Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's War - Call it What it is: War on Islam

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After 9/11 we declared a War on Terror and it sparked a uniting of Americans that was too long coming.

We've been able to define "Terror" now for several years and we know the terror to be Islam.

WorldNetDaily quotes "a top commander for al-Qaida:"

"Islam does not distinguish between the American people and the American government, since both are in a state of war with Islam," Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid said in a recent interview.
He is right. This is a War against Islam in response to Islam's War on America, Islam's War on Freedom and Liberty, Islam's War on Infidels, Islam's War on Democracy - and just to be clear, Islam brought it to America years ago.

The difference between Islam's thinking and a thinking American is that Americans will be suspicious of, and fight back against, those Muslims supporting the downfall of America. We won't pin it on our next door neighbor unless he is found to be actively anti-American. We won't pin it on the Muslim children in our community, but we will hold their parents responsible for dispelling the Islamic agenda of hate toward us, we won't pin it on our co-worker unless she demonstrates a disdain for us - sees us as an infidel, but we will always be suspicious of the Mosques in our community - because we have no other choice.

I won't use the impotent and futile term "War on Terror" again. From now on it is the War on Islam, or the War against Islam - a hateful ideology, a hateful oppressive form of government, a seething desire to eliminate all things non-Islamic.

I'm declaring it for my blog.

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  1. It is SO sad that there are people in this country that hold the beliefs expressed in this blog post.

    Open your heart a little! Dare to see a world that is more complicated, more beautiful and more full of individual goodness than the us-and-them labels you resort to.

    Islam is not a hateful ideology. It is not a form of government (hateful or otherwise). It is not seething to eliminate all things non-Islamic.

    Islam is a religion and like all religions -- Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, all of them -- Islam ultimately takes place at the individual level.

    There are Christians who are kind and loving. There are also plenty of Christians who are cruel, who have murdered, who have engaged in "terrorism". Likewise, there are Muslims who have engaged in acts of evil. And there are Muslims who are kind and loving.

    I've traveled to many Muslim countries -- Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Syria, among others -- and been met with incredible kindness, as an American and as a person. Because everyone is more than their religion. (I am a Christian, but I'm also an American, a traveler, a Red Sox fan, a man, a person of Irish heritage, a father, a husband, a libertarian, etc.)

    By declaring a "War on Islam" you are taking one particular facet of a whole group of individuals and lumping all those people together. Where do we get if everyone resorted to the sort of stereotyping you use? Your thinking is the same that an Iraqi could use to look at Abu Ghraib and declare a "War On All Americans." It is the same a Palestinian could use to look at an injustice committed by an individual Israeli soldier and declare "War on Jews." It is what a Catholic in Northern Ireland could use to declare "War On All Protestants."

    Please, start to become part of the solution.

    You can't fight hateful acts with your hateful speech.

  2. It is war! They started it because we have offended them by being the ally of a nation and a people that they hate and want to destroy. Namely Israel. Israel can use all the allies that it can get. I do not expect the U.S. to apologize for it, nor to waver in it's support of Israel.

    Muslims would like us to think of Isalam as a peaceful religion. I would be more inclined to believe that if were not for all these Muslims running around the world killing innocent people. Pretending that Islam is a religion of peace and holding out an olive branch to them is about as foolish as trying to feed an alligator a steak with your bare hands.

    It is war! We know who the enemy is.

  3. How do you figure there are all these "Muslims running around the world killing innocent people"??

    The United States has somewhere between 2 and 5 million Muslims within its borders and they aren't any more murderous (and possibly less so) than the Jews or Muslims or Christians or atheists. The murder rate in nearly every Muslim-majority country is lower than it is in the U.S., and the countries with by far the highest murder rates (Columbia, South Africa, Jamaica and Venezuela) are all Christian-majority.

    The enemy is NOT every single person who self-identifies as a Muslim. The enemy is NOT Islam. The enemy in general is terrorism (which has been engaged in by people of many faiths). And the enemy in particular is al Qaeda their sympathizers.

    Stereotyping every Muslim as a terrorist is exactly the sort of closed minded thinking that makes this world worse.

  4. WESPJ: It is the Islamic "belief," the belief in the Koran. It can no longer be ignored or glossed over.

    Islam is not a religion of peace, and while every Muslim is not committing jihad, they support it through the support of their clerics and, here we are back again to - the belief in the Koran.

    If you want to talk about solutions, then talk about the bottom line of the Koran.

    Maggie's Notebook

  5. Maybe I'm missing something, but to me what you seem to be doing is taking YOUR idea of what the bottom line of the Koran is and falsely extrapolating from that what is in the hearts of all Muslims.

    The vast majority of Muslims -- like the vast majority of any major faith -- are of that "belief" because they were born into it. For all Muslims -- like for everyone -- faith is individual. Take two people who "believe in the Bible" and each will have different ideas of what that means, potentially very different, would they not? Same for the Koran. Many Bible-believing people have gone on to do good works and a few have gone on to commit murder. Same for the Koran-believers. And, again, the Koran-believers are no more likely to be in the murder category than those who read the Bible (and arguably less-so).

    It is a person's actions that are important here. And on that front it isn't only that "not every Muslim is committing jihad." It is that almost none of them are! There were almost no clerics who gave moral support to the 9-11 attacks.

    Listen, if your view of things were right then a non-Muslim American would be unable to put on a USA sweatshirt and walk alone down the streets of Damascus or Tehran or Istanbul or Kuala Lumpur without getting attacked. And that isn't the case!

    If you are right, why would that be? If you are right and believing in the Koran makes you so likely to be evil then why aren't 90% of Muslims in the country in jail for committing crimes, or 50%, or 25%, or 10%?

    Terrorism is terrible!!! Having a faith and cultural traditions that are different from yours is not.