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The American Taliban -vs - American Marxists ... J. D. Longstreet

The American Taliban -vs - American Marxists
A Divided Country
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Added to all the panicked leftist chatter these days is the phrase "American Taliban."  That must be some yet to be discovered homegrown terrorist group, right?  Nope.  That is the new catch phrase used by the American left to describe the Tea Party Movement in America.

So -- where is all the tolerance the left so loves to boast of?  Where is all the civility they insist the right demonstrate?  It doesn't exist -- unless -- of course, you are one of THEM.  Like a certain world religion we are learning more about each day, there is the political left -- and -- there are the infidels!

Turns out the Tea Party has the cahones to stand up to the leftist steam roller and, for the first time, the "American Marxists" of the political left  actually have some serious competition. And they don't like it

We should not be surprised they are lashing out. Like a frightened pre-schooler, they've  wet themselves out of sheer panic.

The propagandists of the mainstream media and the leftist of Hollywood (including entertainment television) have yet to figure out that under the type of government they are advocating, they will be among the first voices hushed.  Why?  Simple, really.  The government will, rightly, understand that if the MSM and entertainment moguls will turn on the political right in America they will, at some point, turn on the political left.  A socialist/Marxist dictatorship cannot take that chance -- so -- they will be silenced.

What we have is a country in utter turmoil and on the cusp of total collapse.  Half of America wants to be a godless, socialist/communist county of citizens enslaved to the government.  The other half, well, they just want to be free.

OK.  So this, then, is a case where one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, right?  It is quickly boiling down to that.

America has reached a crossroads.  It happens every few decades.  But this crossroads will determine whether America continues to exist, or not.

I am convinced, from the obvious level of rage, distrust, and downright dislike of each other Americans are ready to split apart into separate countries.  I think the coming election, November 6th will decide that question.  If Americans insist on retaining Obama as President it will signal the end of the American experiment.  It will have been an abject failure.

Those of us who want our country back will realize, finally, that we can never have it back and our only option will be to leave and form a new nation.

But that has already been tried with zero success, right?  Yep.  My ancestors were hip deep in the last attempt at independence from the US.  But, it has been 151 years since that attempt and the people of this country have changed for the worst. 

See -- Tea Party/conservatives are scattered among ALL the states as are the socialist/Marxists. This split, if and when it comes, will be far more painful than the separation in the 1860's.  Back then it was a regional affair.  This time the entire country will be at each other's throats.

If Americans fall out and begin fighting each other again -- this time if WILL NOT resemble the late unpleasantness of the 1860's.  Nosiree.  This time it will resemble the conflict in the Balkans, except -- WORSE.

I don't expect a formal declaration of secession from any state but I do expect a few of the southern states to be in the van guard of those declaring themselves sovereign nation states and expelling the socialist/Marxist in residence at the time.  The exact opposite would, I suspect, be happening across the continent with conservatives also being expelled. 

Horrible?  You bet -- horrible in the extreme.

As a member of a southern heritage organization, I have had the opportunity to actually study the era of the last American war between the states. I must tell you -- you cannot imagine a horror that would come near to the actuality of what that war did to America.  Nearly 700,000 Americans dead at the hands of other Americans.  And remember, that was accomplished with muskets, a few rifles, and toward the end of hostilities, a Gatling gun, or two.  The private armaments of Americans today is far, far, superior to that of 150 years ago.

Government military forces would be ripped apart, too.  If voting habits of today's military can be employed as an indicator of conservative troops, then well over 60% of the federal military is currently conservative.  They will absolutely refuse to take action against their fellow Americans.  Think about that for a moment. Conservatives would, for all intents and purposes, suddenly have a huge military already trained, tested, and ready should the need for military action arise.

Look.  Our greatest defense over the past two and a half centuries has been our strength derived for our "united-ness."  With THAT gone, many of our enemy nations would recognize the vulnerability and, to be sure, they'd move in for their slice of America.  And to be honest, they would have some success.  The map of the old United States would be changed forever. 

I hope I am creating some fear and concern amongst you, the readers of this tome.  For what I am describing in these few paragraphs, remote as it may seem at the moment, is well within the realm of possibility IF we don't find some means of accommodation for our differences.

My side, the conservative side, is in no mood to compromise on anything, anymore.
  Too often conservative offers to compromise, in the past, have led to their being steamrolled by the socialist/Marxists entirely too many times, so further compromise is off the table.

Look.  I'm NOT advocating a civil war here.  I'm simple making an attempt to paint a picture of America's future if sanity doesn't prevail in the coming election in November.

It is imperative for Americans to understand that America WILL change after November 6th -- one way or the other.  The election will be a defining event in not just American history, but in world history as well.

When Americans begin to look at each other with blood lust in their eyes, the whole world shudders.  I mean -- it's not like we haven't done it before.
I'm just issuing a warning here. Shuddering is, I believe, in order.

J. D. Longstreet

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