Thursday, December 27, 2007

Presidential Candidates Respond to Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

Searching the internet for unbiased reporting is a daunting task. Several of the major news outlets only focused on one or two candidates – usually their favorites. At any rate, I believe that the article “Candidates react to Bhutto slaying” by Thomas Beaumont, of the DesMoines Register is an excellent summary of the candidate’s reactions so far today. Rather than excerpt it all here I urge you to read the entire article.

Here are my reactions to what the candidates said:

Unlike the usual tentative display of statesmanlike condolences offered by several candidates, John McCain has a sensible plan and he wasn’t afraid to say what it is.

McCain and Thompson were the first two candidates to actually respond on the news.

Thompson wasn’t afraid to remind us all that the assassination of Bhutto is part of the overall war on terrorism. "It is going to require resolve. It is going to require unity. It isgoing to require toughness," he said.

John Edwards seemed to echo President George Bush’s reaction by also stating that we need to bring the perpetrators to justice. Interesting, don’t you think?

Obama has an interesting parsing of his words in his statement “ . . .but we have to make sure that we are clear as Americans we stand for Democracy and that we will be steadfast in our desire to end the kinds terrorist attacks that have blighted not just Pakistan and other parts of the world."

Now if only wishes were fishes and desires were actions . . . Ah, but I digress.

Biden also has a plan and he didn’t mind reminding everyone that he told “President Musharraf to provide better security for Ms. Bhutto.” He also would offer the U.S. to help investigate this assassination.

Clinton had wonderful things to say about Bhutto and offered no plan.

Richardson definitely has a plan and it is way too scary! Richardson needs no investigations. He’s already figured it all out. First he’ll ask “Musharraf to step aside, and a broad-based coalition government, consisting of all the democratic parties, should be formed immediately. Until this happens, we should suspend military aid to the Pakistani government. Free and fair elections must also be held as soon as possible.”

Romney is still learning about today’s tragic events. No plan offered.

Paul, ever the isolationist, said “Involvement in the internal affairs of the Pakistani government is one of the last things the United States should engage in, Paul said.” Involvement in the internal affairs of the Pakistani government is one of the last things the United States should engage in.”

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