Monday, November 12, 2012

America: Welcome to Serfdom

"Although we had been warned by some of the greatest political thinkers of the nineteenth century, by Tocqueville and Lord Acton, that socialism means slavery, we have steadily moved in the direction of socialism. And now that we have seen a new form of slavery arise before our eyes, we have so completely forgotten the warning that it scarcely occurs to us that the two things may be connected." --F.A. Hayek
America, welcome to Serfdom!  F.A. Hayek warned us about socialism in his 1944 book "The Road to Serfdom," and now here we are.  Follow the links below to see some past posts on Hayek's wisdom regarding our current socialist state of affairs in America.

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Hayek on the Meaning of "Freedom" (20 Aug 12)
Hayek on the Decline of Classic Liberalism (18 Aug 12)
Hayek on Individualism (22 Jul 12)
Hayek's Warning: Socialism Means Slavery (18 Jul 12)
Hayek on National Socialism (16 Jul 12)
F.A. Hayek: The Road to Serfdom (7 Jul 12)

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