Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It is Blackmail!

Obama’s “Gang of 39” has gone Too Far!

Obama Regime “Blackmails” Congress

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Remember a few weeks ago, I wrote of Obama’s Chicago style politics? Well, then, you were not blind-sided by the EPA’s move to declare their regulation of so-called greenhouse gases.

When you peel away the BS spewed by the EPA you will clearly see the ploy being used by the Obama Regime to say to the Congress, either YOU pass the Cap and Trade bill, or MY EPA will pass regulations that will regulate practically every aspect of American life from the home, to factory, to the office, to the church, to the automobile, -- you name it -- and the Obama Regime will be riding herd over every living American exhaling CO-2 today!

I have to ask – do YOU STILL THINK YOU LIVE IN A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC? Because -- if you do, you are living in a dream, a dream that is, as of this hour, turning into a nightmare!

We warned you the appointment of all those Obama “Czars” was simply another way to get around the Congress, the legal legislative branch of the former US government. That was before America went socialist (with the election of Comrade Obama) on the way to COMMUNISM.
Comrade Obama’s Czars have one reason to exist and that is to do the President’s bidding and to by-pass the Congress. The Congress doesn’t seem to know it yet but they are a weak, impotent, bunch of “useless idiots” Comrade Obama has used like cheap prostitutes to satisfy his immediate needs while his Czars, the “Gang of 39” settle in and prepare to rule America.

You see, dear reader, Obama no longer needs the Congress, they are superfluous, and, now with the use of the Comrades in the EPA, he has driven home that point to all but the most densely minded Congressperson and Senator in the Congress. After today’s Police State antics, by the EPA, the members of Congress ought to feel icky, dirty, and, yes, “used.” And it will get worse for them unless they toe the line. Comrade Obama will continue to drive home the difficult-to-accept fact that he has seized power in Washington, for himself and his communist cadre, much as Napoleon crowned himself emperor -- and Comrade Obama will make that fact abundantly clear, over the weeks and months ahead, as he by-passes Congress in favor of his Czars whose departments can formulate “regulations that have the force of law.”

Now, what I have just described to you is a dictator. A dictator is a ruler who dictates how a country is run. In this case, Comrade Obama is not only going to dictate how the country is run, he is going to dictate how your home and your family is run! He is going to dictate how your factory us run, how your business is run, how many miles a monh you can drive your vehicle, what kind of appliance you can have in your home, and it just goes on and on and on.
BIG BROTHER is loose in the land!

Take the blinders off America. We have a COMMUNIST in the White House and a cadre of COMMUNISTS in that damnable bunch of sycophantic, like-minded, “Progressive Czars,” otherwise know as Obama’s Gang. By the way, “PROGRESSIVE” was the word used by COMMUNISTS in 20th century America to self-describe themselves. They almost never, EVER, referred to themselves as “COMMUNISTS.” They referred to themselves as “Progressives.” I am of the opinion they have not changed – American “COMMUNISTS”, in Washington at least, still refer to themselves as “Progressives.” Remember that when you hear the crowd of so-called democrats in Washington refer to themselves as “Progressives” and remember -- that word is a code word for COMMUNIST. Step back, and, as we said, take off the blinders and look objectively at the Czars Comrade Obama has gathered around him and it is fairly easy to see they are his “Gang of 39.” Beginning on December 7th, 2009, that "Gang" became the government of the United States.

So what is it all about? It is about taking over the US government, crushing the “Representative Republic” that WAS America and turning America into a communist dictatorship with Comrade Obama and his Gang of 39 running EVERYTHING!

I heard a conservative commentator, on TV, the other night; declare that the American government is now a socialist government disguised as a GREEN GOVERNMENT. Ok, I can see that. Where did all those commies go when the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia fell apart some 20 odd years ago? They simply moved into the Green Movement, the so-called environmental movement. Oh yes! They are green on the outside – but -- on the inside they are RED – as red as any “communist red” ever was! (Think Watermelon!)

I have concluded, it is far too late to try to save our government. It is gone. Its demise was extremely fast. We have no representative government left in America. We are now moving into that dreaded Police State we conservatives have warned about for years -- if Americans ever were weak enough (and dumb enough) to allow the so-called Progressives to gain control of the American government.

What you saw within the past 24 hours was the installation of the Communist Police State in America. What you saw when Comrade Obama’s EPA released and made public its decision to regulate greenhouse gases, including CO-2, was the opening shot fired across the bow of the Congress. It said, as plainly as is possible: “Congress, you are no longer needed! From now on we make the rules!”

They are correct. Congress IS irrelevant. Congress is not needed any longer, In fact, Congress ought to disband and go home and cower in their closets and basements until Comrade Obama’s own brand of the KGB kicks in their door, at three in the morning, and drags them away to a re-education center in the Mohave Desert somewhere.

In less than a year, Comrade Obama has very nearly destroyed this country. If Americans are to save enough of the US to rebuild after Comrade Obama has left the stage, we are going to have to go underground – and soon -- for we will be hunted down and neutralized. Call it paranoia if you like, but when everyone IS out to get you, then Paranoia is darn good thinking!

When a leader thinks he is strong enough to emasculate the Congress then he is surely demented enough to believe he can extinguish the flame of freedom and liberty now, admittedly, flickering in our doubtful and troubled hearts.

I have said before that I suspect the November 2008 election was likely the last free election America will have. It is not difficult to slam the only door Americans have to those now nearly impotent leaders we ELECTED to represent us.

Declaring a National Emergency due to a collapsing national economy and suspending elections, as well as the constitution, just isn’t that difficult, especially when you have your own socialist/communist government as Comrade Obama does, to back you up.

Alarmist? You bet I am alarmed! And you should be, as well!

J. D. Longstreet

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