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US Needs a Commander-in Chief to Handle the Russians

Obama or McCain vs. The Russian Bear?
By J. D. Longstreet
The Russians “test-fired” a missile out over the Pacific, in plain view of the world over the past weekend. It was done in secrecy… because they WANTED us to see it. It was their big announcement: Hey, The Russian Bear Is BACK!!!”

Back in August I wrote the piece below. But it just as easily could have been written this morning.

With the world in a state of turmoil, what with the financial markets in chaos, look for the Russians to take advantage of the distraction to perform some mischief they could not otherwise get away with. It is a hallmark of their Modus Opporendi.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at their recent adventures, shall we? At the same time let us seriously ask ourselves which of the two men running for President of the US is most capable of standing up to the Russians and… which of them the Russians would be delighted to see in the Oval Office.

With the Russian bear on the prowl again, whom do YOU want standing in the way of that bear? Obama or McCain? THAT will be the question come this November! For me, the answer is obvious. It should be for you as well.

It’s not like we didn’t know this was going to happen. If you know the least bit about Russian history then you know Russia is going to expand and keep expanding until somebody forces them to stop. They cannot help themselves. A form of national paranoia passed from generation to generation kindles their “expansionism”. There is something in the Russian mind, in the Russian psyche that demands they must have a “strongman” leader. They are ever in search of a “Czar”. Otherwise, they feel weak, exposed, inadequate, and vulnerable. They incessantly fear attack, invasion, rape, pillage, sacking of their country by some other country, even when they cannot clearly define the “would be attacker”. That fear is ever present. Their aggression is a sure sign of their fear. Never, NEVER, turn your back on the Russians. For if you do…you present them with an inviting target… and they will strike! Every time.

So, we have returned to the bi-polar world… the Russian half of the world and the US half of the world.

The US will have no choice now but to rebuild our military. That means reinstating the draft. We need more “bodies”. For what the Russian military lacks in technology they more than make up for in warm bodies which they have no problem using as cannon fodder. Personally, I still support mandatory military service for all Americans. But, that’s just me.

Certainly, all clear thinking Americans know the Georgia incursion was not a last minute thing. Putin had been planning it for months, maybe even years. Look back over the history between the US and Russia and you will see that when Russia launches into a new adventure, they make sure our attention is diverted elsewhere. Putin cannot have missed the likelihood that Obama will be the next President of the US and he knows all the restraints he now has forced upon him by the US will fall away and… he will be on the march. All those small former satellite nations around Russia will soon be back in the fold. My guess is (The) Ukraine is next on Putin’s list.

Looking critically at the US…it is clear that not only must the US rebuild our military, we must do it quickly. We are going to need a President with military experience to lead us. Mr. Obama simply does not have what it will take to lead this country. Speaking well, having been endowed with an oversize ego, but with almost no experience in the real world, certainly does not qualify him. I refer to THE real world where a drawn out dialog with your enemy means hundreds, even thousands, more deaths occur while polite diplomatic exercises take place. I mean THE real world where death is just minutes away delivered by intercontinental ballistic missiles tipped with nuclear warheads. Having, as the leader of the United States, a novice politician, woefully lacking in experience, but bolstered with an oversized ego, will accomplish nothing… except invite our enemies to run, roughshod, over our interests overseas and, eventually, here at home.

The US is in entirely too much danger, at this point in history, to seriously even consider, for one moment, electing Mr. Obama as President. The Islamofacists are bent on striking us again, here, on our own shores. They tell us as much. In our recent past, less than brilliant leaders in the Congress and the office of President have decimated our military and intelligence communities. As a result, we have a military stretched to its limits fighting on two fronts we know of, Iraq and Afghanistan, and other fronts we are NOT told of, and our intelligence agencies have been so shorn of quality personnel, equipment, funding, and human intelligence resources around the world, that, oftimes, it would appear we would do better leasing assets from the Israeli Mossad!

The next President of the US will inherit a war. Did you catch that? Did that register with you? I’ll say it again, clearer this time: The next President, whoever he is, will walk into the Oval Office while bullets are flying, shells are exploding, and missiles screaming death from the skies, as silent spy planes soar in lazy circles above a mountainous region of the Middle East searching, relentlessly, for the master of the mayhem begun on 9-11-2001.

And now the Russian Bear has slipped it’s leash and, once again is ripping and tearing it’s way through those inhabitants unfortunate enough to reside on the fringes of its domain. The bear is seeking, as always, to expand its domain, no matter the toll in the carnage of human lives and ruined cities, towns, and villages. The Russians are even moving into our hemisphere with airbases planned for Venezuela, and even though they dispute it, refueling bases for their nuclear bombers in Cuba, just off our southern shore.

The next US President will, of necessity, have to be a Commander-in-Chief from the first moment he takes the oath of office. The life of every mother’s son and daughter in the uniform of our military will depending upon HIM for leadership that will win the war and return them safely to their loved ones… in THAT order. Cutting and running from the battle will do nothing except insure that the war goes on, on other fronts, and not on those carefully chosen and prepared “killing fields’ in the Middle East. Abandoning the field of battle will force the enemy to bring the war to us… to America… to our shopping malls, to our sports stadia, to OUR buses, trains, airliners, churches, synagogues and yes, even to our children’s schools.

Every election is said to be the most important election in the history of the country. But, this one, THIS one, may decide if you and I live or die.

Yes, “The Bear” is back. Seems to me… the best thing for America, this coming November, is to elect a man to the office of President who is “loaded for bear”.

J. D. Longstreet

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  1. Make up your mind Longstreet. Are you so enamored by your own words that you spew out the garbage as you did in your two post yesterday or just another far right nut with an agenda against McCain or an Obamazombie in drag.
    You can't have it both ways Longstreet, either you are for McCain and are voting for and supporting him 100% in order to have a man who has a clue about the military in office or you are 100% against him as you stated in your pieces of ignorance yesterday.

    Now that said, stop trying to be a Buchanan wannabe. One of him is enough in this world and he can't seem to make up his mind on anything either.