Saturday, February 23, 2013

Proposed "Green Annex" to the US Army Operations Order

Now that West Point has created Energy and Environmental Officers (or "E2Os"), it is time to introduce an Annex to the US Army Operations Order that addresses climate change, sustainable development, and other green issues during the conduct of military operations.  Here is my proposed "Annex W: Sustainable Development" to be completed by the Green Officer on the unit's staff (this is satire):
This is a hypothetical document and not an approved change to FM 5-0. It is being used to demonstrate the potential future of military operations under United Nations’ Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development related policies.

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  1. I have long been a reader to Faultline USA and especially enjoy the thoughts of Longstreet. This, however, is very disappointing and does not live up to the standards I expect from Faultline.
    My thoughts:

  2. Danny,
    This is my creation and meant as sarcasm/humor.