Saturday, December 08, 2012

Robert Welch on America's Destruction

Here is Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, speaking in 1958 about the strategy to destroy America through the "gradual surrender of America sovereignty, piece by piece and step by step, to various international organizations."  He also outlines the plan for how we will be undermined from within, which sounds a lot like what has happened, and is about to happen, in America.  He goes on to talk about what America should be doing.
  1. Greatly expanded government spending...getting rid of ever larger sums of American money as wastefully as possible 
  2. Higher and then much higher taxes 
  3. An increasingly unbalanced budget, despite the higher taxes 
  4. Wild inflation of our currency 
  5. Government control of prices, wages and materials, supposedly to combat inflation 
  6. Greatly increased socialistic controls over every operation of our economy and every activity of our daily lives; this is to be a correspondingly huge increase in the size of our bureaucracy and in both the cost and reach of our domestic government 
  7. Far more centralization of power in Washington and the practical elimination of our State lines 
  8. The steady advance of Federal aid to and control over our educational system
  9. A constant hammering into the American consciousness of the horror of modern warfare...and the absolute necessity of peace, peace always on communist terms
  10. The consequent willingness of the American people to allow the steps of appeasement by our government which amount to a piecemeal surrender of the rest of the free world and the United States itself
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--Against All Enemies

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