Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blogburst for Fred Thompson

Why Fred?

It’s pretty obvious if you’re a MSM newshound like me that they are all icing out Fred – even good ol Fox seems to ignore Fred. Instead of buying into the left-leaning media ice storm, most conservatives should be asking themselves why? The answer is quite simple. The liberal MSM is deathly afraid that Thompson would beat any Democratic candidate no matter which one eventually gets the nomination. And as for “fair and balanced” Fox, they appear to be in another “conservative” candidate’s bed!

Remember it was just a few months ago when conservatives overwhelmed congress to defeat the Comprehensive Immigration Bill. We need to stick together as we did then and we need the only candidate who will unite us on this issue. Fred wants to secure our borders and enforce immigration laws because he says that “Amnesty is not an option,” and “sanctuary cities” must end.

Wake up Folks!

H/T Rick Moran, who is organizing this blogburst, and to Stop the ACLU for jumping on it today. I’m jumping on today too because I won’t be able to post tomorrow.

If you are a blogger who supports Fred, please participate in this Blogburst.

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Fred needs your help today to get the above ad played in Iowa.

If you are a blogger who supports Fred, please donate to Fred and please participate in this Blogburst.

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  1. I got your trackbacks, but they went to spam for some reason. I have approved them. TypePad SUCKS.

    This is a great idea and I signed on when Rick sent out his email. I thought it would be a copy/past blogburst like some of the other groups. But I guess we will be writing out own posts. I better get busy.

    Great job. Go FRED.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. "a MSM newshound like me"

    *heh* I think it was about the time "Uncle Walter" started lying through his teeth about Vietnam that I discovered the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind and began tuning them in ONLY when whatever latest BIG pile of horsepuckey funneled through the Hivemind from the Mothership orbiting Uranus *heh* made vigorus contact with the aerial propulsion device happened to stink up the known universe.

    IOW, I only check up on the latest lies, damned lies and "news" every now and then, since Mass Media Podpeople have but one cardinal rule: lie, even when it is so obvious a a lie a blind pig caught in a tornado can see it is.

    But I only view the Mass Media Podpeople's Hivemind that way when I'm feeling upbeat, optimistic and charitable. And then I have days when I'm a bit cynical...


  3. BTW, I have a theory about why Fred gets so little play (and then mostly negative) from the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind, a theory that goes beyond the desire of the Hivemind to see America turn to dust. Read the position papers, comments, etc. by Fred on his website. Can you imagine ANY Mass Media Podpeople with the historical knowledge--let alone basic literacy and comprehension of the English language--to be able to actually, well, you know, READ his positions? Now, imagine these same idiots being constantly baffled by his spoken words.

    Fred makes 'em feel dumb and stupid, and they simply canNOT allow anyone who speaks clearly, reasonably, making arguments with facts and logic to have any airtime at all--at least not without finding a way to misrepresent his views.

    The there's the whole, "Oh, no! What if the sheeple wake up?!?" fear thing...

  4. Debbie:

    Thanks for the info. I didn't know that you had to approve every trackback. Ugh! I think Rick's idea is great too. Hopefully many of Fred's bloggers will join in.

  5. David I believe you have a very good point! Fred is one of the few candidates who has provided indepth details concerning his positions. Not something the HIVE-MIND can easily digest!