Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore Snags 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

The fact that Gore just snagged the 2007 Nobel “Peace” prize tells us much more about the prize than we probably care to know. For a list of all the previous winners go to The Elephant Bar

Perhaps it’s high time that we all worked very hard to see that Gore gets drafted into candidacy for the presidential nomination? He says that he’s not interested but Gore and the truth are not always close companions. Imagine the chills up Hillary’s spine!

Leave your comment: Should Al Gore run for the presidency?

Here’s the slant from the left . . .

Excerpt from Mike Allen’s Playbook

Good Friday morning. Once lampooned and beleaguered, Vice President Al Gore is avenged. Denied the presidency in the chaos of the Florida recount of 2000, he now has received what is arguably the most prestigious award in the world. His obsession with the environment and global warming, which led former President George H.W. Bush to mock him as "ozone man," has now been certified on a global stage as a worthy and consequential crusade.

CNN, picking up CNN International, carried the announcement live from Oslo, Norway, initially in confusing translation. The APNewsAlert moved at 5:01 a.m.: "Former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize."

The vice president is in the San Francisco area. The calls for a candidacy from a scattered but dedicated band of supporters could now become a roar. But Gore has already shaken off his ghosts. Top adviser Michael Feldman tells Playbook about presidential rumblings: "My sense is that this won't affect that calculation. He has said all along he has no plans to run for president. He's been spending all his discretionary time on the climate crisis. This great honor will further enhance that."

This is from News Blogs

An effort is afoot to draft Al GoreAl Gore’s apparent lack of interest in stepping back into national politics hasn’t stopped his admirers from a last-ditch attempt to draft the former vice president for a new run at the White House. In a relatively quiet – but frenetic – hustle to get their candidate in the mix, a group of supporters of the newly named Nobel Peace Prize winner has been raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for petition drives and ad campaigns. They say that with rumors of a Nobel Peace Prize and the new interest in global warming that his recent movie has generated, he’s looking more attractive every day. “Draft Gore” even ran a full-page – $65,000 – advertisement in the N.Y. Times Wednesday, plus commercials on liberal talk shows, hoping to entice their candidate into the race. Many believe that he actually won the last time he ran, only to be cheated out of the throne because of shady dealings in Florida. Should Al Gore jump in the presidential race?

Conservative Reactions:

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Best Comments left on Blogs so far . . .

“Global Warming and Al Gore. One is an unproven theory and the other is a proven loser. That’s something to which we can look forward.” – left by Comment by Robert Rosencrans
on The Hill’s Pundits Blog

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  1. Owlgore was, is, and will always be a charlatan with delusions of grandeur.

  2. I just heard that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize on I
    think I have lost my faith in the Nobel prize. Of course I shouldn't be
    shocked considering Alfred Nobel made guns and was the inventor of

  3. I would love nothing more than to see Al Gore run for President - can you think of any more entertaining race ever?? He'd never win, of course, but it would be non-stop fun to see the kinds of statements he would make: "I invented the concept of primaries..." "automated voting machines are polluting the environment..." "Republicans are a genetic mutation caused by global warming..." "we should put a tax on the Sun to force a reduction in UV rays..."

    It would be hilarious.

  4. What??? ANOTHER discounted NY Times ad for the left??? Surely you jest!

  5. Sometimes you just have to shake your head. Then again, one name: Arafat.

    Nuff said?

  6. There's been lots of criticism and praise for Al Gore being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Do you guys think Al Gore deserved the prize?

  7. It was noting more than a popularity contest among Liberals crazies. Who else could win but the biggest crazy of all? Al Gore, laughing all the way to the bank.


    The Jawa Report dicloses WHY Al Gore would win the Nobel Peace Prize at: