Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain Supports Obama? What?

McCain Supports Obama? WHAT?

J. D. Longstreet


Yep! By all accounts that is exactly what happened. It happened on Friday of last week at a town hall style gathering when McCain tried to calm a man concerned about raising his child with Obama as President. McCain is reported to have said that Barack Obama “… is a "decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States." It was at about this point in the McCain Campaign when the McCain train went completely off the rails it was only partially on up to that point.

I have been monitoring the blogoshere since that happened and I must tell you, if you don’t already know, those remarks, in support of Mr. Obama, began a firestorm of dissent against Mr. McCain among his own reluctant supporters.

Conservatives who had made their minds up to hold their noses and vote for McCain, go home and take a shower, are now re-evaluating that decision and many are walking away from McCain… in droves. It is not what one could describe as a trickle… it is more like a dam burst. To say there has been a backlash against McCain would be the understatement of the year.

For conservatives, making the decision to go against their conscious and support McCain was a heart-rending exercise. Some of us have simply refused to do it from the very beginning, myself included. I would not even entertain the notion of supporting McCain. But for a few weeks it appeared that most republican conservatives had decided to do just that in order to keep a man, they honestly believe is a socialist, out of the White House.

Appointments to the US Supreme Court are extremely high on the list of concerns for conservatives and that was one of the arguments employed to persuade conservatives to support McCain. But now, conservatives are asking themselves, what guarantees do they have that McCain WOULD appoint conservative nominees to fill the coming vacancies n the SCOTUS? The honest answer is NONE! What about moderate nominees? The answer is the same. Remember, A President McCain would likely have a democrat controlled Senate for at least two years.

McCain is a lot of things… but he is not conservative. So, pleased do not insult conservatives by referring to him as such.

Mr. McCain’s show of support for Obama last week was the last straw for many conservative voters. In fact conservative hardliners consider it “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. Already upset at being pressured, by fellow republicans, regaling them with: “a refusal to vote for McCain is a vote for Obama”, many rightwing conservatives have simply left the field. They can no longer be counted as probable voters for McCain. They’re going to “stay home.”

This conservative will be voting on Election Day. I won’t be voting for McCain, however. I will write in the name of a conservative I believe the leading lights in the GOP rejected in their ill-advised attempt to redefine conservatism and, in so doing, change the face of the Republican Party. Oh, in the end, they will have accomplished something. Unfortunately, for the country, they will have ushered in European style socialism and become accomplices in the death of representative democracy and capitalism in America.

J. D. Longstreet


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  2. With people like Longstreet in the Republican party , who needs the left to do anything. He is the type that if he doesn't get his way will like the proverbial spoiled little boy in the sand box, pull up his pants and go home. '

    If, and I say If, because from what I have read it is doubtful that you have the ability to even reason anything of substance other than how to whine and get your way, you would have understood McCain as to attempting to stop such stupid remarks as were being made such as Kill, hang him etc, etc. These remarks for most rational individuals are unacceptable regardless from where they come from.
    John McCain in no way supported Obama, he simply rejected the type of trash talk that evidently you endorse.

    Now when Obama is elected and your childish behaviour does you little good go look in the mirror and point to the reason that Obama is president.
    Staying at home and not voting for John McCain because he is not far right enough for you is not only childish but stupid. The far right is as dangerous as the far left and you have proven what I have been saying on my blog since January. Both are just as dangerous as terrorist to this country.

    If the shoe fits wear it for I shall not apologize for my words.

    I will probably not see this posted but at least I have had my say.

  3. My mother, who lives in another state, is going to great physical pains to get herself registered in the new precinct (where her new assisted living home is) so that she can go to the polls to vote against Ob*ma. They have not made it easy for her to register to vote in her precinct. It involves a walker, a bus ride, possibly standing on a line, and all because she wants to do all that is in her power to vote against Ob*ma. I know there are others like her. So shame on you, Mr. Longstreet, for making your "statement" and helping to hand the election to Ob*ma on a silver platter. I, myself, as conservative as I am, lose sleep over this election. I am REALLY worried about that man living in our precious White House. I don't trust him for America as far as I can throw him with my little finger. And "conservatives" like you are going to stay home? Or write-in? For what - to make your own proud personal little statement? You have lost one reader of your column today. Big deal to you, I'm sure, but I don't want to read material that depresses me. Lord God help our country!

  4. For what - to make your own proud personal little statement?

    Anon. how true,angry little men with small minds and overvalued in their own minds.