Monday, December 10, 2012

Al Qaeda: Tip of the Brotherhood's Spear

I strongly suspect that al Qaeda is the Muslim Brotherhood's "tip of the spear" in the Middle East and North Africa.  It is noteworthy that every time the Muslim Brotherhood is active in taking over a nation, al Qaeda happens to be involved.

Here are some considerations about the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda:

(1) Plausible Deniability.  Even though al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood share similar ideologies (through Egyptian Islamic theorist Sayyid Qutb), the Brotherhood does not currently acknowledge affiliation with al Qaeda.  This gives the Brotherhood plausible deniability should they utilize al Qaeda as its military arm to achieve its goals through violent jihad.

(2) Jihad is Obligatory.  According to "Reliance of the Traveller," a book on Sharia Law, it is obligatory (mandatory) for Muslims to either participate in the violent form of jihad, or provide assistance to those executing jihad.  The formation of "al Qaeda" groups gives Muslims an outlet to fulfill this obligation.

(3) Military Arm.  The organizational name of "Al Qaeda" presents a recognizable image that will readily attract jihadis in pursuit of the goals of Islam.  It is therefore convenient to establish a branch of al Qaeda anywhere the Muslim Brotherhood wants to undertake military action.

(4) Enemy of the United States.  Since the United States is at war with al Qaeda, if al Qaeda appears in a nation that is in revolution, the United States will feel obligated to prevent the al Qaeda forces from taking over the government, capturing chemical weapons, etc.  The United States must therefore get involved in the conflict and back the rebels who don't call themselves "al Qaeda."  This "other" rebel group would also be backed by the Muslim Brotherhood.  In this manner the Muslim Brotherhood receives support from the American taxpayer in the achievement of their goals.

These are my thoughts and are by no means certainties.  However, I do believe they deserve investigation, as I believe there is a plausible linkage between the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda.

--Against All Enemies

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