Friday, September 07, 2007

Massive terror plot busted in Germany

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More deadly than the Madrid and London bombings is how this German terror cell's plans are being described. They are connected to al-Qaeda, they trained in Pakistan, and they are now in German custody. Islamic websites are forecasting a "blessed gift ... on the day of Manhattan", suggesting a September 11 attach either inside the US or on US targets abroad.

Original reports said the "three men who had planned simultaneous car bomb attacks against US military and civil targets, such as pubs and discos, Monika Harms, federal chief prosecutor, said at a press conference in Karlsruhe." They were arrested for "plotting "massive" bomb attacks on Frankfurt's international airport and the Ramstein US Air Base..."

The men – two Germans who had converted to Islam and a Turkish national – are alleged members of ‘Islamic Jihad Union’, a little known terror group linked to Al Qaeda that has its roots in Uzbekistan, Ms Harms said.

The group had obtained 12 barrels of liquid weighing 730kg to be used in preparing explosives. This could have resulted in the equivalent of 550kg of TNT, Ms Harms added. “This was one of the most serious terror attacks ever planned in Germany” she said.

“There could have been a very big death toll” as the amount of explosives exceeded those used in the Madrid subway bombing and the London transport bombing in 2005, she said.

The men – who in 2006 had trained in terror camps in north Pakistan – were driven by “a hatred of US citizens”, according to Jörg Ziercke, president of the BKA federal crime agency. (Financial Times)

Others reporting: Right Wing Sparkle, Pajamas Media, and American Street who says:

Of all the terror plots we’ve seen uncovered in the past two years, this German one looks like the most serious by far.

Updates on other recent terror plots:

The FBI says they need more time to review classified documents in the JFK terror plot and terrorist Russell DeFreitas. (hat tip National Terror Alert)

Federal prosecutors said Friday it will take about two or three months for them to review classified documents and decide whether they believe the documents can be disclosed in the case of Kennedy Airport terror suspect Russell DeFreitas. (AM New York)

Details of the JFK terror plot here.

New Jersey’s new FBI director warned Friday the homegrown terror threat is an ongoing concern and that his agents are currently tracking numerous extremists in the tri-state area who are potential security threats. (MSNBC)

A terrorist threat to poison water supplies led to a big security alert at reservoirs and treatment works across Britain, it was claimed yesterday. (TimesOnline)

Goose Creek terror suspects have been indicted by a grand jury in Tampa Florida. One, Twenty-four-year-old Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, an engineering graduate student and teaching assistant at University of South Florida, faces terrorism charges for teaching and demonstrating how to use the explosives.

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