Thursday, December 13, 2007

Under the Microscope: Al Sharpton

under the microscopeFederal authorities have subpoenaed financial records and employees in an apparent probe of the Rev. Al Sharpton's 2004 presidential bid, nonprofit civil rights group, and for-profit businesses, a newspaper reported Thursday.

So what kind of a mess will this deliver? Reports indicate Al Sharpton is no stranger to investigations including campaign and tax related. The probe includes a grand jury as well as records from Sharpton's non-profit and for-profit businesses and testimony from subpoenaed individuals.

Will Sharpton be his usual outspoken self or act more subdued with the current news of the investigation? Don't be surprised if the race card comes out as Sharpton was recently taken to task by talk show hosts due to callers suggesting bigotry and prejudice of other well known figures. Callers were invited to listen to tapes of Sharpton speeches asking if they were equal in racial tone to the callers accusations against others.

Just what everyone needs as religious holidays such as Christmas and Chanukah approach. Not to mention the campaign that has been religiously stoked and all the other discontent on other current events in politics and foreign affairs.

The fact that other reports have Sharpton 'angrily denouncing' an investigation of his 2004 Presidential campaign bid serves as evidence that the earlier question posed above has been answered and Sharpton, not surprisingly, will continue to be noticeably outspoken in keeping with his past performances.

Sharpton has urged the city of Chicago to do something about police brutality or he would oppose the city's bid for Olympics consideration. Plan on hearing more about that part of the story as the investigation of Sharpton progresses. By involving himself in public affairs and being viewed as controversial will lend itself to sound bites in the press in the near future and maybe beyond.

Sharpton's style in pursuing his interests certainly draws considerable attention but may prove more of a hinderance in the coming months if he plans to defend himself against the effects of the investigation in the press.

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  1. Stanford. Thanks for cross-posting this article. Sharpton ploy (from Al’s Playbook 10th Edition) #1. Distraction by race-baiting.

  2. I always knew he was dirty.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  3. I can only add this --

    Al Sharpton is a thug, a bully, a hatemongerer, a racist, a hipocrite, and a self-serving political hack who, like his extortionist buddy, Jesse Jackson, is living off the misery of others, enabling that downward-spiralling culture of self-pity and professional victimizationalism to continue and flourish by perpetuating the myth of the white subjugation of blacks.

    And, from everything I've read about him, he's also probably a criminal.

    I almost throw up every time I see him being treated so deferentially of television talk shows. Don't these misguided TV Talk Show hosts realize that by catering to these lowlifes they are only making it more impossible for the black people (especially those inner city black people) to ever come to grips with the truth of their sorry situation?

    I can't stand even looking at him.