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Crescent of Shame in Honor of 19 Terrorists

Crescent of Shame in Honor of 19 Terrorists

Stop the Memorial Blogburst: Why only 38 Memorial Groves?

One prominently advertised feature of the Flight 93 Memorial is the “40 Memorial Groves,” one for each of the murdered heroes:

40 Memorial Groves graphic

Why then does the actual design only contain 38?

Graphic of 38 groves

The Memorial Groves are built into the crescent of what was originally called the Crescent of Embrace. The crescent forms part of the symbolic heavens in architect Paul Murdoch's crescent and star shaped design. Infidels cannot be memorialized in the Islamic heavens, so the 38 Memorial groves have to be a memorial to someone else. Who?

It is a simple geometric fact that a line across the most obtruding tips of the crescent of Memorial Groves points approximately to the White House:

Graphic of White House to crash-site line

A line across the Memorial Groves has the same slope (129° clockwise from north) as a line between the crash site and area of Washington DC that contains the Pentagon, the White House and the Capitol.

Notice also that the 38 groves can be seen as a set of 19 nested crescents. Take two groves away from the arc of 38 and a line across the tips of the remaining 36 will also point to the White House. Ditto for 34 groves, 32, etcetera, down to 2. One nested crescent for each of the nineteen 9/11 terrorists, each pointing to Washington, the specific target of the Flight 93 and Flight 77 terrorists and the symbolic target of all nineteen 9/11 terrorists.

Architect Paul Murdoch proves that he intends the 38 groves to be seen as a set of 19 nested crescents by surrounding the Tower of Voices with its own set of 19 nested crescents:

19 nested crescents in Tower array

The Tower array contains nineteen nested crescents of various lengths, some as short as two trees, the same as with the Memorial Groves. Using arcs as short as two trees long is Murdoch’s trick for hiding the number of nested crescents in the Tower array. It isn’t until one finds the 19 nested crescents in the Memorial Groves, where the shortest crescent is made up of only 2 groves, that one knows to count the pairs of trees as crescents.

The Tower array also contains four single trees, giving special recognition to the four Flight 93 hijackers.

If anyone wants to think that this is coincidence, that is fine. (If not for all the other Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the design, it might even be reasonable.) But even if it is coincidence, the American people still need to know that the planned Flight 93 memorial does in fact contain two sets of 19 nested crescents, and decide for themselves whether it is okay that the memorial contain elements like this that can be interpreted as honoring the 9/11 terrorists.

Fuller explanation of the Murdoch's 19-nested-crescents theme here.

What can you do? Some suggestions here.

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The Superintendent said you have to show “intent”. There was a supposed “investigation” wherein the investigator did no investigating. We have been contacting Popular Mechanics to verify the claims of Islamic intent in this design; but have instead been lumped in with the conspiracy theorists of the Truther genre. But if it’s true that this is a wacked out conspiracy theory, then surely it can be debunked, right? So where are the debunkers?

“Intent” here is overt and demonstrated in simple facts, all of which are plainly evident. It is crystal clear that Murdoch is paying tribute to the terrorists who murdered the Flight 93 passengers and crew in this memorial design. The mathematical probability of all of these ‘accidentally’ occurring in one architectural design is astronomically improbable, if not completely impossible. Just the one feature - of the memorial facing to mecca - is less than 1 in 300. That one feature is compounded by features so numerous and redundant it would be in sane to deny that they exist, or that it’s a ‘misunderstanding’. You can’t see a crescent where a crescent doesn’t exist; it’s not possible. It’s not possible to measure the direction to mecca with different tools unless that exists, or an Islamic Sundial that precisely measures by shadow length the times for prayer throughout the year, and so on.

The “there is no direction to Mecca” claim as a rebuttal should have made whoever said it a laughing stock. Americans need to be alerted that another terrorist attack is about to happen on the Flight 93 crash site…should this memorial begin construction as planned.

When was the last time you saw all of these things converge BY ACCIDENT into one design? The Washington Monument can’t be an Islamic Sundial even in the wildest stretch of the imagination. All you have to do is look at the complicated calculations that are necessary to create one to see that. People were shocked and dismayed at the overt bare naked red crescent and star design, but the redesign which added a few trees behind the mosque retains all the terrorist memorializing features of the original.

This project must be stopped and a proper and appropriate memorial should be planned for the crash site of Flight 93.


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