this "green" officer, our military can start forming the "First Earth Battalion" to fight for the future of our planet as envisioned by Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon of "The Men Who Stare at Goats" fame:
"The earth battalion declares its primary allegiance to people and planet." (First Earth Battalion manual
"The First Earth Battalion is a banner under which the forces of good in the world can unite and find strength in spirit with others who share a common goal.  Warrior Monks are guardians of the good, guardians of humanity, nature and the planet..." (First Earth Battalion manual)
Perhaps one of the cadets who serve as a cadet energy and environmental officer (E2O) can be the unit's first commander.  They can utilize the proposed Green Annex to the US Army Operations Order to better carry out their mission.

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  1. Since WHEN does "recyling" create a "crisis" so severe that a person can be faced with Military Action! They feel I am SO DANGEROUS if I burn some trash in my backyard, that a Military Brigade must come and "ASSAULT ME and my PROPERTY"?