Tuesday, June 09, 2009


J. D. Longstreet


A few weeks ago, we warned that a National Healthcare bill, of some sort, would be making its way through Congress by the end of July. Looks as if I was off the mark - too far off the mark, actually. It now appears it could be any day now!

Over the weekend, David Axelrod, a senior White House Adviser, said that President Obama would soon push for a health-care reform plan. Axelrod said the President’s plan would call for the creation of a government-owned health-care company. He went on to predict that Congress would pass such a plan by the end of the summer.

This is called “Incrementalism,” dear reader. Obama knows if he hits us with the total Socialized Healthcare package, right out of the starting gate, it would be doomed to failure. So, he is falling back on the tried and true method of squeezing a little at a time out of the taxpayers in “increments”, so to speak, until one morning, not too far down the road from now, we will awaken to a whole new world of Socialized Medicine in America. Then we will have that wonderful healthcare, oh, say, like the British have. You know - where they have to extract their own teeth, or die while waiting in a queue for treatment for cancer, or wait weeks and months while some government committee decides who lives and who dies because healthcare has had to be rationed because the government system is out of money and the taxpayers simply cannot sustain another tax increase… and the nightmare just goes on and on and on ……

“Oh, but”, you say, “ The President is just creating a government owned insurance COMPANY… not universal healthcare.” To which I would be compelled to ask, “Have you not been paying attention?”

Look – private Insurance companies have no hope of survival in competition with a government owned insurance company. As with all government agencies it will be financed with your tax dollars and would never have to worry about meeting a budget, or making money for the stockholders - none of the ordinary problems faced by a private “for profit” company. Private insurers will be driven out of business until, in a very short time, there will be only ONE insurance company in America… the GOVERNMENT Insurance Company… or, as it will most likely be known…“Obamacare”! That’s when Americans get hit with the second increment of the plan… the entire universal healthcare plan including inferior medical care, massive tax increases, and healthcare rationing –and worse than all these, government control of your very LIFE! (There is an article at the Wall Street Journal Online titled: “How Washington Rations - ObamaCare omen: a case study in 'cost-control'” that will give you some insight into what you and I can expect in the way of healthcare rationing by the politicians in Washington once this new ObamaCare gets underway. You’ll find it HERE. )

I ran across an article, while doing a little research the other day, entitled “Dear America (Canada Warns US about Socialized Medicine).” We recommend you take a look at it. It is brief and to the point and well worth the couple or three minutes it will take you to read it. You’ll find it HERE. One more article I’d recommend to you is entitled: “Why Socialized Medicine is Wrong for America.” You’ll find it HERE.

Understand this: I believe, as I said earlier, some sort of socialized Medicine legislation will be passed by the US Congress this year. Most likely it will be the ObamaCare government-owned insurance company. Just remember, it is only the beginning. It is, in fact, the beginning of your life as a serf, as a slave to the government. Because, you see, that is what socialism is - slavery by another name.

There has always been an excellent reason America was the only industrialized nation on earth without socialized medicine. Because we are, at least we WERE, a free and independent people who believed in ourselves, and in our God, to meet the challenges thrown at us by whatever and whomever and always find it within ourselves to stand our ground and overcome. Somehow, somewhere, along the way, we have lost that belief in ourselves. We have now become like so many of the countries to which we used to send missionaries.

I can recall when Americans were known for our rugged individualism, for our independence, for our undaunted “can do spirit”. Back in those days we won wars simply because it never entered our minds there was a possibility we COULD lose! America was different. We were a nation built from the human “cast offs” of the other nations of the planet. Those were the people who crossed vast oceans in the holds of ships with only the planking of a single deck separating them from the filthy bilges of the ship’s cesspools below them. All this they endured just for a chance, and ONLY a chance, to live and breathe free and take advantage of whatever opportunity this new land might, in its bounty, offer them.

Americans are a mongrel people, a mixed-breed, a hodge-podge of genes tempered in the crucible of hardship and molded in a unique form the world has never seen before. Made thusly, and armed with the belief that God was truly on our side, we were unstoppable by anyone or anything save ourselves.

The introduction of Socialism, by the former Democratic Party, has infiltrated our hearts, our minds, AND our souls, and replaced all the above with self-doubt and squashed our belief in ourselves until we have become a blob of malleable putty in the hands of a malicious spirit which has all but replaced our belief in ourselves and in our God. A nation thus disemboweled cannot long survive the onslaught of the nations so long embarrassed by our obvious superiority, which was earned by the sweat of hard work and dedication to the principal’s set down, in writing, by our founders in the Constitution and by our Creator in The Bible.

All this has brought America to a crossroads. Take the right road and we can regain our glory. Take the other and we become one of the mediocre nations who look with longing on their lost empires and their lost glory.

We Americans have a chance, albeit a small chance, to show some of the spine of our ancestors and stop this massive takeover of a huge portion of this nation’s treasury and an even greater portion of the self-respect of our citizens placed in our hands for safe keeping by the founders of this unique experiment in democracy.

They’re going to come at us fast and hard with everything they’ve got while attempting to keep us off balance, all the while, with one crisis after another, real or imagined.

We can do it - but it is going to require that we call on the last reserves we have of courage and determination and a deeper reliance on our God for guidance that we must be willing to unhesitatingly follow.

We have heard it over and over again: “Freedom is not free.” America is about to learn exactly why that claim was ever made and what it truly means.

The decision is a simple one. We must choose between socialism and slavery to the state, or democracy and freedom for ourselves and the generations of Americans yet unborn. And we must make that decision and act upon it today. There is no time to lose.

J. D. Longstreet


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